Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent

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Improvements for Splinter Cell: Double Agent
By Joshhhuaaa and 2 collaborators
This guide will show you how to improve your experience in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and optimize it for modern computers. It should be noted that the PC version of Double Agent is a complete mess. It is highly recommended to play the Xbox 360 version (Xbox Series X is best way to experience it via backwards compatible) for the single player, it offers better visuals and has properly functioning AI.

Ubisoft discontinued Double Agent's servers in June 2016. However, the multiplayer is still playable when using LAN emulators.

[SP] = Single Player
[VS] = Versus Mode
[SP / VS] Patching the Game
Splinter Cell: Double Agent comes installed with version 1.00 on both retail and Steam versions of the game. Many assume that Steam would auto-update their game to the latest version, however this game must be updated manually.

Patch Version 1.02a[]

How To:
Make sure to start your game up at least once to ensure that it can patch your game properly. Run the patch as administrator and click install.

Receiving the error message below, but your game is not patched? Most likely you forgot to run the patch as administrator. Try verifying the integrity of game files or reinstalling the game before attempting to install the patch again.

[SP / VS] 64-bit OS Crashing
If you get an instant crash upon booting the game, this is most likely due to playing Double Agent on a 64-bit operating system.

How To:
To fix this issue, you will need to have a recording device plugged in such as a microphone or headset. If you don't have a microphone or headset, you can just enable Stereo Mix in your recording devices. You only need one of the two to be enabled. Keep Stereo Mix turned off when you don't need it.

[SP / VS] Multiple Display Crashing
If you get an instant crash upon booting the game, this is due to playing Double Agent on more than one monitor or the issue stated above.

How To:
Disable all monitors except the one you wish to play Double Agent on. This issue usually only happens on Windows 7. Windows 8.1 and 10 seem to support multiple display setups.
[SP] Graphics
Maxing out the graphics settings with the in-game options does not result in the best graphics, especially lighting. Follow the instructions below to get the best graphical quality possible out of Double Agent.

How To:
Navigate to your game's directory > SCDA-Offline > System

Open SplinterCell4.ini, and edit the following sections:

SimpleShader=False SimpleEffect=False HidePieces=False

bTrilinearFiltering=False bSpecularLighting=True

[WinDrv.WindowsClient], edit the following lines to a resolution you'd like to use:
FullscreenViewportX=1920 FullscreenViewportY=1080

ShadowResolutionDegree=0 ShadowTurnOffDegree=0 bUseSmoothShadow=True FSAADegree=0 AnisotropyDegree=4

During the mission JBA HQ - Part 4, make sure to change to a resolution that isn't 16:9 aspect ratio or the ending sequence will not properly trigger. When making it to the Coast Guard Boat mission, you may go back to 16:9 aspect ratio. If using ThirteenAG's widescreen fix, this will not be an issue as it tricks the game into thinking it's running in 16:10 aspect ratio at all times.
There is an alternate option for changing your resolution, ThirteenAG's widescreen fix, it will auto detect your native resolution, fixes some UI/HUD elements, and adjusts your field of view. Includes a D3D9 wrapper that prevents the game from crashing after certain events occur. Instead of the crash, loadscreens may disappear or the minimap will be bugged, but you'll be able to save your progress and restart the game. Skip the field of view section below if using this fix.

ThirteenAG's Widescreen Fix[]

How To:
Download it, and place all the contents into your System folder.
If you open the scripts folder, there is a .ini that has a few options for you:
[MAIN] ResX = 0 ResY = 0 ForceLL = 1 // Fixes startup crash, same thing as -ll shortcut switch. [BONUS] GogglesLightColor = 0 ;0 - Default ;1 - Voron Red [] ;2 - Topaz []
[SP] Field of View
How To:
Navigate to your game's directory > SCDA-Offline > System

Open SplinterCell4User.ini, find the section: [Engine.PlayerController]
And edit the following lines to match your aspect ratio:
DesiredFOV=75 DefaultFOV=75

Do not edit your field of view if using the ThirteenAG's widescreen fix.

Aspect Ratio
Field of View
[VS] Versus Mode Downloads
SCDA Online (1.60 GB) - Full install, version 1.02a pre-installed. []

Enhanced SCDA Online v1.9 (744 MB) - Enhanced version of Versus that I've created to adjust gameplay, maps, and balance gadgets.[]
Enhanced SCDA Online Patch Notes[]

How To:
After downloading the game, you should have a file called SCDA-Online.7z, extract the contents,
After doing so, you should have a SCDA-Online folder, you can place it anywhere you like, it's portable.

In order to play the game, open the SCDA_Online folder > System > SCDA_Online.exe is the file to start up the game.

Make sure to run the DirectX and PhysX setup files located in SCDA-Online folder > Installers if experiencing any issues.
[VS] Custom Resolutions
SCDA Online only has a handful of resolutions, that aren't really used anymore. If you would like to use the native resolution of your monitor or any custom resolution, here is how to do so.

Make sure to start your game up and change the graphic settings before applying a custom resolution.

How To:
Navigate to your game's directory > SCDA-Online > System

Open Default.ini, and edit the following sections:

[WinDrv.WindowsClient], edit the following lines to a resolution you'd like to use:
FullscreenViewportX=1920 FullscreenViewportY=1080
[VS] Common Problems
  • Endless Loading Screen

    Endless loading screens will occur when using v-sync or other frames per second limitations.
    When the game starts you will see a mouse cursor on the loading screen. If you just sit and stare at the loading screen the session will time out and all players will be kicked.

    How To:
    For the game to load you need to press: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] and then press [Esc]. Afterwards, you should see a black screen until the host has loaded the map. Should the game not resume, hit the icon on your taskbar.

    As you can see, my mouse cursor does appear, so I must press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] and then press [Esc].

  • Voice Bug

    Whenever you launch the game your microphone will be activated even if voice chat is set to be muted already. In-game voice chat has horrific quality in this game and further increases lag. Thus you should disable it every time you run the game.

    How To:
    From the LAN menus click on "Home" > "Your profile" > "Audio profile". Tick "Mute voice chat."
    This can also be done when you are in a lobby or game session.

  • Frame Rate

    Your spy slows down when changing directions? Your mercenary stops when attempting to walk sideways? Your aim feels spongy or delayed? Your mouse sensitivity is way too high?
    It's because of your frame rate.

    The PC version has been ported over from the Xbox 360 and is optimized to run at exactly 30 frames per second. Movement works best at 30 frames per second. However, it is recommended to run the game at 60 frames per second rather than 30 frames per second. It offers a nice balance with smoother gameplay for quick reactions and aiming, but movement will be a little restricted.

    How To:
    There are many programs to use to lock your game at 60 frames per second. It is not recommended to use v-sync option in the game options. We recommend using the latest version of NVIDIA Profile Inspector [] (for NVIDIA graphics cards only), or using MSI Afterburner.[]
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Joshhhuaaa  [author] 11 hours ago 
It got updated to 1.9 a few days ago, I taken down 1.8's link and forgot to update the link on the guide.
striderstroke Jan 14 @ 10:48am 
The link to the enhanced versus is broken again. It gives a 404 error.
Asas Dec 4, 2021 @ 10:11am 
alright cheers dude, thanks for your work on making these older games more playable. Doing gods work.
Joshhhuaaa  [author] Dec 4, 2021 @ 10:02am 
@Asas, It was updated to v1.8, Steam had a outdated link I removed. It's fixed now.
Asas Dec 4, 2021 @ 10:00am 
hey heads up, the enhanced scda online file is a 403 error. not sure if thats on our end or yours.
Joshhhuaaa  [author] Dec 2, 2021 @ 9:40am 
I know exactly what you mean with ShadowTurnOffDegree, and 0 and 100 look identical however 2 is completely bad. So, I assume 0 just maxes it out. If 0 doesn't for you, I'm not even surprised almost nothing in this game works.

I didn't mean dgVoodoo had its own shadowing system, worded that badly. I will show an example of what I mean, I was curious if this is what you meant:
Default Game:

You can send me comparisons of your default/dgVoodoo, but I can't be bothered to even test for this garbage port. The PC version of Double Agent is just pointless, there is like zero reason to play it, if you want Double Agent, Xbox Series X is all I can say. It's not about the crashing, or the inferior graphics, the AI simply doesn't function in many cases and people just pretend to sneak around broken AI without realizing.
Cryiox Dec 2, 2021 @ 3:33am 
DgVodoo is "not adding it's own shadowing system". It has no shadowing system of its own. It's just better at emulating DirectX9 behaviour via emulation on DX11/12 better than what the game itself is trying.

I assure you have NEVER see funcrional high resolution, soft shadows in Double Agent aside from the outside beggining section of the cruise ship level by default. DgVodoo restores soft shadows throughout the entire game.
Cryiox Dec 2, 2021 @ 3:30am 
Nope, ShadowTurnOffDegree 0 botches the draw distance. You can easily test this in the first level, right as you get outside the ice.

With 0 you won't see any shadows until you get really close to the door. Whereas 100 has the entire area already properly lit and shadowed.
Joshhhuaaa  [author] Dec 1, 2021 @ 11:40pm 
ShadowTurnOffDegree set to 0 gives you the max draw distance I believe, it doesn't disable shadows. ShadowTurnOffDegree=2 is what the game ships with and its terrible.

dgVoodoo2 is most likely adding its own soft shadowing technique to the game and not really restoring anything. Not saying its a bad thing, we use it for Chaos Theory Versus sometimes to help soften the shadows and the Versus mode never had soft shadowing techniques.
Cryiox Dec 1, 2021 @ 4:45pm 
Also, found out DgVodoo helps in FULLY RESTORING proper HD, soft shadows to Double Agent.