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AEROBAT - Absurdly high-speed arcade shmup-like
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
2015. jan. 22., 4:31
2015. jan. 28., 13:18
AEROBAT is an absurdly high-speed arcade shmup-like.

Your fighter can power its engines or its weapons, but not both at once. Fly without defense at breakneck speeds to build power, then throw yourself skyward, cut the engines, and attack while in free-fall.

The game is designed with a heavy emphasis on split-second risk vs reward decisions — your greatest victories will be achieved through reckless self-endangerment.

Hyper-responsive controls have been at the core of the design since day 1. Movement is entirely mouse-driven with near zero input latency, allowing your fighter to dance through swarms of enemies at incredible speeds.

AEROBAT is the work of a single developer, Matthew Yeager, over nearly two years. He has been solely responsible for the game's art, code, and design.

You can follow the game's development via the official site: http://aerobat.thew.nu
Or by following me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmazingThew
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232 megjegyzés
dvidio 2017. ápr. 25., 15:48 
i need this out
eujin209 2017. febr. 24., 2:25 
So when is this game gonna see the light of day?
The Gagaman 2017. jan. 2., 12:49 
Played this at EGX 2015 and loved it. Hope this gets a release at some point! :D
Taz 2016. dec. 25., 8:38 
Where is this game :O I want it!
s_haha_n 2016. aug. 28., 15:26 
This looks incredible can't wait.

Take my money please.
Aavoka 2016. aug. 19., 4:09 
can't wait :D
StrudeLMyToaster 2016. júl. 18., 13:18 
Wow. Still waiting for this.
☠VikingNinjaChainSawKnightDK 2016. máj. 15., 12:38 
trippinfall 2016. márc. 29., 0:43 
Looks fantastic! Can't wait! =)
㎭ ℻ 2016. jan. 12., 13:08 
I still have the business card I got when I played it at MAGfest 2015.. Every time I look at it, my heart breaks because the game is still not out :csgogun::trolol::RoadSplatter: