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A Better ChatBox that focuses on letting you make the ChatBox you want! BetterChat introduces channels, emotes, text modifiers, extensive per-channel settings, and even optional giphy support!

  • This chat requires ULX, and integrates the support very thoroughly.
  • To enable giphy support, you will need to generate a testing giphy key for your server.

Feature list:
  • Channels
    • Player
    • Team
    • Admin channel that integrates ulx asay
    • Group channels that can be user created and managed
    • Private Message channels that integrate ulx psay
    • Logs for admins, all messages from any channel, for all players are forwarded to this channel
    • Prints
    • Optional team overload (for DarkRP or DarkRP derivative gamemodes)
  • Emotes (requires extract with gmad.exe to customise, see the github page for how to do this)
  • Giphy support (you will need to generate a beta API key here[])
  • Nicer text input (all the normal text shortcuts you'd expect from a full text editor)
  • Autocomplete (with visible suggestions) on player names, ulx commands and emote names. Suggestions based on usage
  • Chat history
  • Clickable links
  • Discord style text modification (*italics*, **bold**, ~~strike-through~~, __underline__)
  • Text colouring, via [#rrggbb] (in hex, e.g. [#ff0000] for red), or [@red]. Colour tags set the text colour until the next colour tag. Use [#] to reset back to white.
    Example usage: [#ff0000]This is red, [@green]this is green, and [#]this is white :)
  • Extensive global and per-channel settings
  • Customisable player quick access menu (quickly run ulx commands or any custom command on players via a menu)
  • Fully integrated DarkRP Support (including groups, FAdmin, PM, etc.)
  • Ulx permission support for all special features (giphy, groups, text modification, etc. )
and many more smaller features, you just gotta try it out to find them all! :D

If a player on your server does not like this chat, it can be disabled in Q->options->BetterChat without error.

Addon Compatibility:
Some chat based addons aren't fully compatible with BetterChat, I'll try to fix any I can, but some require the other addon to be changed. I'll list any addons that require this in the Compatibility Discussion, along with how to fix them.

Currently Known Compatible Addons:
  • DarkRP
  • ATags (with and without DarkRP)

Planned features:
  • /code for gmod lua syntax highlighting (like steam's /code)
  • Link pre-loading (simple website name acquired only by the sending client, for security)
  • An admin options menu to outright disable some features

  • Ctrl + s : Toggles current channel's settings panel
  • Ctrl + Shift + s : Toggles local player's quick access menu
  • Ctrl + e : Toggles emote menu
  • Ctrl + Backspace : Removes last word
  • Ctrl + Shift + Backspace : Removes all before caret
  • Ctrl + Tab : Next Channel (Or swap emote mode, when Emote menu open)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Previous Channel
  • Ctrl + 0,1 ...,9 : Select respective channel (Or insert respective emote, when emote menu open)
  • Ctrl + w : Close tab
  • Ctrl + o : Toggle open channel tab
  • Tab : Autocomplete

All global settings are stored as ConVars, every convar can have it's default set on the server using "[ConVar]_default"
Each of these settings can also be modified via Q->options->BetterChat, and will show more information on hover.
This list contains all global settings ConVars:
  • bc_fadeTime : Time for a chat message to fade (0 for never)
  • bc_chatHistory : Number of messages received before old messages are deleted
  • bc_teamOpenPM : Should opening team chat open to most recent unread PM
  • bc_rememberChannel : Should betterchat remember your most recent channel when opening
  • bc_saveOpenChannels : Should channels from your previous session be re-opened on join
  • bc_channelNumShortcut : Should the shortcuts CTRL+[0-9] change channel
  • bc_acDisplay : Should autocomplete suggestions be showed in the text input
  • bc_acUsage : Should autocomplete order its suggestions based on your usage of them
  • bc_clickableLinks : Should any hyperlinks posted to chat be clickable
  • bc_printChannelEvents : Should messages like "Channel All created" be shown
  • bc_allowConsole : Should any message starting with '%' be run as a console command instead
  • bc_convertEmotes : Should emotes like ":)" be converted to their respective emoticon. Note this is purely client side, others will still see the emoticon
  • bc_showGifs : Should gifs from !giphy (if it is enabled) be rendered
  • bc_doPop : Should the chat ever play the Pop sound (based on other settings)
  • bc_doTick : Should the chat ever play the Tick sound (based on other settings)
  • bc_formatColors : Should colors typed in chat be displayed in their respective color
This list contains all server settings ConVars:
  • bc_server_replaceTeam : Replaces team channels with a separately networked team channel (separate per team). This is useful for StarWarsRP-like servers, where players often change rank, and team chat is disabled by default.
  • bc_server_removeTeam : Disables the default team channel
  • bc_server_maxLength : Maximum message length, gmod's default is 126
  • bc_server_giphyKey : Set this if you wish to enable giphy support on your server. you will need to generate a beta API key here[] (it's free and easy, you will need to make an account though). then call bc_server_giphyKey [yourkey].
  • bc_server_giphyHourlyLimit : This defaults to 10, which I found to be a reasonable amount considering the limits on a beta API key. If your server does not have many players (or players don't often use this feature), feel free to increase this.
ULX Permissions
  • bc_chatlogs : Enables the 'Logs' channel which receives all messages from groups, PM, team, etc.
  • bc_giphy : Ability to use !giphy if bc_server_giphykey is valid
  • bc_color : Ability to use [#ff0000]Red in chat
  • bc_groups : Ability to use BetterChat groups
  • bc_italics : Ability to use *italics* in chat
  • bc_bold : Ability to use **bold** in chat
  • bc_underline : Ability to use __underline__ in chat
  • bc_strike : Ability to use ~~strike~~ in chat

All channels are limited by the ULX chat cooldown ConVar: ulx_chattime

Nice little features:
  • You can copy a text's colour in the right click menu
  • You can copy a player's full name or steam id by either right clicking their name in chat or in the player quick access menu
  • Left clicking on a players name in the player quick access menu lists all other players
  • Double clicking a player's name in the chatBox opens a private channel
  • You can also access settings of (and sometimes close) channels by right clicking the tab
  • You can close some channels by middle clicking the channel tab name
  • You can change which channel is displayed when the chat closes in channel settings
  • Renaming a group channel in its settings does so globally, all clients in the group will see that name
  • If you scroll up too far, a little "Back to the bottom" button will show up
  • You can choose which channels show prints (from addons like wiremod)
  • You can move the chatBox by dragging the top right corner, then right click this corner to return it to its default position
And many, many more!
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Katsu 2024년 3월 31일 오전 7시 47분 
How do we disable the "popping" sound when we get mentions ? (notifications)
Not client sided, server sided.
✞Mikey✞ 2023년 10월 26일 오전 6시 23분 
I have a question. Would you allow me to use your addon with gmod to make content more public for my server? Very nice
Woompa 2023년 10월 12일 오전 10시 17분 
wtf! u cant even set colors for ranks!!!!!
Woompa 2023년 10월 12일 오전 10시 12분 
how do i sync rank colors with ulx ???
HypFox 2023년 7월 16일 오후 2시 04분 
Would be nice if this addons was fixed 🥲
#FixTF2 FemPyro 2023년 6월 19일 오전 12시 46분 
what is bro on about
carcat640 2023년 6월 18일 오후 6시 23분 
i swear i dont own it i hate when this happens i have to unsubscribe to one of my addons a random one and then i resubscribe and its fixed
carcat640 2023년 6월 18일 오후 6시 19분 
every time i get off a public server it gives me like 1000 error messages for this and i dont even own it
carcat640 2023년 6월 17일 오후 3시 44분 
i checked through all my addons and im not subscribed to this
carcat640 2023년 6월 17일 오후 3시 43분 
dude im getting errors for this even though i dont even own this addon