rFactor 2

rFactor 2

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SIMCO WTCC 2016-2017 DX11
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May 7, 2017 @ 6:08am
Oct 20 @ 12:38pm
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SIMCO WTCC 2016-2017 DX11

SIMCO WTCC 2016-2017 2.5 DX11
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Max Carrion Oct 20 @ 12:52am 
The steering weight should be about 30-50% of what it is now. Also, the my wheel is not influenced by the track at all when driving this mod. The FFB is just a big V-shaped slope that pushes my wheel back to center. Not even jumping a kerb with the car will phase my wheel. Also the tires are mute so when you're screeching them, they make no sound. They also cool off way too fast.
Don4maggio Oct 4 @ 11:19am 
Maybe it's not just for me. Something is wrong with the car dashboards. You can't see the gear number, the sprites/images are broken. Would be good to have it fixed, otherwise really fun to drive.
pedroknd Sep 16 @ 6:26am 
Amazing mod. Only the FFB as stated by others a little higher on the default value. (at least on a G29 to avoid clipping in original s397 tracks had to reduce to 0.70)
A decent mod. Not a technincal masterpiece, but really fun to race. Much like the old Race07 was back in the day. I think it is good to not have the extreme FWD steer torque that so many cars have in sims. It feels good to race, although maybe a bit "on rails" sticky to the surface. It can take a punt without being shunned all over the place.

FFB however is set way to heavy. Even on minimum settings in "tuning" I still have to turn down to 75% to avoid clipping. If set to default it needs to go as low as 20-25% in car specific FFB.

Other things is neglectable really. For a league set of cars this would suit well I think. Good job.

We at GOMG do have these set on an open server pr 14.09.2020 with a set of 10-11 tracks to go with. Feel fre to use it for fun. GOMG-WTCC
stenox76 Sep 9 @ 9:21am 
Great work! I have to set specific ffb at 0,53 to avoid clipping... Now mirrors working but are not adjustable... rear car lights now working in night time but sometimes have problems... Don't stop please! Thanks
jezekviktor1 Sep 8 @ 8:09am 
nice work thx
dawievanemmenes Sep 4 @ 8:09pm 
I love this mod.Payware quality stuff.
nandix.gamer Aug 30 @ 10:56am 
I agree with Haris1977
emerico  [author] Aug 28 @ 10:51am 
if you have problem, bug, pls send image to emerico@simcompany.hu
Haris1977 Aug 27 @ 12:58pm 
Very nice mod indeed! One of the best. Now - we only need the camera fix! (camera should be wayyyy closer to the dashboard in all cars)