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Enhanced Gene Modding
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May 9, 2017 @ 8:35pm
May 24, 2018 @ 4:36pm
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Enhanced Gene Modding

Enhanced Gene Modding by ParasiteX

This mod will give you an extra menu that will pop-up after successfully gene modding a species, and will give you extra customization options.

These options include:
  • Rename species.
  • Change appearance of species.
  • Modify all leaders, armies and colonizers of same sub-species to new genemod species.
  • Set gene modded species as your new founding species.
  • Convert a species you have gene modded into a subspecies of your founding species.
  • Designate a new homeworld for a species within your empire.
  • Change species class.
  • Change species name-list.
  • Convert machine species into robots.

Currently you can only change appearance of your species to the built-in and DLC exclusive species portraits.
You will need to have the DLC installed to be able to apply any of the DLC exclusive portraits.

You can only have one gene modding menu up at a time. This was made this way to avoid scripting conflicts.
So avoid genemodding other species while the window is still up.

Several of the more advanced options. Like changing to a different species class or converting species identity, requires the Genetic Resequencing tech from the Evolutionary Mastery Ascension Perk. If you don't own Utopia, then you isntead need Gene Seed Purification

Short delay of one in-game days before gene modding menu pops up after uplifting a species.

Cheat mode!
Cheat mode removes all the balance restrictions and prevents happiness penalties.
To enable cheats, type "event genemodenh.369" in console without quotation marks. Re-type it again to disable cheats.
You can also download this optional mod that adds a new empire edict that lets you toggle cheat mode without having to use console commands.
Cheat Mode Button

Should be very compatible with most mods without any major issues. It does not edit any vanilla files.

Not compatible with Ironman achievements

1.9.x version

Russian by Banana Pineapple
Korean by Ratori
French by EwieFairy
Chinese by 星臣
German by SI-Abominus

English locilization files for all the standard non-english languages.

If for whatever reason the menu doesn't appear when it should. Then you can try this console command to try and reset the mod. "event genemodenh.661".

If a species with 0 pops is still showing in menu. Then you simply need to modify the species template and click the trashcan icon in bottom to get rid of it.

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Color coded pop status icons
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Runbynight Oct 26 @ 7:58pm 
I hope this is updated one day
Tartarus89 Oct 25 @ 6:52am 
any news for an update?
anandal Oct 23 @ 5:44am 
I love to make the target species a subspecies of the founding race.
I need an update.
Please please ~
hrvat00 Aug 7 @ 8:54pm 
Will we get an update?
Doctor Verum Jul 25 @ 5:40pm 
I have found a rather game-breaking bug. Upon using the "modify all leaders" function, the empire ruler will change appearence completely. I don't think this effect applies to other leaders.
ID Jul 11 @ 5:02am 
Is there any way to marge main templates of two robot species?
STIG Jun 25 @ 2:26am 
Ok only when it comes to changing portrait I could only choose the ones varieties that the species belongs to, couldn't change it like to planetoid etc.
STIG Jun 25 @ 2:24am 
Just tried with this mod today and it still works as intended if anyone is wondering.
Nomad Jun 12 @ 11:53am 
is this not working? it was prior to ancient relics and ive had no issues. havent played ancient relics yet.
Kaje Jun 9 @ 9:54am 
I'd love to see this updated - much chance of that happening?