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Philosophy (EN)
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Type: Game
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 3
Play Time: 30 minutes
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30 mai 2021 à 13h15
19 aout 2022 à 8h00
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Philosophy (EN)

Philosophy is an abstract 2 player game about having a conversation with your friends. You’ll go back and forth presenting new ideas. Your ideas will impact each other. These impacts can be minor, or have further consequences. Eventually, you'll reach a conclusion.

Designed by Galen Radtke
Art by Natalie Dombois
Mod & board game by Quality Beast

This official mod presents the current prototype version of the game. The contents (art, graphics, text, and gameplay) are owned by Quality Beast and not final.

Included in the mod are all of the pieces for the base game, as well as work-in-progress pieces for the 3 player expansion. The rulebook is included but can also be found online at:

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