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Garry's Mod

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Unarmed SWep
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Jun 6, 2017 @ 5:09pm
Jun 9, 2017 @ 5:38pm
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Unarmed SWep

In 3 collections by Reverend V92
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Unarmed/hands weapon with custom c_model.

    Animations for:
  • Sprinting (with special world animations)
  • Jumping
  • Falling slow
  • Falling medium
  • Falling fast
  • Swimming slow
  • Swimming medium
  • Swimming fast
  • Climbing ladders
  • Using items (with special world animations)

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I have VACation Jul 30 @ 10:38am 
i searched years for this
Igori Jul 24 @ 12:25pm 
zhanky you
Avera Jun 29 @ 1:18pm 
works fine for me. nice addon
Reverend V92  [author] Jun 18 @ 9:26am 

There's a console command for that, but Sandbox defaults it to the Physics Gun. I'm not at the computer, but it is a cl_ prefix console command. Try using the find console command and search for things like default or weapon. It may very well be cl_defaultweapon actually, but I can't check.
Igori Jun 18 @ 9:04am 
can yo put this for start weapon ?
Lo Wang Apr 27 @ 3:24pm 
these just downright dont work for some reason, all i see is my once hand in the middle of the screen, buggin out
SrediaR Apr 1 @ 2:20am 
Not sure if it's only me but the animations seem to glitch a little whenever a nextbot is spawned in.
N1GHT Mar 25 @ 9:22am 
this was a while ago... and that isn't the problem. It's not a .gma file, I already checked a few times in the last few days.
Ayydrian Shephard Mar 23 @ 3:39am 
The addons .gma file still being in your GMod addons folder may be the cause, try deleting it from there.
N1GHT Mar 21 @ 5:05pm 
These Animations are still in my game without me really having this mod. how do I remove them?