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shops have more items +
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May 31, 2017 @ 6:47pm
Jul 17, 2019 @ 4:01am
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shops have more items +

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shops alterations
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This mod allows shops to hold a lot more items.

This will increase the amount from 5 to 15 times depending on the shop.
Bars, and construction shops are more affected than weapon or armour shops.

This is a reupload from my "Shops have more items" mod since i no longer have access to it.

-All shops now refresh their inventories every 8 hours instead of 24h except the Hivers i left it as it is (6 hours).

-Changed crate size to fit more items in the shops (10x10 to 28x28) and the stacking number to 50.

-Changed shop counter size to browse more items(18x18 to 28x28) and the stacking number to 50.

-Shops also have more money due to some issues with the "shops have more money" mod not working with this one.

some of the minor shops don't have any added values to them since they barely have any containers to begin with.

if you want a lighter version of this mod you can use the lite version

if you are having issues with the shop window going off the screen, use this mod:

IMPORTENT TO NEW PLAYERS: This mod makes it so shops sell certain items that you will have to find in the game most dangerous places. if this is your first time playing the game, it might ruin the experience the developers had in mind.

NOTE: Do not activite this mod with the "shops have more blueprints +" or "Shops have more money" mod as they will overlap each other and might cause some issues .

If you have any question or suggestions or a bug report leave it below.

Thank you.
pepsi 20 hours ago 
is this mod compatible with UWE I would have found the information my self but I have searched it up and it does not say
Punisher Jun 9 @ 11:52am 
This mod bugs out quin in the scraphouse ( he disappears )
hardbrocklife Apr 25 @ 10:54pm 
Man, some of these comments are really cringey lol
Aaron Mar 30 @ 5:22am 
adds way too many crossbows to vendors even in bars
TinyPurplePrince Mar 26 @ 9:05pm 
A minor bug, but this mod makes the shops at your camp generate off the screen so the top part of the inventory is cut off. Awesome mod though
Khaj Mar 15 @ 12:16am 
Thank you for the amazing mod. But now i'm playing genesis mod and i try to run this but shops are nothing like your mod? Is there a way to make it work?
Hidalgo Feb 13 @ 12:52am 
I cant use it, adds to many items that shouldnt be in certains shops. Like The Hub bar selling engeniering research and ancient books or normal shops selling 300 books. A bit cheaty and game breaking imo. I suposed this only would change the amount of items not the vendor list.
Valkyrie Jan 4 @ 11:53pm 
I'd love a version that doesn't add NEW items. I wanna be able to buy things like construction supplies more easily without accessing stuff that shouldn't be sold
Loopstop Jan 1 @ 3:58am 
ok so, first off, its not your fault, i wont blame you a single bit for what happened.

but please make a version that doesnt adds any items that shouldnt be sold in the specific shop, when i've downloaded this mod i saw it and i though "ok so it just adds more quantity of the items that are already sold" then when i realized i was pratically cheating... and it was too late.

i know you've wrote it in the description, but i didnt read the whole description and my first experience was kinda ruined when i had already bought a lot of stuff that i shouldnt have access on THE HUB and basically did all my progression at the hub ... without even knowing that i wasnt supposed to be able to buy the endgame weapon (which i did know was a endgame weapon cuz i checked on a guide but i though the game updated or something and that's why i was able to buy it) and ofc the endgame research resources that wont even sell many on shops on vanilla
Reza Sep 16, 2023 @ 7:07am 
Does not work with Gen Mod.
Crashes to desktop randomly as I speak with traders in towns.