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SCP-096 Animated Player Model (Update: 18/03/2018)
Type: Model, Addon
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Jun 28, 2017 @ 1:49pm
Mar 17, 2018 @ 8:27pm
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SCP-096 Animated Player Model (Update: 18/03/2018)

Update: 18/03/2018 Log
Re-done run, walk, crouch animations
Added phys model

Model contains "walking","running", "sitting" and "idle" animation.

Animations trigger on a specific weapon type. Animations won't work on weapons such as physgun, crossbow, smg, pistol, etc. It will trigger on melee-related weapon hold-types.
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Gadget Nov 9 @ 7:13am 
Is a Secret Lab version an option?
F73g Oct 10 @ 1:46pm 
oooh yay
kingnoob Aug 4 @ 5:01am 
So this animation first worked when I used a 096-swep but now it doesn't anymore can someone help me
Tats Jul 31 @ 4:17am 
Its pretty cool how you used our Camera hud from Top 22 Scariest SCPS =)
RetroZ Jul 18 @ 8:19pm 
twitch1, do u know that if somebody its going to die they dont think what they are doing? they use what ever they can to defend themselves, even if it does not work
Zero Jul 14 @ 4:54pm 
i don't know why but when i use this PM i got a weird thing in the middle of my screen. can someone help ?
twitch1 May 19 @ 9:16am 
why did the guard think he could kill Scp-096 with a P90??!?!?!
ϟϟ[CmB] Analgen Apr 28 @ 11:15am 
Does this works with Clockwork?
🎧Head Teacher🎧 Apr 26 @ 8:49am 
Anything that's Mele-Related. As said in the description..
🎧Head Teacher🎧 Apr 26 @ 8:48am 
V Use "fists", "hands" or crowbar.