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Bios Mesofauna Official [Scripted]
Type: Game
Complexity: High Complexity
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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23 sep, 2020 @ 14:15
15 feb @ 19:22
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Bios Mesofauna Official [Scripted]

I 2 samlingar av Samuelw
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iON Games or Sierra Madre Games
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Bios:Mesofauna is an alternative Bios:Megafauna. That is, it starts and ends at the same time. It follows the same sort of Achterbahn environment, same climate change, same or similar creeples, same VP, same tiles, same card colors, same cratons and drift, same basic and Achterbahn games, same catastrophes, same greenhouse, cloudiness, and oxygen. Same terrestrial settings. The setting is the same, only the animals are smaller.

Bios:Mesofauna is a deliberate attempt to reach a wider audience than Bios:Megafauna, by stripping away about half the rules. Monsters, tools, horror plants, kiwi, haustorium, dark heart, Mars, Venus, shelves, blooms, Offshore, and Cheshire Cat have been dropped. More significantly, marine variant and size were also dropped, and these two decisions are worthy of more discussion.

The two games integrate with each other making it possible to play a game with a combination of player roles from the two games.

Year Released 2021
Designer: Phil Eklund
Artist: Madeleine Fjäll
Publishers: Ion Game Design, Sierra Madre Games
Module Developer: Samuelw

Module is developed in partnership with Ion Game Design / Sierra Madre Games and is published/shared at their direction. Please support the designers by purchasing a copy on the upcoming Kickstarter (October 2020).

If you enjoy the module, please like and subscribe.
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7 kommentarer
Samuelw  [skapare] 20 jan, 2022 @ 6:20 
Dze, Thanks for the comment. I've worked on that issue, and decided to call it a feature that the bugs skitter on the cards. (ok, not a good answer, but a funny one?):steamfacepalm:
machineguy 19 jan, 2022 @ 22:06 
Awesome mod! I have a problem with the creeples (especially the parasites) jumping up and down on the species cards though.
openwolfway 25 mar, 2021 @ 23:22 
oh, thanks.
I'm looking forward to receive my copy :D
Samuelw  [skapare] 7 mar, 2021 @ 11:25 
-Deck Naming Tile is used when there is new artwork during development of the game.
-Bios Megafauna species cards are part of the development process to play with Bios Mesofauna. Everything is in flux until it goes tot he publisher.
openwolfway 5 mar, 2021 @ 19:41 
2 questions:
-What is the deck naming tile for?
-Are the megafauna species cards unique for this mod? or are they available on the actual boardgame?
Samuelw  [skapare] 8 dec, 2020 @ 9:19 
Thanks. Fixed it.
LRpaul145 7 dec, 2020 @ 20:46 
Hi, the auto-setup panel doesn't seem to work...keeps saying it's "trying to index a nil value"