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How to make a Unturned mod [UNOFFICAL GUIDE]
By El_Fuego
This is a UNOFFICIAL guide to modding Unturned, i will explain in detail(and maybe record a video) about how to make Items in Unturned, Not guns, not Objects but ITEMS.

I will do so because all the guides i can find are horribly outdated.
To get startet.
You will need the following:

  • Blender
  • Unity 5.5 (Link will be provided)
  • Know how to install both of the above, since it wont be covered.
Unity 5.5 Download Page[unity3d.com]

The reason it needs to be unity 5.5 is that Unturned is using that version of unity, so to avoid conflicts use 5.5. and NOT 5.6


When you first start up Unity 5.5 It will look like this

As stated youll need blender, now its time for a model, When you have made your model in Blender, select "File" and then "Export" and Export its as .FBX, save it to a folder or your desktop.

When on your desktop Drag and drop it to a folder in unity, It dosent matter what the folder is called, but for convinience i would call it something relevant to what the mod does/is. you can create a folder in unit by right clicking on a empty (where the Red text is on the image above ) Now you will need to import a Unitypackage to work whit, Luckly there is some available in the unturned folder. Go to: Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned Mac: i dont know since i dont own one.

And go into the bundles folder. In the bundles folder thers another folder called Sources and then in the sources folder there is two folders we need to pay attention to, "Exampels" and "Tools"
(See image above)

Now, go into "Examples" folder and find The Magazine package, and Double click it. When in unity just press import to it all. (See images above)

Now You will need to do a few things here, firstly you will need to create ONE (1) Folder, ONE (1) not TWO (2) Folders, And named it whatever you like. (you will allready have Two (2) folders named "Game" And "Resources" Youll need these, SO KEEP THEM! Again See image above)

Now drag the Folders "Game" And "Resources" into the folder you created. (See image above)
Creating the mod.
Now you will see after you expand the folder Tree some files and folders.
Rename "Military_30" and "Magazines" Folders to a name that describes your mod.(in my case "Diamond_dust" and "Supplies") It shuld look like this when your done (see image above)

Now go into the "Diamond_dust" folder under "Resources" and Delete the Prefab called "Magazine"

Now go to "Diamond_dust" under "myfolder" and delete everything in there.

Now youll need to DRAG your .FBX model from Blender and a Texture thats 256x256, it can be a one color or a gradident or a image (See image above)
Now the fun stuff begins.
Creating the mod Part 2
Now go "Diamond_Dust" Under "myfolder" highlight the FBX model from blender( in my case Model_0) and go to inspecetor mode to the right, only thing you wanna change here is model size. Now i useually try to mess around whit it and see what fits, i really dont have a definitive anwser here about what it shuld be so im just gonne put it to 20. Remember to hit apply in the buttom (See images above)

Now you are good to go, lets go to "Diamond_Dust" Under "myfolder" where you are in to begin whit. and go to matrials, there youll see a "Matrial ball" click it, and go to inspector mode to the right change Albedo to your texure by clicking on the dot ( . ) and selecting your textures. Also change the color to whatever you want it to be, do the same thing for Emission. (see images above)

Now drag item under resources to the scene, thats the box to the left of the Inspector where main camara is, and let go, and then go to inspector and select the Cube(Mesh Filter), it's Properly called Cube or whatever you used in blender. Now a purple item shuld appear and thats totally normal.

Select the matrial ball and drag it on to the scene, on the item, and let go. It shuld apply the matrial and texture you have chosen.

Now go to the main camara view tree or whatever we shuld call it and drag the ITEM onto the prefab called ITEM in "Resources" .
Bundle and import it to the game/workshop
Now go to the Tools folder i mentioned early on, and Drag "BundleTool.cs" into your main "Assets folder

Hightlight your folder

After that go to to the File menu and click on window and Bundle Tool

And press grab, and then bundle the project ( "myfolder" is what i called my project)

Now youll need a two ( 2 ) Blank files called, "english.dat" and the-name-of-your-project ( "myfolder.dat") and put the bundled file whit these two ( 2 ) files in a folder for it self. Now edit the dat files via nelsons guide or via youtube ( i will make a section about it just not right now) and Upload them to singleplayer to test them out before putting them as ready to use or curated on the workshop.

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DonZekane Jun 30, 2020 @ 8:48am 
I "startet" this guide well =]]
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the best thing is just don't make, and download thing other people made. done
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how do i add a recipie?
Bobby Nov 22, 2018 @ 11:58am 
Dude! This is an awesom guide. I can ssee using this great, big , ****ing guide for a long, long time!
чурка ебаная Jun 12, 2018 @ 9:56am 
Help pls
чурка ебаная Jun 12, 2018 @ 9:56am 
How to make a mod animation for unturned?
96' Civic Jul 3, 2017 @ 11:26pm 
Any chance you will make a custom animation video?