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Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Achievements Guide - Vanilla Game and DLCs
By mcuoppolo
A guide for the Steam Achievements for the Basic Game and the DLCs - 307/307 Completed
Hi everybody, this is my first guide and I will try to cover all the achievements for Civilization VI.
I completed 307 out of 307 achievements from the game: some of the elements in the list below are very easy to get and put everything you need to know in their own description, others are a bit more complicated. This entire guide is still a work in progress, in the meantime feel free to give suggestions and tips in the comments below. Since English is NOT my first language expect a lot of grammar errors and weird sentences, any spell checking and suggestion is also very welcome here.

Before starting let me explain two "tricks" I used for several achievements below:
Hotseat game and Satellite Rush

Hotseat can be used for those achievements that require very specific events and usually a lot of luck: to avoid excessive frustration you can launch a multiplayer game using the hotseat option and then select all the civs you want to play on the same computer.
You basically play with both civs at the same time (or even more civs if you are looking for the Gandhi related achievement) and fulfill all the requirements easily. IMPORTANT: the civ that you need for the achievement must be always on player one: if you are pursuing "Viking Raid" Harald must be your first player or you can't get it, even if you did exactly what is required to trigger it.

Satellite Rush is a quick method to reveal the whole map: this is particular useful when you need a specific Wonder or city-state in the game. Start a game on settler difficulty in the information era: you can build immediately a spaceport and launch a satellite to reveal the whole map in a short time. Remember that you can choose how many city-states are in the game and that the number of the Wonders/continents is higher with a larger map. NOTE: write down somewhere the seeds and the specs of the map before launching the game. If you complete the satellite and what you need is on the map you can just close the game and start another with the same specs (seeds, map type/dimensions and number of city-states) but on a different era or with a different Leader because all the physical attributes of the game are the same (including the names of continents!). Very handy if you are searching a map with Zanzibar and you got one with Nena.
There are 4 different ways to win in Civilization VI (five if you count the score victory but it doesn't have an achievement): culture,science, religious and domination.

Please note that the Man on the Moon, Selfie, Island Hopping and We Are The Champions despite being victory related achievements are in the Misc Achievements section.

Buying Your Blue Jeans and Listening to Your Pop Music
Win a regular game with a Culture victory on any difficulty with any leader
Culture and tourism are your goals here, because in order to win you have to attract more tourists from other players than the number of internal tourists of the same civilizations. Great artists/writers/musicians are welcome here, as well as wonders and policy cards that increase tourism/culture (open borders and trade routes are good too). Check your progress in the victory panel to know how many tourists you need and to keep an eye on your opponents.

Mission to Mars
Win a regular game with a Science victory on any difficulty with any leader
This victory is quite straightforward but time-consuming because it requires a large number of technologies and projects with a high cost in production.
Once you reach rocketry you can build spaceports and start to create all the projects you need to win. Prioritize campus districts, great scientists and science and production wonders (Oxford University and Ruhr Valley) because it will take time to research and build all the components you need. You can build more than one spaceport to create multiple parts of the Martian colony at the same time.

Win a regular game with a Religious victory on any difficulty with any leader
First you need a religion, then you have to make it the predominant one to win which means that it must become the most followed religion in more than 50% of the cities in the game. Prioritize faith production, holy sites and wonders related to religion (Mahabodhi Temple) and adopt theocracy as governament. If you want to get this quickly start a game on a duel size map with all the other victory conditions disabled and Kongo as your opponent for an easy win.

Veni, vidi, vici
Win a regular game with a Domination victory on any difficulty with any leader
The natural path for all the warmongers. It is important to remember that to win you have to conquer all the capitals of other civilizations, not all their cities or annihilate them. Start a duel size map with a strong military civ and aim directly to the main enemy city.

The Art of Telling Plain Truths
Win a Diplomatic Victory
The goal is to reach a certain amount of diplomatic points first. You have several routes for this, but the primary way is to win the vote in the world congress multiple times. Stockpile diplomatic favor completing special projects and emergencies and use it in the voting process. Further ways to increase diplomatic points are related to specific wonders (statue of liberty), techs (seasteads) and civics (global warming mitigation)
1.1 - Difficulty Achievements
Game, Settler, Match
Win a regular game at Settler difficulty or harder

Irish Heartbeat
Win a regular game at Chieftain difficulty or harder

Warlording Over Others
Win a regular game at Warlord difficulty or harder

Machiavelli's Great Work
Win a regular game at Prince difficulty or harder

The Divine Right of Kings
Win a regular game at King difficulty or harder

Emperor's New Groove
Win a regular game at Emperor difficulty or harder

12 Labors of Hercules
Win a regular game at Immortal difficulty or harder

Win a regular game at Deity difficulty

As I mentioned before I have no particular suggestions to give since I do not usually play at the highest difficulty, I got all the achievements of this list by winning the Jadwiga's Legacy on deity.
If you can't win with a standard game try the scenarios, I didn't find them particularly demanding.
1.2 - Maps Achievements
You can select the type and the dimension of the map in the panel before launching a game. You will probably get these naturally by playing.

Alfred Wegener's Legacy
Win a regular game on the Pangaea Map

Tectonic Shift
Win a regular game on the Continents Map

Mare Nostrum
Win a regular game on the Inland Sea Map

Riffle and Bridge
Win a regular game on the Shuffle Map

Unique Snowflake
Win a regular game on Fractal Map

The Taste of Victory
Win a regular game on the Island Plates Map

Master and Commander
Win a regular game on the Archipelago Map
-Added with R&F Expansion-

Here's Looking At You Kid
Win a regular game on a Duel Map

Four Corners Offense
Win a regular game on a Tiny Map

Six Shooter
Win a regular game on a Small Map

Eight is Enough
Win a regular game on a Standard Map

Ten Commandments
Win a regular game on a Large Map

Dirty Dozen
Win a regular game on a Huge Map
1.3 - Eras Achievements
Not much to say about these, you will get them naturally by playing. Remember to change the era in the setup panel before launching a game (usually it is set on ancient era).

The Test of Time
Win a regular game with an Ancient Era start

After Antiquity
Win a regular game with a Classical Era start

Out of the Dark Ages
Win a regular game with a Medieval Era start

Renaissance Man
Win a regular game with a Renaissance Era start

Captain of Industry
Win a regular game with an Industrial Era start

Modern Major General
Win a regular game with a Modern Era start

Splitting the Atom
Win a regular game with an Atomic Era start

Through the Digital Age
Win a regular game with an Information Era start
These achievements can be unlocked with any civ and (mostly) any kind of map.
Special requirements are in the description of the single achievements. I divided them into two groups according to their difficulty (some are not that hard, mostly time-consuming)
2.1 - Easy Misc Achievements
If You Build It, They Will Come
Have 6 Improvements at one time
No comment. You will get this during your first game.

New Orleans Style Spanish Rice
Become Suzerain of a City-State
Again, not too much to say about this: the game will tell you automatically when you can send your envoys to reach the suzerain status with a city-state you have previously met.

Escort Service
Put two units into a formation
Put a settler or a builder in the same tile with a military unit and use the formation button to lock them together and get the achievement.

Everything is Awesome!!!
At the start of the turn have an Ecstatic city
A city becomes ecstatic when it has +3 more amenities. Amenities can be gained from luxury resources, entertainment district and policy cards.

Oneth By Land Twoeth By Sea
Have an Army of land Units and 2 Armadas
For this achievement you need the civics nationalism, to create corps and fleets, and mobilization to unlock armies and armadas. It is also possible to use great general Napoleon and great admiral Santa Cruz to create an army or an armada from a single military unit.

Voyage of the Mayflower
Found or conquer a city on a different continent
You will get this without even notice. If you need to know where the continents are you can use the button with a magnifying glass icon above your minimap.

A Case for War
Declare a formal war
You will get this naturally if you are pursuing a domination victory.

A Revolution Without Dancing
Change your government
No comments again, you wiil get this in your first game.

Investment Banking
Put a city under siege
A city is under siege when all the tiles around it are occupied by units (or controlled by their areas of influence which is one title around a unit). Just put three units around a city with which you are at war with a tile between one and the other.

Gift From the Storm God
Receive a Strategic Resource from Hattusa
You need the city-state of Hattusa on the map for this. Once you found it keep sending envoys until you reach the suzerain status: you will get the strategic resource you need to unlock the achievement. Remember that you will receive a resource you have discovered but you don’t possess, in case you are wondering why you didn’t get the achievement after the suzerain status.

Naming Rights
Name a unit
Change the name of a unit with what you want.
You can do this after the unit received its second promotion.

Land Party
Play a multiplayer game
Very easy. Start a hotseat game with any setting/map/civ.
You don’t even need to finish or win the game to get this.

Repo Man
Steal a Great Work of Art and don't get caught
Create a spy and send it in a city of a different civ: if there is a great work that can be stolen you can use the great work heist option.
If you succeed you will get the great work and the achievement. Do not forget that you do not have to be caught: increase your chances of success with the gain sources option first.

Legends of the Hidden Temple
Build a Colossal Head adjacent to a Holy Site with a Temple
The colossal head is a tile improvement that can be built by your builders after you became suzerain of La Venta city-state. Just build one in a tile next to one of your holy site with a temple. NOTE: build the holy site and the temple first or the achievement will not unlock.

Silver Anniversary
Possess 6 Silver luxury resources at the start of the turn
Silver can be found only in desert and tundra tiles and you need six of those, so it could take a while. I can’t confirm if you can trade them with other players.

Army of Cthulhu
Levy the military of Nan Madol
Once you meet the city acquire the suzerain status (3 envoys or 3 envoys more than other civs), then use the levy button in the city-state screen. Done.
2.2 - Hard Misc Achievements
The Origin of Species
Activate Darwin adjacent to the Galapagos Islands
Scout the map to see if the Galapagos wonder is present on the map (or simply choose Earth Map and look for South America). Darwin is an industrial era great scientist: send him next to the Galapagos and activate his special ability to get this.

Archimedes Bath
Get 5 Tech boosts in 1 turn
Stockpile great scientists for extra boosts and build the great library wonder.
You will get this without notice.

Civ 6 Civets System
Get 5 Civic boosts in 1 turn
This is exactly as the previous achievement but with civics (and a lot harder). There is not a unique way for this: I got it building/buying in a single turn my 3rd factory (for class struggle), my 3rd stock exchange (for capitalism), my first research lab (for nuclear program), my 4th sewer (for suffrage) and my first archaeological museum (for natural history).

District 12
Build every district type in one city and the Colosseum
This could take a while. You need ALL the districts (including the aqueduct and the spaceport) in one city so be sure you have enough space. Use Germany for this and try to recruit great engineer Bi Sheng to speed up the process. Don’t forget to leave a flat land tile next to the entertainment district for the Colosseum when you build the city.

Secret Service
Have top secret access with five civilizations in one game at once
You can use any civ for this but I recommend France: the additional spy and the +1 diplomatic visibility level are very handy. Start a game with at least other 5 civs and train as many spies you can, then send them in the other capitals to establish listening posts to rise your diplomatic visibility status. There are 5 levels and you need to reach the top one (if you play with France you will start at “limited” instead of “none”). Printing technology and great merchant Mary Katherine Goddard (from modern era) are extremely useful thanks to the +1 diplomatic visibility level they grant each. Trade routes, alliances, research agreements, establish embassies and repeating listening post from your spies all count to rise the visibility level: once you reach the top secret status with 5 other civs you will unlock the achievement.

Man on the Moon
Win a regular game with a Science victory on any difficulty with any leader with a captured Egyptian city -- having also activated Newton and Darwin
Newton and Darwin are 2 great scientists (from renaissance and industrial era) and recruit them is the real challange for this. Check the Pizza Party achievement below in the guide (America section) for info how to get them. Remember to select Egypt as one of your opponent in the setup menu (and switch off/on the other players/victory conditions).
You can do this with a Hotseat game if you don't want to waste too much time on it.

Win a game with a Culture victory with your leader in the game as your opponent as well
Play on a duel map with a tourism/culture civ (as France) for this.
Don't forget that you can switch off all the other victory conditions in the setup menu.

Island Hopping
Win a regular game with a Domination victory on any difficulty with any leader on a Huge Island Plates map
Pick a civ with a strong navy/coast bonus as Norway, England or Japan.
Remember that you have to conquer only the capitals of other civilizations, not all their cities.

Flight Slingulator
Airlift a level 3 Slinger
Acquire a slinger (ancient era unit) and grind 3 levels. It can be done in different ways:
- Send the slinger in combat until it gets all the promotions; they are quite fragile so use them together with more powerful units for protection. Barbarians are useful targets.
- The terracotta army wonder will grant to your slinger (and all your units) an additional promotion so it could be convenient build it.
- Great generals with the ability to grant a promotion to a unit (Hannibal Barca, Genghis Khan, John Monash, Vijaya Wimalaratne and Sudirman) can be recruit.
Once you complete flight you can build the aerodrome district: create two of them (in two different cities), upgrade them with airports and then complete the rapid deployment civic. At this point you can finally use the airlift ability to move the slinger from one city to another and get the achievement.

We Are The Champions
Win a regular game with a Religious victory with your dominant religion being Zoroastrianism and at the time of victory you are the Suzerain of Zanzibar
Start a game on a huge map with the maximum number of city-states and use the satellite rush to see if Zanzibar is in the game. Restart until you find it, then just pursue a religious victory while sending envoys for the suzerain status. If you don't want to spend to much time on this switch off all the other victory conditions and all the AI players but one, and then select Kongo as your only opponent (see the religious victory achievement above).

Use a bomber class unit to detonate a nuclear device, as long as its base and 9 Observation Balloons are located on the continent of Nena at the time of detonation
Another achievement with a lot of luck involved. The hard part here is found a continent named Nena in your game. Continents are randomly named and Nena is quite rare: you can check the names and the extensions of every continent you found using the magnifying glass icon above your minimap. Use the Satellite Rush to reveal the map and restart until you find Nena. I also suggest choosing the shuffle map type because it seems where Nena appear more often.
Once you got Nena, found a city on that continent and build an aerodrome with hangar (or you can use an airstrip) and place a bomber in it. Build/buy 9 observation balloons and put each of them on a tile belonging to the Nena continent. For the final step you need to build a nuclear device and use the bomber to drop it on a random tile to get the achievement.

Seven Wonders of the Post-Apocalyptic World
Launch a weapon of mass destruction with a unit and have it pillage seven wonders
This could take a while, I suggest putting two cities close together and building the seven wonders in the space between them, one next to another. Once you have all the wonders in place mine uranium and complete the Manhattan project to gain a nuke. Launch the bomb in a way to hit all 7 wonders; if you have a wonder or two out of the blast of the nuke research and build a thermonuclear device (project ivy) for extra area of effect.
IMPORTANT: missiles don’t work, you need a bomber unit to unlock the achievement.
Below are listed all the civilizations and their specific achievements. Civs not included in the vanilla version of the game are treated separately in the DLC/Expansion section.
3.1 - America
Let Teddy Win
Win a regular game as Theodore Roosevelt
America is well suited for a domination or a culture victory thanks to the film studio that gives you extra culture in the late game and the +5 strength bonus for all the units on their home continent. The founding father UA is good regardless of your style of play.

100th Anniversary
As America make a National Park of Crater Lake and both tiles of Yosemite in one game
This is a very hard luck achievement: you need the natural wonders Crater Lake and Yosemite in the same game so use the satellite rush until you find them. To create a national park you need a naturalist, a unit that you can acquire only with (a lot of) faith in a city with a holy site, and you need 2 of them since their ability is one-use only. Once you have both wonders in your game send two settlers to found a city near them (the park must be included in your territory) and finally use the naturalists to create the parks and unlock the achievement.

Pizza Party!
Activate Leonardo da Vinci in New York with Great Works from Michelangelo and Donatello -- and a sewer -- all in that city
Another frustrating achievement. First, you need to found cities until you got New York: then you have to build a sewer in the same city (sanitation tech) and an art Museum in a theater district to accommodate the great works. You also need an industrial district to activate Leonardo da Vinci. Gold and faith are your priority here, avoid to invest in science and culture or you will advance too fast in the era progression and miss the possibility the recruit who you need (they are all from renaissance era). Once you got all the great people needed activate Donatello and Michelangelo and put one great work of each in New York museum, then move Leonardo in the industrial district and use his special ability to finally get the achievement. IMPORTANT: activate Leonardo only after you have already the works from the artists in place and the sewer built in New York or the achievement won’t unlock. If you find this too hard I suggest use a hotseat game with America as the first player: this will allow you to control the whole great people race without problems (this works for Man on the Moon too).

A Man A Plan A Canal Panama
Build the Panama Canal as Teddy Roosevelt
-Added with GS Expansion- The Panama Canal is an industrial era wonder that is basically a power-up canal. You need a city within 3 tiles from the sea/lake (flat tiles by the way) to be able to build this. Start a game on an island plates or archipelago map to increase the change of a good spot for your city.
3.2 - Arabia
Sultan of Egypt
Win a regular game as Saladin
Arabia is science/religion civ: the Mandrasa gives to you more science than the university and produces faith if next to a holy site. Since it gets the last great prophet automatically, Arabia can focus on other things instead of religion at the beginning of the game. The replacement of the knight, the mamluk, is a powerful middle-game unit and can be used for the war of attrition (heals at the end of every turn, even after moving or attacking, very useful indeed).

Arabian Knights
Conquer a city with a Mamluk
Once you complete the stirrups tech you can train the mamluk, the Arabian Unique Unit: use one to conquer one enemy city. Conquer a city-state works to get this achievement.
3.3 - Aztec
Montezuma's Revenge
Win a regular game as Montezuma
As usual the Aztecs are well prepared for a domination victory. Their eagle warriors not only are an enhanced version of the warrior but they can transform defeated enemies into builders. This is very usefull since you can use the builders to boost the construction of the districts: always try to be on the offensive and catch as many luxury resources as you can.

Huey Tlatoani
As Aztecs on a standard-sized map, attack an opponent while receiving a +16 Combat Strength bonus for having all of the luxuries
Aztec military units get +1 CS for every different luxury resource you have, and you need 16 of those. Keep in mind that the 4 luxuries you can gain from great merchants count: you can use John Spilsbury to get toys, Levi Strauss for jeans, Helena Rubinstein for cosmetics and Estée Lauder for perfume. Once you get the +16 bonus use one of your unit to attach an enemy (or a barbarian) to unlock the achievement. NOTE: as written in the achievements description it works only on standard maps, be sure you select the correct size before launching a game.
3.4 - Brazil
Emperor of Brazil
Win a regular game as Pedro II
Brazil is well suited to any victory. Its bonus from the rainforest titles means that Chichen Itza is a must have for this civ. Together with the great people bonus Brazil can follow any path, while maintaining a certain inclination towards a culture victory.

2016 Ready
Playing as Brazil, complete both Estadio Do Maracana and Christo Redentor in one city
Start a game in the atomic era and build both wonders in the same city.
Christo Redentor requires only the mass media civic (and a hill) while the Maracana is trickier since you need an carnival district with a stadium (professional sports civic).
3.5 - China
Elixir of Immortability
Win a regular game as Qin Shi Huang
China is perfect for a science/culture victory: after an agressive start you can effectively "turtle" within your empire and focus on wonders/culture production.
Use the special ability of your builder to gain momentum in the wonders rush and later to improve your tiles for the victory. The great wall improvement helps to defend and increase your gold so it can be useful to cover some of your borders with them.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Cannon
Playing as China, end a turn with 5 Crouching Tigers on Great Wall tiles
Use your builders to construct 5 great wall improvements after you complete masonry and then train/acquire 5 crouching tiger units (you need the machinery tech for them). Occupy all 5 great wall tiles with a crouching tiger cannon unit each and you got the achievement.
3.6 - Egypt
Daughter of Isis
Win a regular game as Cleopatra
Egypt should settle on rivers as much as possible to fully take advantage of the Iteru UA and speed up the wonders/districts construction. Set up as many trades routes you can with your neighbors while pursuing a religious/culture victory.

Walk Like an Egyptian
As Egypt build a Sphinx adjacent to the Pyramids both on Floodplains
Quite easy achievement, all you need is the masonry technology for the pyramids and the craftsmanship civic for the sphinx. IMPORTANT: build the sphinx after you complete the pyramids or the achievement won’t unlock.
3.7 - England
I Am Amused
Win a regular game as Victoria
Like Norway, England is a sea-based civ with a strong inclination towards a domination victory: establish as many cities on different continents as you can for free units and extra gold to keep them. The bonus for the archaeological museum helps to protect against civilizations with a strong culture/tourism while your UUs favor an aggressive play style.

For Queen and Country
Playing as England on a Huge map, have a city on every continent at the start of the turn
Not a lot to say for this: check the positions and the borders of the continents on the map (icon with a magnifying glass above your minimap) and send a settler to create a city on each of them (they should be 6 or 7 on a huge map).

Taxation Without Representation
As England, lose a city to disloyalty which has an established Financier Governor
-Added with R&F Expansion- You can get this in a standard game or with a hotseat game. To speed up the whole thing settle a city close to the capital of other civ (that you control). Take advantage of governor Amani loyalty bonus (Emissary ability) if you need to. Remember to install governor Reyna before the city becomes disloyal.
3.8 - France
Valois Dynasty
Win a regular game as Catherine De Medici
France is a culture focused civ: its bonus for the wonders construction synergizes with the extra tourism while its UU (the garde) and UI (the chateaux) ensure a solid defence and more culture. Make also good use of France espionage bonus to put the other civilizations against each other and to steal great works, techs and money from them.

Loire Valley
Create 5 Châteaux in one city with the Wine resource
You need to found a city near a wine resource AND a river to achieve this because chateaux can be built only on tiles adjacent a river. First improve the wine tile and then build 5 chateaux improvements to gain this achievement. Remember that you need the irrigation tech for the wine improvement and the humanism civic for the chateaux.

Blackest Queen
As France, build an Intelligence Agency
-Added with R&F Expansion- Build a government plaza and one of its unique buildings (doesn’t matter which one). Once you acquire a tier 2 government type (monarchy, theocracy etc…) you can build the intelligence agency and unlock this. That’s all.
3.9 - Germany
Crusader King
Win a regular game as Frederick Barbarossa
Germany is very flexible: domination victory? Extra military card and bonus against city-states for early rush. Religion, culture and science? You can rush any district you need to gain momentum earlier. Production and gold for all the above? Hansa and its adjacent bonus is here. Feel free to follow any kind of victory with this civ.

Third Crusade
Playing as Frederick Barbarossa, conquer the city-state of Jerusalem
Another city-state related achievement: playing as Germany you need a map with the city-state of Jerusalem so that you can conquer it. That’s all.
3.10 - Greece
Oratorical Skills
Win a regular game as Pericles
Greece is a culture civ. Find and ally to as many city-state you can to boost your culture and protect them from other civs (especially Germany). The additional wildcard is a huge bonus that increase you flexibility and helps to adjust your play depending on the situation.

For Sparta!!!
Win a regular game as Gorgo
Gorgo shares the focus on culture with Pericles but with a more military side: you can aim towards a culture and a domination victory at the same time.

12 Olympians
Have 12 Policy Slots as Greece
Once you reach the latest form of government (democracy, communism or fascism) you will end with 9 policy card slots (8 + 1 from Greece UA).
The last 3 can be gained with wonders or great people; in detail:
- Big Ben will give you an additional economic policy slot
- Alhambra will give you an additional military policy slot.
- Forbidden city will give you an additional wildcard policy slot.
- Potala palace will give you an additional diplomatic policy slot
- Great merchant Adam Smith gives you an additional economic policy slot (REMOVED WITH R&F)
Build/recruit until you reach 12 policy slots and fill all of them with a card to get this.
3.11 - India
Be the Change You Wish to See In the World
Win a regular game as Gandhi
India is a religion civ thanks to its UA. Its unique improvement, the stepwell, can grant you additonal faith in combination with farms and holy sites for a quick growth. The Indian UU, the Varu, is a powerful unit to keep early rushers and barbarians out of the way.

Give Peace a Chance
Playing as India on a Huge map, receive +35 Faith in one turn from the Satyagraha ability
This achievement is not a funny one. The Satyagraha ability gives India a +5 faith each turn for every religion you have met if their civs are not at war. To reach the +35 Faith you need to meet other 6 civs on a huge map (India has +5 by default when it gains a religion), each one with a different religion (so no Kongo), and all of them at peace with the player AND each other. As you can image the trigger-happy AIs make this achievement quite hard and luck based even on settler. If you can't achieve this normally launch a hotseat game on a huge map with Gandhi in the first player slot and other 6 players, all controlled by you. It takes time since you basically need to get a religion for all the seven civs and you are playing seven games at the same time but it works. Don't forget to explore the map until the first player (Gandhi) can meet all the other civs to trigger the Satyagraha ability.
3.12 - Japan
Win a regular game as Hojo Tokimune
Japan has several style of play but it would be useful to focus on science and culture. Particular attention must be paid to the placing of the districts (even more then other civs). Do not forget to take advantage of the coastal bonus for your units especially on island map if other naval-focused civs are in the game (Norway above all).

Meiji Restoration
Playing as Japan, have a district with 6 adjacent unpillaged districts
Not hard but time-consuming. You need to build 6 districts around another one placed in the middle. Medieval great engineer Bi Sheng will be very useful here, as well as several domestic trade routes to boost food and production. Remember that you can harvest marshes, rainforest and bonus resources as rice to speed up the growth of the population (and allow more districts to be build). IMPORTANT: to unlock the achievement the district in the center must be the last one, which means that you can’t build your districts around the city center. NOTE: It has been confirmed in the comments that you can use neighborhood districts for this achievement.
3.13 - Kongo
Mwene Kongo
Win a regular game as Mvemba a Nzinga
Since it can't get a religion Kongo should focus on other stuff: the bonus points for great artists and great merchants and the extra gains from the artifacts and great works make it very well suited for a culture victory.

City of Kongo
Playing as Kongo, have a capital city with a population of 30
Build as many harbors/commercial districts possible to increase the number of the domestic trade routes for the food. Don't forget to research the class struggle civic to gain the collectivization policy card, its +4 food from domestic routes is very useful here. Another way to boost the food production is to use the Unique Ability and amass relics and artefacts in the capital, and when near the 30 pop goal harvest wheat/rice and chop rainforests for fast extra gains.
3.14 - Norway
Varangian Guard
Win a regular game as Harald Hardrada
Norway is for domination/religious victory thanks to its berserkers and longships.
Very well suited for maps with a lot of water.

Viking Raid
Capture a settler with a Longship
A tricky one. Send an unescorted settler near a barbarian camp located on a coastal tile and wait until they capture it. Since the captured civil units will be taken to the barbarian camp you can use a longship to destroy the camp and to re-capture it, unlocking the achievement.
If you can’t acquire this on a normal game just use a hotseat game to move a settler on a coast tile with player 2 and use a long ship to capture it, while playing as Harald.
3.15 - Rome
Rome If You Want To
Win a regular game as Trajan
Rome is a flexible civ: the free building and the trading posts you get when you found a new city give you the possibility to focus on other things.
The legion is incredible useful thanks to its superior combat streght and ability to fortify, and unlike the swordman it doesn't even require iron!

Missed That Day in History Class
Clear nuclear contamination with a Roman Legion
Not hard but time-consuming. Play with Rome and create a legion unit (better two). Keep it in your capital or another safe place. You need to complete the nuclear fission tech, find and mine uranium in your empire and complete the Manhattan project to finally build a nuclear device. Once you have a bomb build a missile silo with a military engineer or use a bomber from one of your airport to launch it. Use one legion unit to enter in a contaminated tile and clean it with the dedicated command. NOTE: be sure your legion has enough movement points to enter a contaminated tile and perform the cleaning action; otherwise, the radiation will kill it before the next turn. Yes, it happened. In any case save before using the nuke.

And the Walls Kept Tumbling Down
Have your Roman city lose 6 population from one Vesuvius eruption
-Added with GS Expansion- Play a game in the renaissance era on a Europe map with historical start: the Vesuvius is literally two tiles from you. Settle your capital next to it and increase as much as possible the food production: you need at least 8 citizens because it will never going below 2 population no matter how bad the disaster is. Don’t forget to set the disasters level to max in the setup menu to increase the chances for a mega eruption.
3.16 - Russia
Bronze Horseman
Win a regular game as Peter the Great
Russia can expand and make good use of tundra tiles. Since nobody want them you can easily claim them and build your empire without early clashes with other civs. You can pursue any kind of victory with Russia thanks to the different bonus (Lavra and trade routes).

Trans-Siberian Railroad
Playing as Russia, have a city that is at least 60 tiles away from your capital, connected by a Trade Route and road at the start of the turn
Oh Boooy. Start a game on a pangea huge map: you need a lot of space and water is out of question. I sugget to switch off all the other players but one and remove the city-states and barbarians for an easier job. Feel free to use the satellite rush to check if you are in confortable position for this: near the corner of the map with 60 land tiles in range.
Expand your trade route capacity with harbors and commercial districts and found a city after another while progressively move away from your capital to create roads and increase the range of your caravans. You can check your progress every time you need to establish a trade route: next to the name of the city there is the number of tiles away from the departure city. Once you have 60 tiles between a city and your capital start a route and wait until a road will be created to get this.

Rivals on Ice
Playing as Russia, conquer a city with an Ice Hockey rink
-Added with GS Expansion- You need Canada in the game, as the hockey rink is their industrial era unique improvement. You can get this normally or use a hotseat game. If you go for the latter remember to select Russia for the first player and Canada in the second slot.
3.17 - Scythia
Warrior Queen
Win a regular game as Tomyris
Scythia is a very powerful war-like civ: its abilily is always useful regradless of the era and it allows to quickly overrun other players. The Saka horse archer is effective through various eras and since you got one free each time you build one it is a devasting combo for a domination victory. The UI, the Kurgan, can provide gold and extra faith for a religious victory.

Scythian Horse Rush
Playing as Scythia have 10 Saka Horse Archers in your army
Very easy. After you complete horseback riding you can start to build Saka horse archers. Since Scythia UA gives you a free horse unit every time you gain one all you need is to train/buy 5 Saka to unlock this achievement.
3.18 - Spain
Non Sufficit Orbis
Win a regular game as Phillip II
Gain a religion as fast as you can then use Spain trade routes bonus to create and maintain a strong army. Thanks to the conquistadors special ability you can instantly convert every city you conquer to your religion which means you can pursue a religious and a domination victory at the same time. You don't even need to conquer all your enemies: with 50% of the cities converted to your religion you win anyway!

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Launch an Inquisition as Spain
Easy achievement. You need to get a religion for you civ first, then acquire an apostle unit (Mahabodhi Temple wonder will give you 2 once completed, otherwise you can simply buy one in your holy site with a temple using faith). Use your apostle to launch an inquisition using the button next his icon once selected (it is called “lunch inquisition”). Done.
3.19 - Sumer
First to Civilize
Win a regular game as Gilgamesh
Sumeria is the ultimate early rusher, superior even to the Aztecs: the war-chart is devastating, and it can be built immediately and it doesn’t even lose strength against enemy spearmen. The ziggurat improvement can also help you with science and culture to gain momentum at the very beginning of the game.

Epic of Gilgamesh
As Sumeria, have the first Great Work of Writing
The achieve this you need to get a great writer before anybody else and use it to produce a great work of writing in the city center of your capital or in a theatre square district. You can speed up the process by choosing the divine spark ability when you got a pantheon, or build the oracle wonder for more great person points. If the oracle is your first wonder it will also trigger the drama and poetry civic you need for the theatre square. Once you built the theater square upgrade it with an amphitheater and start to focus your production on the district project for more great writer points. Keep an eye on the great people panel to check your progress.

Achieve the maximum Alliance level with Gilgamesh
-Added with R&F Expansion- The hardest part is to keep the alliance once you got one: the stupid and bipolar AI will cause a lot of grief since the maximum alliance (level 3) requires multiple renewals. It can be achieved with a hotseat game (which I recommand).
4.0 - DLCs
The following section of this guide is all about the DLCs. They are listed in release order.
4.1 - Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack DLC
The first DLC adds the Polish civ and the Jadwiga's Legacy scenario.

Armor of Faith
Win a regular game as Jadwiga
Thanks to culture bombs and the ability to convert cities instantly, Poland is well suited for a religious victory. The Sukiennice bonus is always useful and the UU is a powerful midgame unit: from domination to culture, feel free to follow any path you choose for the victory.

You Are A Terrible Person
As Poland, destroy another civilization’s incomplete wonder by initiating a Culture Bomb
This can be very hard to achieve in a normal game, so I suggest a Hotseat game. Play on a duel map with Poland as first civ and complete an encampment district to destroy a wonder you have under construction with the second civ.

Jadwiga's Legacy Scenario

Jadwiga's Legacy is a 60 turns scenario where you choose a Polish fraction and compete against all the others to get the highest score.

Winged Hussar Mastery
Win Jadwiga's Legacy as Stanislaw Potocki
Potocki is the best faction thanks to its position and Unique Ability and I suggest choosing it for the deity difficulty. See the God-Like Legacy achievement guide below.

The Grandest of Hetmans
Win Jadwiga's Legacy as Konstanty Ostrogski
Ostrogski starts far away from Wien but it can shorten the distance with cities in the center of the map: use the extra pikemen to protect your tiles and keep expanding from east to west. Don’t forget to send units to defend Wien while fighting against the Golden Horde.

Always Bet On Black
Win Jadwiga's Legacy as Mikolaj "the Black" Radziwill
Among the Polish factions this is the weakest: the second builder is not useful at all since your enemies will go after them immediately and the starting position is far away from Wien. Try to found your cities towards the center of the map to shorten the distance from the Austrian city and block the way for the other factions.

God-Like Legacy
Win Jadwiga's Legacy at Deity difficulty
In Jadwiga's Legacy you fight against a large number of invaders that spam from the borders of the map. Your objective here is to get the highest score at the end of the scenario and protect the city-state of Wien from the invaders (mainly Ottomans from the South). Start with Potocki: you are close to Wien and it is easier to build a solid defence. Found a city where you start and the second one close to Wien (tile right south of the single mountain); the third one should be placed east of your capital to protect it against the Golden Horde and the occasional Ottoman unit from the south. Any further city should be established north from your capital: it is relatively protected and you can create several trade routes and commercial districts you need to finance your army. Since the AI of the enemies and of the other factions is less than brilliant with these 4-5 cities you will able to win very easily with the highest score. Be aware however: towards the end of the scenario the Teutonic Order will slowly disappear…and replaced by a Swedish army full of musketmen coming from the north east corner. If you have developed your northern cities with walls and encampment district filled with crossbowmen fend off this attack will be very easy. Send all your envoys to Wien while preparing its defence and ignore the other city-states: they will be crushed quickly anyway. Build an encampment district in your second city close to Wien to trigger a culture bomb and steal tiles from it: this will give more room for your troops and force the invaders to come closer to your ranged defences. From a military point of view all you need to do is put a crossbowman in every city/encampment and mow down the enemies as they came closer and then send your hussars to finish the job: repeat it for 60 turns and you got this very easily.
4.2 - Vikings Scenario Pack DLC
The second DLC includes new natural wonders and city-states.

Even Our Castles Have Castles
Build an Alcazar within 2 tiles of the Alhambra
Build the Alhambra (from castle tech) and then, after you become suzerain of Granada, use one of your builder to construct the improvement alcazar within 2 tiles from the wonder.

Finn MacCool's Pipe Organ
Build a Monastery within 2 tiles of the Giant's Causeway
The monastery is a tile improvement you can build after became suzerain of the city-state of Armagh and you need it together with the Giant’s Causeway wonder. Once you have both in the same game use a settler to found a city near the Giant’s Causeway and send envoys to Armagh to achieve the suzerain status. Use a builder to construct a monastery to get this.

What Do You Mean, "Active Volcano?"
Build three Aerodromes within 2 tiles of Eyjafjallajökull
As above scout/reveal the map until you find the Eyjafjallajökull and then settle 3 cities near of it. Research flight and then build one aerodrome district in each city within the 2 tiles range around the wonder to unlock the achievement. NOTE: remember that the aerodrome district can be built only on flat terrain; plan the position of your cities accordingly.

The Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! Scenario

The Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! Is a 60 turns scenario in which you compete against all the other civs to get the highest score (again). It focuses mainly on military and economic factors, but despite this it is even easier than Jadwiga’s legacy: a good occasion for the Deity achievement.

More Hacksilver For Harald
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Harald Hardrada
Norway starts in the best position: not in direct contact with an enemy but with many options for expansion. See the guide in God of Sea achievement to win with Harald.

Absolutely Nothing Rotten in the State of Denmark
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Canute
Denmark should prioritize ground troop’s production since you have France as your direct neighbor: create an army of berserks and conquer/pillage everything in sight. Follow the advices regarding Vinland and trade routes in the God of Sea achievement below.

Master of the Baltic
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Olof Skötkonung
Sweden starts in a good defense position: nobody is going to disturb you (except barbarians) but it will be harder for you to attack others. Start conquering the Baltic city-states of Wòlin and Apuolė and then found cities in Poland for extra VP. Follow the guide below in God of Sea achievement for Vinland and trade routes.

God of the Sea
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! at Deity difficulty
As I mentioned before I used Norway for this because it is in a perfect position to attack the city-states of the British Isles: send all your troops overseas and start your conquest from the north (Dùn Breatann and Eoforwic). To speed up your progress research the great heathen army for siege units: this and military tactics for the berserks is your first priority in the tech tree. With your ground units conquering the north send your Longships to the south to pillage the coasts and attack all French units in the sea: don’t let them set foot on England or they can overwhelm the city-states before you can conquer them. The second tech you need is Knarrs to let your great admirals reaching Vinland which is fundamental to win. Vinland is a natural wonder located on the extreme left of the map: start from Ireland and once reached the border go south until you found it. Acquire as many great admirals as you can is the key to win even with limited military success because you gain a large amount of VP and gold for each of them when activated next to Vinland. You can skip holy sites and religion altogether; you will gain faith through pillage and you only need it to acquire admirals; build harbors and commercial districts and set up as many trade routes as you can instead. I have found only 2 cities in the entire game: one in Ireland and the other in Greenland for extra trades routes/population but in the end the impact on the score was minimal so you can skip this too if you want. The scenario is quite easy even on Deity: I conquered all England (except Wintanceaster), sent 3 admirals to Vinland (for 1000 VP for the first, 500 VP for the second and 300 VP for the third), found 2 cities and I finished with more than 6500 points while my strongest opponent (France) couldn’t reach 4500.
4.3 - Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack DLC
The third DLC includes Australia and the Outback Scenario.

A Smashing Victory
Win a regular game as John Curtin
Australia can pursue any kind of victory: the extra production when in war can be invested in whatever you want. Land Down Under increases your gains in any game while the Outback station is an incredible UI and gives you the opportunity to colonize desert tiles and synergize with Petra (a must have together with Eiffel Tower).

Wood for Sheep
Playing as Australia, build a Pasture over Sheep and steal an adjacent player's Lumbermill
Another culture bomb achievement and another Hotseat game: find a pasture (with sheep) next to a wood tile is the trickiest part here. Once you get the perfect spot settle one city for each player and proceed to execute the culture bomb for the achievement.

Outback Tycoon Scenario

Another 60 turns scenario with a focus on colonization and economic development. The walkthrough described in the Meanwhile, in Australia achievement works for all 4 Australian factions on any difficulty.

Attack of the Drop Bear
Lose a unit to the perils of Australia in the Outback Tycoon scenario
Luck based achievement. Random events will happen in the Outback Tycoon scenario, like your units suffering damage or losing movement points or simply die (which unlock the achievement).

Midnight Oil
Build an Oil Well on the final turn of the Outback Tycoon scenario
Research the combustion technology to reveal the oil resource and unlock the oil well improvement. Use a prospector to build the oil well on the last turn.

Quite a Crowded House
Complete an online multiplayer game of Outback Tycoon
Start a Hotseat game with the Outback Tycoon rules: you need to play all 4 factions at the same time (no AI slot unfortunately). The only difference is that you only need the highest score rather than a fixed gold income to win.

Crow-eater Conquest
Win Outback Tycoon as South Australia
See Meanwhile, in Australia achievement below

Gumsucker Punch
Win Outback Tycoon as Victoria
See Meanwhile, in Australia achievement below

Revenge of the Banana Benders
Win Outback Tycoon as Queensland
See Meanwhile, in Australia achievement below

Sandgroper Sweep
Win Outback Tycoon as Western Australia
See Meanwhile, in Australia achievement below

Meanwhile, in Australia
Win Outback Tycoon at Deity difficulty
The short version: WOOD. The long version: to win on Deity you need a 900 Gold income (GPT) before the time runs out and since the beginning is for exploration you have to achieve this in 55 turns only. It's impossible to reach the 900 GPT with traditional methods, you must use the AIF training project in the late game: each time you complete one of these you gain +10 Gold to your GPT (+20 after turn 53). Start with your explorer and locate suitable areas for your settlers: found cities next to wood tiles but do NOT chop them. Develop your cities and build as many commercial districts as you can and create a web of domestic trade routes to boost your production. The midgame is the most critical section of the scenario: keep founding cities, cover your land with Outback stations, and put graziers/farmers on the wood tiles for the end game. Ignore campus, theatre square and holy sites but a well-placed industrial district can be very useful so go for it. Once you have reach turn 53 and got World War II you can finally adopt invasion threat as a policy card and start to invest in the AIF projects. Harvest the wood tiles around your cities to complete several time an AIF project in the same turn to boost your income; do this until you run out of wood. Use as policy cards flying doctors and Parramatta road and on the final turn remember to switch the focus of all your cities on gold. How it works: one of my city had 8 wood tiles on turn 53 and since I manage to chop them down I gained 160 GPT in 5 turns using 3 graziers. If you add a full-developed commercial district, 4 more AIF projects completed and the production set on gold on the final turn I manage to gain 243 GPT from this city alone. Since you will probably have 6/8 cities at the end of the scenario even if they don’t have so much wood or gold income sources you can easily achieve the 900 GPT goal.
4.4 - Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack DLC
The fourth DLC includes two news civs, one new scenario and another achievement for Scythia.

King of the Four Corners of the World
Win a regular game as Cyrus
Persia can change its playstyle during the game: at the beginning, you are in good position for a domination victory thanks to the UU and Cyrus UA. In the mid-late game, however, you can lean towards a culture victory thanks to the Pairidaeza and trade routes bonus.

Some Wine For Your Soldiers?
Playing as Persia, conquer the original Scythian capital within 10 turns of declaring a surprise war on Scythia
Play on a duel map against Tomyris and find the position of the Scythian capital: you need to plan your attack carefully since you have a time window of only 10 turns for this. Build a strong army with melee and ranged units and some anti-cavalry to counter Scythia UA and UU. Move your forces as close as possible to the capital before declaring war and ignore the enemy troops if possible. Again, if you don’t want to lose too much time on this play a Hotseat game.

I Quenched Your Thirst For Blood
Playing as Scythia, recapture one of your founded cities from Persia
The biggest problem here is the stupidity of the AI, especially when it attacks the cities. Play on a duel map and settle a city close to Persia, then declare war: wait until Cyrus captures the city and then take it back. If this is too frustrating, you can always use a Hotseat game.

Envoy Convoy
After building the Apadana wonder, construct 7 additional wonders in the same city
To build the Apadana wonder you need the political philosophy civic: I suggest to use China for this thanks to the ancient and classical era wonders construction bonus. You probably want to pursue this together with the Seven Wonders of the Post-Apocalyptic World.

Never Lost a Battle
Win a regular game as Alexander
Macedon is a pure domination victory civ: lower war weariness means that you can keep attacking your enemies and gain more rewards from their defeat.
Rush encampment districts and Basilikoi Paides to receive science and stay up head of your opponents while building a strong army to bring them down.

Greatest Is As Greatest Does
As Macedon, conquer a city containing both the Great Library and Great Lighthouse wonders
Get this in a regular game is difficult since you need both wonders in the same city but you can always use a Hotseat game. Use China as a second player on duel map to rush the construction of the great library (recorded history civic) and the great lighthouse (celestial navigation tech) then declare war with Alexander and conquer the city.

Conquests of Alexander Scenario

No More Worlds To Conquer
Win Conquests of Alexander on any difficulty
This is a 60 turns (on settler) pure military scenario: as Alexander, you need to conquer every single city on the map (28 in total!) before the time runs out. The first part is pretty straightforward: attack the Persian cities in Anatolia one after another with your troops while you improve your capital and produce more units. Feel free to ignore Athens: it is not worth to waste time at the beginning of the game (unless you are after Resplendent Panoply achiev); you can create a new army from your capital and eliminate it later when your main frontline will be far away. Once you reach Mesopotamia assemble a new army and conquer the cities on the Mediterranean coast and Egypt while your main force keeps going toward east. Your main army will be eventually split in two after you conquer Babylon: you need to aim to Marakanda and Patala as your last targets at the same time while defeating the remaining Persian cities on the way. Be aware: Patala is going to be a real pain thanks to its Varu so attack it in force. Make good use of the ability to heal your units when you conquer a city with a wonder: be very aggressive, put a great general next to every single unit, keep attacking and you will complete the scenario

He Named Them All After Himself?
Settle four cities in Conquests of Alexander on any difficulty
Found 4 new cities in the Conquests of Alexander scenario to unlock this. Feel free to raze any enemy city you conquer to make room for your settlers.

Resplendent Panoply
Possess all of the following after conquering a city in Conquests of Alexander: Hoplite, Saka Horse Archer, Maryannu Chariot Archer, Immortal, and Varu
To get this you need to conquer several cities in the Conquests of Alexander scenario:
- Athens will give you 2 hoplites (you need one for the achievement)
- Memphis will give you one Maryannu chariot archer
- Pasargadae will give you 2 immortals (again you need only one)
- Marakanda will give you one Saka horse archer
- Patala will give you a Varu
Remember that you need to have your great general Alexander in a tile adjacent the city when you conquer it to get the units. NOTE: you need to possess all the units required for the achievement at the same time. This means that if you for example lost all the immortals/hoplites before you could get the Varu the achievement won’t unlock.
Keep your unique units in a safe place while pursuing this achievement.

You're the Demonstrably Greatest
Achieve the highest possible rank in Conquests of Alexander at Deity difficulty
First I want to thank Cosmegos for the tip in the comments, I really could not figure out how to get this. You need to win the scenario with a score above 200 points for this achievement (NOTE: I got it not playing on deity so maybe the description is wrong or the achiev is broken). With 5 points per city this means conquer all 28 cities (5x28=140) on the map and found at least 11 new settlements (5x11=55, the last 5 points are from your capital). Follow the No More Worlds To Conquer achievement guide above for this scenario.
4.5 - Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack DLC
The fifth DLC includes Nubia as a new civ and the 125 turns scenario Gifts of the Nile.

gg nub
Win a regular game as Amanitore
Nubia can rush a domination victory at the beginning or adapt very easily during the game thanks to its building bonus for the districts and extra gains in gold and production.
Go for masonry and archery in the tech tree asap to exploit your UA and UU.

Pyramid Scheme
As Nubia, earn six different adjacency bonuses on a Nubian Pyramid
To unlock the achievement, you need to build a Nubian pyramids improvement next to other six different districts (city center, theatre, industrial, commercial, holy site and campus).

Overclocked Conviction
After building the Jebel Barkal wonder, earn 28 Faith per turn on its tile
To get this you need six cities (plus the one with the wonder) within 6 tiles to get the faith bonus. Be sure you have enough space for your cities and a suitable position for the Jebel Barkal (desert hill tile). The 6 tiles range is from the wonder tile not from the city centre.

The 25th Dynasty
As Nubia, liberate the original Egyptian capital in a liberation war with the capital's conqueror
Self-explanatory. You can achieve this in a hotseat game with 3 civs (Nubia, Egypt and a third random one to conquer the capital), to avoid frustration.

Claim the Fourth Cataract
Playing as Egypt in a regular game, conquer the original Nubian capital within 10 turns of declaring a formal war on Nubia
Same as the achievement above. You can obtain this in a regular way or with in a hotseat game; just remember you need a formal war so no surprise attack as for the Persia achiev.

Gifts of the Nile Scenario

More Wind for the Wind God
Win Gifts of the Nile on any difficulty
This a 125 turns scenario where you can choose between Amanitore and Cleopatra to fight for the supremacy on ancient Egypt. There are four achievements that can be unlock in this scenario, they are discussed below. This scenario is harder than the previous ones so try it first on lower difficulty to get used to it. As a special rule remember you have conquer all the cities of the Egypt/Nubia to win (the other civs don’t count) for the domination victory, not just the capital.

Sea of the Bow
Playing Gifts of the Nile as Nubia, found a coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea
Since you start as Nubia you are quite far away from the sea, but that is the only difficulty here. Give a strong escort to your settler since barbarians are a threat in this scenario. To reach the Mediterranean just follow the Nile to the north.

From Med to Red to the Land of the Dead
Playing Gifts of the Nile as Egypt, conquer Irem and Punt
In the Gifts of the Nile scenario Irem and Punt are two city-states you need to conquer to achieve this. Irem is located at the very bottom of the map in the middle of the edge, just follow the Nile to find it. Punt is a coastal city on the Red Sea, in the middle of right edge of the map.

That's Some Good Kerma
Playing Gifts of the Nile as Nubia, win on Deity difficulty
Nubia is better placed for a pacifist run in this scenario: you are far away from invaders and Cleopatra will be too busy to disturb you. Colonized the southern Nile and conquer Iren and Punt for luxury resources and (later) holy districts. You have a lot of ways to build the 7 temples, just grab as many settlers as you can at the beginning and take advantage of the Nubian pyramids (especially for the faith). This is a demanding race: you have to bet that Cleo is too busy with the invaders to pursue the religious victory. If you decide to go on war with Egypt do it immediately from turn 20 and rush to conquer all enemy cities. I found this very luck based, Cleo will overpower you even when she is dealing with the other civs quite easily. That said, if she has not researched the archer chariot (for unknown reasons) you have a good chance. Don’t forget to produce a lot of slingers in the beginning and upgrade them to Pitali when possible to spare some production time.

Total A-Nile-hilation
Playing Gifts of the Nile as Egypt, win on Deity difficulty
Use your Pitali archers to conquer the first 2 city states before they disappear (turn 6): this will be your base of power regardless of which victory you decide to pursue. Rush for settlers and colonize the delta of the Nile, the extra grow will help you in science and production later on. Patronize the city states you don’t conquer, especially for the faith bonus if you are after the religious victory. Don’t forget to set up your defences because you will be the invaders main target during the whole game. If you decide to attack Nubia use you archer chariots to obliterate Amanitore defences otherwise her Pitali (and superior production) will cause a lot of troubles.
4.6 - Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack DLC
The sixth DLC includes Khmer and Indonesia as new civs and the 50 turns scenario Path to Nirvana.

Cardamom and Mangos and Elephants
Win a regular game as Jayavarman VII
Khmer can grow large very quickly thanks to the aqueduct and holy site food bonus. Build cities along rivers and rush a religious victory with your relics bonus.

Wat is Love
Build Angkor Wat and a Wat in Angkor Wat
Keep founding cities with Khmer until you get Angkor Wat: to build the wonder with the same name you need an aqueduct district so be very careful where you send your settlers. You need in the same city a holy site with a temple and a Wat to unlock this. The latter can be built only after you picked the worship belief “Wat” so get a religion as soon as possible.

All Beneath the Wings of Garuda
Win a regular game as Gitarja
Another civ for maps with a lot of water and islands. You can pursue any victory you want as long you take advantage of the coastal bonus.

Have 5 cities on landmasses 5 or less tiles with Indonesia
This works regardless of how many cities you have. Start on an island plates map and found 5 cities with less than 5 non-water tiles surrounding the city centre. That’s all.

Raid Healer
With a Guru Heal 7 religious units with one action
Gurus can be acquired with faith in a holy site with a temple. The healing ability range is only 1 tile: put 6 damaged religious units all around the guru for this. NOTE: the guru himself must be damaged as well or you can’t achieve the 7 units required.

Try To Snatch the Pebble From My Hand
Have a Warrior Monk with 4 Promotions
You can acquire warrior monks only with faith in a holy site with a temple and only if you have the follower belief “warrior monks” after you have founded a religion. Monks are not religious units: to get promotions they need to engage in combat with other military units (unless you are playing the path to Nirvana scenario). You can use the same ways described in the Flight Slingulator achievement above for the promotions.

Path to Nirvana Scenario

What is Mind? No Matter.
Win the Path to Nirvana scenario on any difficulty
This a 50 turns scenario where you choose between 7 different factions for the supremacy in Asia. There is no combat, no techs, no gold and no settlers: convert as many cities as you can to your faith is the only path for victory. There are three more achievements that can be unlock in this scenario, they are discussed below.

Many Signs and Wonders
Build all 3 Wonders in the Path to Nirvana scenario
The 3 wonders are Angkor Wat, Mahabodhi Temple and Potala Palace.
This one is a bit tricky because in the scenario there are civs that can’t build all the wonders (such Indonesia) because there is no tile suitable for the aqueduct district. Check if you have at least one city with the requirement for every wonder at the beginning of the game.

Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Salvation?
Convert 3 opposing Holy Cities in the Path to Nirvana scenario
On settler you will get this without even try. Use trade routes and theological combat to lower the influence of other religious before sending your missionaries.

What is Matter? Nevermind.
Win the Path to Nirvana scenario on Deity
Pick a civ with a good starting position near the map borders like Indonesia or the Ghaznavids: for the first half of the scenario you need to play defensive while developing cities/tiles and trades routes. Especially the latter are the key: use them to convert the city states and resist the religious influence of the other civs. Save faith for the late game and skip missionaries because they are useless; pick a couple of priests instead, they are good to fend off AI’s early attempts to convert your cities. Once you have a strong infrastructure focus on monks: convert the cities only through theological combat. Don’t forget to buff your monks with the gurus, especially because the AI doesn’t seem to use gurus at all. Take advantage of the infighting between the other civs: let the enemies soften each other with theological combat, then step in and deliver the final blow and convert the city. Do this and keep trading with the city states and you are going to get this quite easily: it is all about strengthening your position before engaging the other civs. I went on offensive around turn 35 when I could afford nearly one religious unit per turn, and with that it is easy to overwhelm the AIs.
The expansion Rise and Fall adds new civs, new (old) mechanics and 38 achievements.
Please note that the archipelago map achievement has been added to the map section of this guide. Same goes for the new achievemets for old civs (France, England and Sumer).

Ages Achievements

The ages (not to be confused with the game starting era) are back. To avoid a dark ages you have to fill the progression meter once (twice to get a golden age) before the end of the era you are at the moment. There are different ways to achieve this (wonders, unique units, technologies...) and after a while you will handle this easily.

I'm going to break the wheel
Earn three Golden Ages in a row
It is less hard as it sound: once you get used to the new system you can get this easily, especially on lower difficulty.

Victory Belongs to the Most Persevering
Achieve a Heroic Age
To get a heroic age you need to a dark age first. After you are in a dark age just follow the same principles to get a golden age (fill the progression meter twice). Put in good use the dark policy cards to gather progression points. On lower difficulty it is not all that hard.

Dark Horse
Win the game while in a Dark Age
Use an early rush civ like Sumer or the Aztecs on a duel map with an ancient era start against a single opponent. Build your military and avoid any action that can give to you age points (no wonders, no religion, no exploration etc..). After you failed to fill the progression meter before the classical era you will get the dark age: adopt twilight valour as policy card if possible and aim straight to the enemy civ capital for a domination victory.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures
Assign a Dark Policy to your Government
If you start a dark age the special policy cards will automatically appear. Apply one of this card (they can be used only in the wildcard slot) in your government to unlock this.


Governors can be recruited, promoted and assigned once you researched the right civics and acquired the needed title points. There are 3 achievements that involved them.

Subject Matter Expert
Have a Governor with every promotion
Avoid multiple appointments and invest all your title points on a single governor if you want to speed things up. Or just start a game in the information era.

Die Another Day
Neutralize a Governor with a Spy
Send your spies to other civs cities: if a governor is present you can attempt the neutralize action. Use the gain sources action first to increase your chances. France is a good pick for this, especially if you are after the Blackest Queen achievement.

Getting the Band Back Together
Unlock every Governor, and have them established at the same time before the game reaches the Industrial Era
Less hard as it sounds. Start with a strong culture civ and invest heavily in the civic tree while founding cities to get the titles points. Don’t forget to build a government district with a tier 2 building to acquire 3 governor titles at once.


The last new mechanic is the Emergency. There are only 2 achievements for this, but emergency events are very random and can only be started by the AIs so be prepared.

Drama Queen
Join or be the target of 3 Emergencies in a single game
You don’t need to complete any emergency for this, just join three of them. You will get this without even trying on a huge map with a lot of civs.

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Join a Betrayal Emergency
A frustrating one. Betrayal emergencies are declared only when an ally attacks another one, and with this you can't even start it (only join). Just keep play until you get it.
5.1 - Cree
Justice and Lasting Peace
Win a regular game as Poundmaker
You must take full advantage of your game start, since the Cree are very well equipped to early supremacy. Go after pottery tech for the extra trade route and use your Okihtcitaw to fend off barbarians and other civs. As long you have a strong web of alliances and trade routes you can pursue any victory with Poundmaker.

Adamantine Confederacy
As Poundmaker, have an active Alliance of every type
Not too much to say about this. You need 5 different alliance to get this (military, religious, cultural, economic and research). It requires a bit of luck and patience.
5.2 - Georgia
Radiant Deeds, Bright as Sunshine
Win a regular game as Tamar
Georgia is a religious civ. Play defensive and spread your religion: convert any city-state you meet is top priority (beware of Pericles and Barbarossa though). Pursue golden ages at all cost to take full advantage of the civ unique ability.

Holy Righteous Queen Tamar
As Tamar, have every city-state in the game following the religion you founded
If you want the easiest route play a duel map with Kongo. You can even reduce the number of city states to just one.

No Light Without the Dark
In Dramatic Age Mode, as Georgia, have simultaneously a Golden and a Dark Policy active
-Added with Byzantium & Gaul Pack Expansion- Just as described above: once you enter in a golden age you will access golden and dark policy cards in your government menu. Activate one for each type and you will get this.
5.3 - India (Chandragupta)
A Burning Splendor
Win a regular game as Chandragupta
Chandragupta can play more offensively than Ghandi: a key component for an early rush toward domination is the military training civic for the UA. Once you are ready start wars of territorial expansion with you Varu to quick overwhelm you opponents. The faith bonus can be used to pursue a religious victory as a backup plan or to help in the great people race.

I Thought We'd Moved Past This Joke
As Chandragupta, launch a nuclear weapon
Build a nuclear device (uranium and Manhattan project required) and drop it on any tile. You can use any way to deliver the nuke, bombers and missiles both work for this.
5.4 - Korea
From Peonies to Doricheon
Win a regular game as Queen Seondeok
Korea is a science focused civ: you can go after a science victory or use the research bonus to concentrate on other stuff.
Either ways always build Seowon districts (a top priority at the beginning), found cities near hills, and never forget to appoint as many governors as possible to exploit Seondeok UA.

Advanced Seminar in Astrophysics
As Seondeok, build a Spaceport district next to a Seowon
For the quickest route starts in the information era and follow the satellite rush described at the beginning of the guide: you already have all the techs and high production in your cities.
5.5 - Mapuche
Deeds of a Monarch-Scorning People
Win a regular game as Lautaro
Lautaro is another warlike leader. His unique ability requires a rush for governors and carefully planned attack against civs during golden ages. It is important to wage war always close to your enemy’s cities: even if you don’t conquer them, the disruption caused by the lower loyalty will help you in any case. Use your UU to raid enemy land for money and make cities defects.

Reverse Colonialism
As Lautaro, capture Philip II's original capital city
You can do this with a regular game or in a Hotseat game. Don’t forget it is the original capital (Madrid) you need to conquer.
5.6 - Mongolia
Lord of All Who Live in Felt Tents
Win a regular game as Genghis Khan
Another warmongering civ. Genghis is all about trade with your opponents before conquering them: scout the map for horses and aim to a domination victory. Spies, printing tech and great merchant Mary Goddard can synergize with the UA and must be pursued at all cost.

Buying your Deels and Listening to Your Throat Singing
As Genghis, win a Cultural Victory
This can be tricky, especially if you are competing against culture focused civs (France, Greece). Try a duel map game with all the other victory conditions turned off and rush for wonders/great people. I can't confirm if the hotseat works for this.
5.7 - Netherlands
A small Country, a great people, so sorely tried
Win a regular game as Queen Wilhelmina
As long your cities are near coasts and rivers you can pursue a culture or a science victory thanks to all the gold you will get. Set up a web of trade routes and focus on building wonders to win with Wilhelmina.

Triple Seven
As Wilhelmina, have seven cities and seven Zeven de Provincien at the start of the turn
Acquire the square rigging tech to build the De Zeven Provinciën and found/build the required number of cities/units for the achievement. NOTE: it has been confirmed that you need exactly seven cities for this, no one more and no one less, or the achievement won't unlock.
5.8 - Scotland
Let gentle blood shew generous might
Win a regular game as Robert the Bruce
Happiness is the key to win with Scotland. Go after luxury resources and entertainment districts to increase your cities amenities and take advantage of the civ ability powerful bonus. You should pursue a science or a cultural victory (with the golf course bonus) with this civ.

Build a Golf Course in a tile where you had previously attempted to build a Wonder, but got beaten to the Wonder by another Civ
To get this in regular game: once you can build the golf course save often and wait until another civ complete a wonder. Load a previous save and attempt to build the same wonder and let yourself to be beaten in the construction race. Build the golf course on that tile to unlock the achievement. There is always the hotseat option to avoid frustration in any case.
5.9 - Zulu
uSuthu! uSuthu!
Win a regular game as Shaka
As usual, this is very a domination victory civ. You may struggle at the beginning in the ancient and classical era, but once you acquire the Impi you can easily turn the table. Be very aggressive and flood you enemy with troops in the mid-game: this is the key to win with Shaka.

As Shaka, train a Corps of Impi using the Ikanda district
Build an Ikanda district and acquire the military tactics tech (Impi) and mercenaries civic (corps). Once everything is available train/build an Impi corps as required. Done.
5.10 - Misc Achievements
The last R&F achievements below can be unlock with any civs.

Surround your Government Plaza with districts or wonders you own at the start of the turn
Plan your districts/wonders construction carefully and you won’t have too much trouble for this, especially on lower difficulty.

Gain control of an Ally's city after it becomes disloyal, and choose to keep it
Same as “no taxation without representation” achievement above, only with an ally this time. Hotseat works for this.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Have an improved Amber resource in a city with a Zoo and an Archaeological Museum at the start of the turn
Start a game in the information era and use the satellite rush to reveal the map. If you find an amber source found a city and acquire the required buildings for the achievement. Done.

Extend the Olive Branch
Make a peace deal which includes you giving or receiving an Olives resource
Same as above. Get the olives and the other players positions with the satellite rush: improve your cities and start building up your military. Once you are ready go to war with any other civ: if you manage to put them in a corner they will accept a peace treaty easily. Give them olives and you will get this.

Elcano's Revenge
Be the first player to circumnavigate the world after Ferdinand Magellan has been recruited by another player
Lot of luck involved here: if you can’t get this regularly use the hotseat trick.
Remember that you need to acquire Magellan with the second civ you are controlling and only then you can circumnavigate the map with the first one.

Shopping Spree
Have 10 Shopping Malls in your civilization at the same time
Shopping malls are available after you complete the capitalism civic and have at least one neighbourhood district in your city. It is possible to build only one mall for settlement: you need 10 cities for this. IMPORTANT: don’t build food markets, they are mutually exclusive with the malls and you can have only one of these for each city.

Circle of Life
Build a Fishery adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef
You need governor Liang with the aquaculture promotion to build a fishery. If you don’t want to lose too much time on this one play a game on a Earth map with Australia, the wonder is just few tiles north your starting position.
The second expansion Gathering Storm adds new civs, new victory conditions and 50(!) new achievements. As for the previous expansion the new achievements for old civs (America, Rome and Russia) have been added to their respective section.
6.1 - Canada
The Sunny Way
Win a game as Wilfrid Laurier
Canada can make good use of tundra tiles while pursuing a diplomatic/culture victory. Keep expanding in the frozen regions while amassing tourism and diplomatic favor.

As Wilfrid Laurier, successfully complete an Emergency
This is a bit random, but if you play on a large map with a lot of civs soon or later an emergency will pop up.
6.2 - England/France (Eleanor)
Majestrix of the Court of Love
Win a game as Eleanor of Aquitaine
Play as England or France as always and take advantage of being able to snatch enemy cities without even fighting.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
As Eleanor, gain a city to loyalty that was owned by a different civilization with Eleanor as its leader
You need both Eleanor(s) on the same map for this. The procedure is very similar to the “Taxation Without Representation” achievement described above.
6.3 - Hungary
The Laurels of Virtues and Letters
Win a game as Matthias Corvinus
Rivers and city-states are yours best friends when playing with Matthias. Find horses for your mounted unique units and concentrate your efforts for a domination/diplomatic victory.

Shield of Christianity
As Hungary, have Christianity as your dominant religion and defeat a unit who's Civilization's dominant religion is not Christianity
The achievement description is not particularly clear: you need to choose one of the three Christian churches (catholic, protestant or orthodox) as religion, and destroy one enemy unit (not defeat it).
6.4 - Inca
Lord of Tahuantinsuyo
Win a game as Pachacuti
Settle near any mountain you find and boost your growth with internal trade routes and terrace farm. You can pursue any type of victory with Pachacuti thanks to his high production bonus.

As Pachacuti, construct a Terrace Farm that is adjacent to 2 Aqueducts and 4 Mountains
An annoying one. 1) Found a single hill tile surrounded by 4 mountains. 2) Settle two cities only one tile away from it. 3) Build the two aqueduct districts next to the hill tile. 4) Finally build the farm and get the achievement. Keep in mind the 4 mountain tiles must NOT be continuous, or you can’t settle the 2 cities at the minimum distance of three tiles from each other. Use satellite rush in the information era for the map reveal: you start with several settlers and all the techs needed.
6.5 - Mali
Treasures of Heaven and Earth
Win a game as Mansa Musa
Establish as many trade routes as possible and settle near desert tiles is the key. If you manage to survive Mali weak start, you can easily buy your way to any victory you want.

As Mansa Musa, send a Trade Route to Mecca that gives the sending player at least 30 gold
You need Arabia on the map, since Mecca is one of their cities. Increase your gold output thanks to the Suguba district and the desert tiles of you sending city. Rather easy.
6.6 - Maori
Tu Meke
Win a game as Kupe
A civilization well suited for maps filled with water and lush vegetation. Feel free to pursue any victory with Kupe.

One does not simply walk into Ngauruhoe
As the Maori, have a Maori Toa discover the Ngauruhoe volcano
Frustrating is the right word here. After you recruit Toas (in the classical era) you have to send them exploring until they found the Ngauruhoe volcano. Volcanos are randomly named after the civilization who first discovers them: too bad the Maori have 9 different names and you need only one of them. Keep playing until you get this, there are no other ways.
6.7 - Ottoman
Padishah Efendim
Win a game as Suleiman The Magnificent
Another military oriented civilization, well suited to conquer and hold enemy cities. Increase your cities population for the janissaries in the midgame and aim to a domination victory.

Nobody's Business But the Turks
As the Ottomans, capture another Civilization's capital and then rename it
Just follow the description to get the achievement. City-states work for this.
6.8 - Phoenicia
Queen of the Byrsa
Win a game as Dido
Settle as many cities as possible on your starting continent, asince going wide is the best use of Phoenician unique abilities. Keep expanding on every single coast you find, while aiming toward a diplomatic victory

Purple Reign
As Dido, complete the Move Capital project on 4 different continents
Use the magnifying glass icon above your minimap to check the positions of the continents, then settle cities on them. Move your capital 4 times and you will get this.
6.9 - Sweden
Take On Me
Win a game as Kristina
Sweden is well suited for a science or a cultural victory. Make good use of Swedish unique ability and acquire as many great people as possible to boost your progress with a diplomatic victory.

As Kristina, at the start of a turn have cities in five different terrain types (Snow, Tundra, Desert, Plains and Grassland) and have Open Air Museums in all of them
I recommend to use satellite rush to reveal the map to speed up the whole process. Since you start in the information era you have all the required techs unlocked and several settlers to found the 5 required cities. Done.
6.10 - Misc Achievements
Real Estate Disclosures Required
Have a district be pillaged by 3 different random events
If you settle a city next to a volcano or a river with floodplains, you will get this without even trying. Keep repairing the district until the next disaster shows up.

Future is Now
Be the first to complete all the technologies in the Future Era in a game with 8 or more players
On lower difficulty, this is not a big issue, even with a crowded game. You will get this if you are after the science victory anyway.

Airing Your Grievances
Win a Diplomatic Victory Resolution and use it to reduce another player's progress toward that victory
You will get this without too much trying: simply concentrate your diplomatic favor on one single enemy player to force him to lose a diplomatic point. Despite the achievement name, grievances have nothing to do with this.

Surprise Attack
Move a military unit into an enemy's owned tile using a Mountain Tunnel (or Qhapaq Nan)
Not to say much about this: you can achieve it with a hotseat game if you want.

Have Stonehenge become submerged due to Coastal Flooding
Do yourself a favour and play on an Earth map with historical start with Gandhi: the perfect spot you need is a few tile west, just south of Kabul. Rush the wonder and then play the game normally (if you want to play safe select Kongo as opponent and allow only religious victory). Don’t forget that you need to wait until the wonder tile is completely under the water for the achievement to unlock: it means level 4 in the global warning menu.

When Diplomacy Fails
Have a fully upgraded Giant Death Robot capture a city
To fully upgrade your metal gear giant robot you need to research 4 additional future techs: cybernetics, smart materials, advanced AI and advanced power cells. Do it then conquer a random enemy settlement or a city-state. Hotseat game works for this.

Nobel-er than the Noblest
Achieve first place in all three Nobel Prizes in the same game
You need Sweden in the game for this. The three competitions start in the industrial era so when it is time concentrate your effort on great people recruitment to win them. On lower difficulty is not that hard.

Toward Carbon Neutrality
Complete the Carbon Recapture project 10 times during a single game
This is not hard at all. Research the civic global warming mitigation in the information era and complete this project ten times. Keep in mind that only cities with an industrial district can start the project.

Let Our Powers Combine – Wait Heart is Missing!
Have a city with a Wind Farm, Solar Farm, Hydroelectric Dam, and Geothermal Plant
The hardest part here is to get a geothermal fissure near a river with floodplains. Use satellite rush the reveal the map and check suitable positions. Don’t forget you need at least one flat tile for the solar farm and one hill tile for the wind farm.

Sid Meier's Ditchdigging Simulator
Use two cities and the Panama Canal to make 7 contiguous land tiles passable by ships
Find the perfect spot is the hard part here: you need a city one tile from the sea/lake and another city exactly 3 tiles away from the first one. On top of that, your second city must be one tile from a water tile as the first one. Use satellite rush on maps with a lot of water and few hills (select “old” for the world age in the setup menu). Once you got the right place, restart the map in the industrial era and rush the wonder/canals.

An Engineer's Dream
Have a Canal, Dam, Aqueduct, Railroad, Golden Gate Bridge, and Mountain Tunnel in a city
Start a game on an island plates map with -514745041 / -514745040 (put zero city states and a single opponent). There is a little spot with all the requirements: it has a single mountain and small island per the Golden Gate. I suggest using the satellite rush in the information age to see where the place is, before restarting in the atomic era.

Hello Cleveland!
Perform a Rock Concert in Cleveland
Regardless of what civilization you are playing, you need America on the same play to get this because Cleveland is one of the possible name for an American city (you don’t say). It usually appears around the 5-6th settlement, but the tricky part is to be sure you can perform a concert in it. Promote your rock band with the ability to perform concert in a large variety of tiles to be prepared. Hotseat works for this.

One Tree Hill
Have one of your Rock Band units perform a concert adjacent to a Maori Pa unique improvement
This one is almost the same as before, except you need the Maori Pa improvement next to a tile where you can perform a concert. If you use the hotseat be sure to recruit a Toa unit to build the Pa and then surround it with district/wonders for the concert with the second player. It won’t be a short play because the Toa is a classical era unit and rock bands can be only recruited in the atomic era.

Rock God
Have no cities following your religion then convert a city to your religion using a Rock Band unit
The last rock band achievement is a legitimate mess. The steps are: 1) Found a religion. 2) Recruit a rock band. 3) Give to the band the religious rock promotion. This could be a random (and long) process, so I recommend to use the Hallyu policy card (from cultural hegemony in the civic tree) to speed up thing. 4) Wait until other civs convert all your cities. 5) Finally perform a concert with the band and get the achievement. Check that not a single city on the map is following your religion, this includes the city-states that could have been converted with trade routes before.
6.11 - Scenarios
War Machine

This is a 40 turns military focused scenario. Unlike other scenarios it can be only played on multiplayer. You can unlock every single achievement with the hotseat game if you don’t want to play against another opponent.

Win War Machine as France
This one is the easiest: all you need is to protect Paris for 40 turns. With the hotseat you can just sit and skip the turn with the second player (Germany)

Win War Machine as Germany
You have 40 turns to take Paris so keep moving. You can ignore the nord and the south and concentrate your attack in the middle for the fastest route. You can try to get Big Bertha and Vernichtungsstrategie in the same play (see below)

Big Bertha
In War Machine, reduce and capture a full-health city in a single turn
You have plenty of ways to get this, since the artillery is extremely powerful in this scenario. Bombard a city with 2-3 pieces in one turn and you will get this.

Croix de Lorraine
In War Machine, as France, conquer Metz within 5 turns
With the hotseat this is a walk in the park. Use your artillery to demolish the city defences as describe above

As Germany, win War Machine within 25 turns
Select France as the second player and then disband all their units in the first turn. It will get 12-15 turns to move you units from the border to Paris so don’t waste too much time.

With The Army You Have
Win War Machine without training any units
Same as above. Play with France and simply skip turns with the second player (Germany) to get this.

Black Death

This one is a more conventional 85 turns scenario. To win you need to research Invention in the tech tree or the civic Middle Class before the last turn. The guide for the deity achievement includes many suggestions for all the factions. A special thanks to Abvale in the comments for this.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Win the Black Death as England
With the best starting position in the game, England the best suited civ for a deity play. See the Danse Macabre achievement guide below for the details.

Win the Black Death as Castile
The starting position can limit your initial moves, but with Castile special ability it is easy to snowball once you get your troops going. Keep your faith level up, concentrate your caravels in the Mediterranean Sea and your land forces in the Iberian Peninsula and pillage as much as possible from the city states to achieve victory.

Win the Black Death as the Holy Roman Empire
The Roman Holy Empire is in a similar position as Castile: at peace with the immediate neighbour (France) and with plenty of city states around you. Be very aggressive and take advantage of your superior Teutonic Knights to pillage as many enemy districts you can.

Santé Passe Richesse
Win the Black Death as France
Honestly, I think this is the weakest of all the faction: you are in the middle of the map and the war with England can limit your access to the Scandinavian city states. Pillage the Mediterranean city states and keep your faith level high to exploit your additional wildcard.

Aggressive Strain
Win the Black Death after conquering five cities
You can use any faction for this, but I personally suggest Castile. You have plenty of city-states around you and your special ability can speed up the conquest.

I'm Not Dead Yet
Win the Black Death after turn 80
If you play on high difficulty, you will get this without trying. With a little planning it is possible to achieve this even on Settler: build up your districts/units during the game and then rush in the last 10/15 turns (concentrate your production on science/culture, pillage enemy districts).

Medieval Medicine
Train 25 Plague Doctors during the Black Death scenario
Self-explanatory. You will train a lot of them during the games to contrast the loss of loyalty of your cities, so it is not even worth actively pursue this.

Danse Macabre
Win the Black Death scenario on Deity difficulty
As noted before, this scenario can be summarized in a single word: PILLAGE. Choose on the very first turn between the two possible victory conditions: I personally recommend culture (science is also ok, but I found it harder) and stick with it for the whole game. As said before England is the best choice for this thanks to 3 big advantages: Ireland, harbours and water tiles. Ireland is the key because plague never shows there: conquering the island will give you a base of operation for your victory. Both Dublin and Cork must have the theatre/campus districts, possibly full developed, to speed up the research. Upgrade your water tiles as soon as you can: they will provide food to recover population between waves of plague because the latter cannot affect them. Then we have the real trick: invest your production in 2/3 caravels and let them loose: pillaging enemy harbour districts will provide you a lot of gold to acquire buildings/units even when your cities production will fall to zero. Send at least one caravel to pillage the North Sea and others two in the Mediterranean Sea: when you finish the city states go for your opponents. Feel free to ignore faith: I ended with a -1000 and it didn’t affect me. Use gold from the pillaging to keep your economy afloat and acquire as many plague doctors as possible to contrast the loss of loyalty. You can forget about the other factions: they will be obliterated by the plague; you can also ignore your city on the continent and win without problem. Just keep your caravels going, mates.
This new addition is composed of several independent DLCs released every two months. The expansion pack will include new civilizations, new scenarios and many new achievements.
7.1 - Red Death
First introduced on September 2019 and then updated on June 2020, this a multiplayer scenario with 10 different factions to choose from.

The Test of Royale
Win the Red Death scenario
This is a battle royale scenario: be the last man standing to win. If you don’t like to compete against other players you can create an internet private game and left all the civs slots on IA. It is also possible to choose the difficulty level to help you with the other achievements.

The Good Die Young
Lose your last Civilian within the first ten turns in the Red Death scenario
You can get this without even trying. Start a game and delete your civilian unit right there. Done.

Hope Springs Eternal
Be defeated 5 times in the Red Death scenario
Start a game and lose immediately as explain above. Or play on high difficulty against the AI.

Reinforcements Have Arrived
Claim a Supply Drop in the Red Death scenario
Supply drops will appear after the red death started advancing, usually on the border with the safe zone. Check the map for their location and rush to the marked position.

Do Unto Others
Nuclear Strike another faction in the Red Death scenario
Jocks start with nukes so they are the perfect choice for this. Otherwise, you have to raid a barbarian encampment or claim a supply drop and hope you get one (it is random).

Have Them Do Unto You
Get nuked by another faction in the Red Death scenario
You will get this naturally, especially if the Jocks faction is on the map.

It Hungers
Cultists - Kill 10 units with the Undying Eye
This requires a bit of planning, because the Undying Eye starts heavily damaged and cannot regain health normally. Sacrifice your units to gain experience and heal your crippled GDR after a fighting, while keeping it safe from retaliation. Use your other troops to damage the enemies before the finishing blow.

It's Alive!
Mad Scientists - Heal 1000 health points across multiple games
You can get this in a single game if you want: just send all your units in the water and then back on land for healing. Keep doing it until you get the achievement.

They're coming to get you, Barbara
Zombie Beastmasters - Spawn 30 Zombie Hordes through combat kills
Not hard but time consuming. It requires multiple games to get it.

Jocks - Use Hail Marys to wound, but not kill, 5 Civilians across multiple games
This one is a bit random but easier than it looks. You have higher chances towards the endgame when the safe zone is smaller and all the remaining players (and theirs civilians) are close each other’s.

Experience Is Everything
Preppers - Have 5 units earn 5 promotions across multiple games
Machine guns are perfect for this because they can range attack and acquire experience while avoiding enemy fire. As a precaution, exclude the Jocks (and their nukes) from the game. Don’t forget you can (randomly) get experience points exploring city ruins.

Getting Pruney
Pirates - Spend 50 turns in the water across multiple games
You can get this in a couple of games: just send all your units in the water and ignore the rest. You can achieve 25 – 26 turns in the water in a single game on lower difficulty.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Aliens - Attack while cloaked 20 times
It can take a while: the main obstacle here is the recharging time of the special ability. Otherwise a very easy achievement.

Ashes of Time
Wanderers - Explore 30 city ruins across multiple games
Again, nothing to say here. Just play until you get it.

From the Outer Darkness
Mutants - Attack a unit outside the Red Death while inside the Red Death 20 times
The description is a little misleading: your unit need to start from a red death tile but they can move and attack outside of the red death. Melee units are fine for this. I don’t know if it is a bug, but I got this while attacking from the irradiated purple area, not from the red death zone proper. Barbarians also count for this.

U mad, bro?
Borderlords - Trick enemy factions into triggering Grieving Gifts 5 times across multiple games
Same as above: it is a situational achiev but not that hard. The AI factions will try to get any supply drop if it appears near the red death border: spam them as many as you could and wait. I got it in a single game on lower difficulty.
7.2 - Maya & Gran Colombia Pack DLC
A new update with two new South American civs, Maya and Colombia. There are also new resources, new city states, new natural wonders, and more important of all, the Apocalypse game mode.

I'll melt with you
Win any Victory with Apocalypse mode enabled
Not a particular hard one: since the comets appear only in the late game, you can rush any type of victory before reaching a dangerous level of global warming. On lower difficulty, you won’t even notice.

The end of the world as we know it
Be the last person standing after comets begin falling
I hope you are ready for a long ride for this: despite what the description says, it can be achieved only if a comet destroy the last city of your last opponent on the map. Set up a game against a single opponent on a small map with only domination victory allowed and no city states. I recommend a production focused/aggressive land grabber civ like Rome or Germany but it can work with whatever you like. Concentrate yourself on founding new cities and creating a strong military: your objective is to fill the map with spare targets for the comets. Don’t forget to speed up the global warming chopping down all the rainforests / forest and build coal power plants in all your cities. Now the important part: go to war against your single opponent and conquer any settlements save for the capital, your goal is to keep him “cornered” with only a single city. Once the comets start falling all you need to do is wait: after several of your settlements one meteor will eventually obliterate the single last enemy city, giving to you the victory and the achievement.

The accursed share
Use a max-promotions Soothsayer to sacrifice a max-promotions GDR
Two issues with this one: first, you need a fully upgraded GDR. Second: a need a fully upgraded soothsayer. The GDR case is rather simple: research the 4 future era techs to fully upgrade. The soothsayer however requires 5 promotions and the only way to acquire them is winning gold or silver tier rewards from the Appease the Gods competitions. These competitions appear randomly during the game so be prepared: it is going to be a long achievement, even on lower difficulty.

The stars are right
Win a regular game as Lady Six Sky
Science is the optimal path for the Mayans, but you can pursuit any type of victory thanks to their production bonus. Proper placement of your (cluster of) cities is the key to avoid the civ drawbacks and exploit its strengths.

Court of Itzamna
As the Maya found a settlement adjacent to 4 luxury resources
Use the satellite rush to reveal the map and find the right spot. You can increase your chances if you set resources on “abundant” in the Advanced setup menu. If you cannot get this one, use the map editor (worldbuilder) and put 4 luxury resources next to same tile and then launch a game on that map.

El Libertador
Win a regular game as Simón Bolívar
Gran Colombia is a pure domination victory civ. The superior speed of its military units combined with the exclusive comandante generale makes Bolivar a formidable opponent from the very beginning on any game.

To plow the sea
As Simón Bolívar activate all the Comandante Generals across multiple games
Very easy. There are a total of ten Comandante Generals: just play as Colombia until you get all of them. Don’t forget to activate their unique ability to get the achievement.
7.3 - Ethiopia Pack DLC
With this new update, the Ethiopian civ is introduced together with a new game mode called Secret Societies. A secret society is a special type of governor that can be recruited only after a specific event. Societies are exclusive: you can join only a single one of them at the time and it is impossible to change later. There is an achievement for each one of the four secret societies; this means you need at least 4 games to get them all.

The Mask of Baphomet
Earn all Governor promotions for the Owls of Minerva Secret Society
It is possible to receive the invitation from the Owls of Minerva after you send envoys to a city state

Voice of Aiwass
Earn all Governor promotions for the Hermetic Order Secret Society
The Hermetic Order will be available after you discover a natural wonder

Dead But Dreaming
Earn all Governor promotions for the Voidsingers Secret Society
You could receive the invitation to join the Voidsingers after you discover a tribal village

This Blood is the Life
Earn all Governor promotions for the Sanguine Pact Secret Society
You could join the Sanguine Pact after clearing a barbarian outpost

The Lion of Judah
Win a regular game as Menelik II
Ethiopia is a strong faith based civ thanks to his special ability and the Rock-Hewn Church improvement. While a religion victory seems a logical choice if you settle your cities on hills you can take full advantage of Menelik special ability and pursue a cultural or a scientific victory.

Battle of Adwa
Defeat an Infantry unit whose capital is on another continent with an Oromo Cavalry
I used a hotseat game with true start location earth map with Ethiopia and Persia for the different continent capital requirement and the oil tiles nearby for the infantry. I can confirm that an Army of Oromo Cavalry works for this.
7.4 - Byzantium & Gaul Pack DLC
With the September update two new civs, Gaul and Byzantium, are introduced together a new game mode called Dramatic Ages. The new achievement for Georgia has been added to its section above.

The City Ever-Shining
In Dramatic Ages Mode, enter a Golden Age with an excess 20 Era Score
Not too much to say about this. On lower difficulty you can get this easily. Focus on wonders, unique units/buildings and special events to stockpile age points.

Things Fall Apart
In Dramatic Ages Mode, lose 4 or more cities by entering a Dark Age
Start a regular game on deity: the goal is to settle enough cities so that they revolt when a dark age happens. Acquire as many colonists as you can: governor Magnus with the provision promotion is the ideal choice here. Place your colonists the farthest away from your capital, ideally where the loyalty is already negative. Just before the ending of an age (assuming you didn’t fill the era points meter), establish all your new cities and pass the turn: with a bit a luck you will lose at least 4 of them for the achievement. I got it when I entered the industrial age with 13 cities (including my capital), on deity with a single opponent and with only science victory enabled on a huge map.

Et tu, Gallia?
Win a regular game as Ambiorix
Gaul is a highly versatile civ, with the ability to switch between different kinds of victory. Found your cities near hills, as this is essential to exploit their bonus, and concentrate on a domination victory early on. If that fails culture and production bonus will help you in the late game.

Crom Laughs at Your Tanks
As Gaul, kill a Tank with a Gaesatae
Do yourself a favor and play hotseat. The only hard part here is playing from the ancient era to the modern one to get both units in the game.

One Eye in One Hundred
Win a regular game as Basil II
Byzantium is another domination civ, but with a strong religious side. Get a religion as fast as you can and rush a Hippodrome. Combine these two and you can then easily swarm your enemies with nearly unstoppable heavy cavalry horde.

Rome is Where the Heart is
As Byzantium, take the original capital of Rome while it is following your founded religion
Once again, hotseat game is the best choice. If you are after this in a regular game, rush a religion and exploit Basil synergies for the heavy cavalry units to conquer Rome.
7.5 - Pirates
With the October 2020 Update is introduced a new multiplayer scenario called Pirates. 10 new achievements are present as well.

I am a Pirate King!
Win the Pirates scenario.
The new scenario is a more traditional 60 turns race against 3 others pirates for supremacy as well as avoiding the colonial powers. There are several way to win, each with a different achievement described below. As the Red Death scenario before you can create a private game against the AI with the difficulty level you prefer to help with the achievements.

Mine! Mine! Mine!
Win the Pirates scenario using mostly Treasure Points.
Treasure ships are a logical target here, but without a support fleet, their guard ships can be a problem, especially at the beginning. Raid settlements and trades routes; and don’t forget to bury chests when possible for the great treasure bonus.

I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can
Win the Pirates scenario using mostly Fightin' Points.
This is probably the easiest way to win: you will involve in a lot of fighting anyway. Be aggressive and avoid to be surrounded by the enemy fleets. Done

I am Kind of a Big Deal
Win the Pirates scenario using mostly Infamous Pirate Points.
The Swashbucklers are well suited for this: skip fighting at all and explore the map to gain infamy points. Focus on boarding ships, sacking ports and sinking Infamous Pirates.

Liquid Assets
Sink or capture a treasure ship.
Treasure ships will spawn randomly during the game from a city. You will get this naturally, as you play the scenario.

Forced Retirement
Lose the Pirates scenario due to mutiny
You can just park your brigantine in a corner of the map and deplete your gold reserve. Once you hit 0 with your treasure, regardless of the circumstances, you will lose the scenario and get the achievement.

Naval Supremacy
Privateer - Ensure that your patron has a naval fleet twice the size of any other colonial power.
I got it without even trying while playing with England as my sponsor: all I did was to capture 3 ships from Spain at the very beginning of the game. Capture any ship you can from the others colonial powers and ignore anything else.

The Abyss is Hungry
Dread Pirate - Sink 10 ships while using Walk the Plank across multiple games.
I think this one is a little bugged; I got it after fourteen ship sunken with the Walk the Plank. On lower difficulty you can get this in a single game, if you bothered to increase your fleet with additional ships.

Port in Every Storm
Swashbuckler - Visit the tavern of 10 ports in a single game.
With 60 turns of time at your disposal, this is not a big deal. Very easy.

Love It When a Plan Comes Together
Hoarder - Sink or capture a treasure ship while a treasure escort is locked by a chainshot.
The best strategy is to assemble a small fleet beforehand to deal with the escort ships. You don’t need to block all the guard ships for this: I got it using the chainshot on only one escort boat while using my other two vessels to capture the target in one turn.
7.6 - Babylon Pack DLC
A new update with a new civilization and a new game mode, this time about heroes of ancient legends.

Sing, O Muse
Claim every Hero across multiple games.
To claim a hero you need a city with a monument. Heroes will be available after you explore tribal villages, find meet city states and wonders or complete the Heroic Tales project. There are 12 different heroes in total, just keep playing until you claim them all. You can check your progress in the achievements list on your steam page (but only the number, not the actual heroes you are missing).

Clash of the Titans
Kill an enemy Hero with your Hero.
Plenty of ways to achieve this, since many heroes have powerful offensive abilities such Oya. You can use any unit you want to damage the enemy before delivering the finishing blow with your hero. Hotseat also works.

Steel-Driving Man
Recall a Hero after the Industrial Era.
Save one your city with a monument until you reach the industrial era and then complete the dedication project to summon a hero. Done.

The Brave Live Forever
Recall a Hero 5 times in a single game.
Heroes have a limited lifespan: once they are dead, it is possible to summon them again only with faith. Start a game in ancient era and claim a hero as fast you can: after they die, you can revive them only once per era and with an increased faith cost each time. Invest in faith production and you won’t have any trouble with this.

The Dream Team
Claim 5 Heroes in a single game.
All you need is five cities, each with a monument. Explore the map and complete the Heroic Tales project to discover heroes and claim one for city. Easy.

Babylon Rocker
Win a regular game as Hammurabi.
If you though Korea was the science master of this game, prepare to be surprised. Explore the map to trigger as many eurekas as possible while building your empire. By the time your science production starts to be dwarfed by your opponent's, you should already an incredible advantage.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
As Babylon, earn 5 tech boosts for techs that are at least one era later than your current era.
This requires a bit of planning but if you are practical of the game there won’t be problems. Study the tech tree and plan as suit you. I got it in the medieval era boosting 5 techs of the renaissance, all of which required to build a building or a unit (universities, crossbowmen, lumber mill, armory, and 2 harbors)
7.7 - Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack DLC
The new January 2021 Update includes a new game mode called Monopolies and Corporations, new buildings and districts, a new civilization and a new leader for two (!) old civs.

For he on honey-dew hath fed
Win a regular game as Kublai Khan
Kublai extra economic card is always useful during the entire game, and his tech and civic boosts can provide enormous advantages with China unique ability. As a leader of Mongolia, you should embark on an early conquest: once your empire is large enough, use the trading posts bonus to pursue any type of victory.

I will not bend my back
Win a regular game as Bà Triệu.
Vietnam is a well-rounded civ, with a focus on domination and culture victory. Bà Triệu military bonus and unique district provides a strong incentive to offensive movements, but it can also be used to establish an impenetrable defense around your empire. Settle as many cities near rainforest tiles to maximize your culture and science output to achieve victory.

Jack of all Trades, Master of None
Win a game on a Standard sized map or larger with 5 or more Industries, but no Corporations.
Pick a strong expansionist civ like Rome and go wide: you need as many luxury resources as possible. Industries are tile improvements you can create after researching Currency in the tech tree. Industry can be established only on a luxury resource tile (already improved or not) and only after you already control 2 tile with the same luxury resource. Since you can establish only a single industry for city, you need at least 5 settlements for this.

Robber Baron
Control 5 Luxury Resource Monopolies at once on a Standard sized map or larger.
To establish a monopoly you need to control at least the 60% of all the tiles of a particular luxury resource on the map, directly or through your city states. To know how many resources are available, research in the civic tree Mercantilism: once you improve a luxury tile you will get the exact number even if you didn’t spot them on the map. You don’t need industries nor corporations for a monopoly, improving the resource tiles (including the ones inside the city states borders) is enough. There is not a single optimal strategy for this, resources can range from a number of 5 to near 50: in any case prepare yourself for a lot of expansion and land grab.

Top Hat and Monocle
Control a 100% Monopoly on a given Luxury Resource on a Standard sized map or larger.
Again you are tasked to control a luxury resource, this time at 100% though. It can be done in a lot a ways: don’t forget to research the Mercantilism civic to know the exact number of resources on the world map. The minimum number even for an extraordinary rare luxury resource is five, so be prepared to settle multiple cities. Don’t forget to improve the luxury tile to gain control of the resource, this also needs to be done in the territory of your city states.
7.8 – Barbarian Clans
The new February 2021 update gives a new game mode and 3 new achievements. You can now play with the Barbarians Clans mode, which added new options to interact with barbarians.

Limited Edition
Hire a unique unit from a Barbarian Clan.
Very simple. Once you found a barbarian outpost you can hire a unit from it for gold. Wait until a unique unit is offered and then get it.

Finder's Fee
Ransom 5 units from Barbarian Clans in a single game.
This one is pretty trivial: keep sending a civilian unit (settler/worker) near a barbarian outpost to be captured, and then pay them to get it back. You could use the same unit with the same barbarian outpost.

Hire, Bribe, Incite, and Raid the same Barbarian Clan.
This needs some planning. With the exception of the Raid, any other action required will cost you gold, so be prepared. Another difficulty is that at least one other civilization must has encountered the barbarian clan, so that you can use the Incite action. Always keep an eye on the barbarian outpost; if you see that it is going to transform into a city-state, raid it to delay the transformation. It is also imperative to protect the barbarian outpost from other civs (who could disperse it) until you can complete all the actions.
7.9 - Portugal Pack DLC
The final update for the Frontier Pass, with a new civ to complete the roster and a new game mode called Zombie Defense.

The Spice Must Flow
Win a regular game as João III
Portugal, thanks to its huge amounts of gold, can pursue any type of victory as long as it plays on a map filled with water. The trade bonus encourages exploration and trade between your cities and other players. Despite their convoluted requirements, Feitorias are a worthwhile investment: the production and the surplus of gold you will get allows you to easily outmatch other civs.

Ultramar Português
As Portugal, have a Trading Post in cities belonging to Brazil, India, and Japan.
Nothing special. The only potential issue here is the inability to send trade routes because other civilizations don't have coastal cities. Play on a water map and there will be no problems. You just have to wait for traders to complete their routes to establish a trading post and get the achievement.

Control at least 20 Zombie units at the start of your turn
This one can take a lot of time and patience…if you don’t play with Heroes and Legends mode active. It is essential to obtain Hunahpu and Xbalnque and put their special ability to resurrect units into action. Kill all the zombies with the twins to bring them back under control without the need of the two special district projects. Even better: the zombies you acquire with the twins will remain under your control throughout the game, not just few turns, making it easier to reach the 20 units threshold. Prioritize faith production to recruit the twins through the game (start the game in the ancient era) and go on a zombie hunting with them.

Well Hello Mr. Fancypants
Destroy a Zombie unit that has +50 or more Mutation Strength.
Easier than one might think. When a zombie unit is destroyed all other zombies on the map receive a combat strength boost called Mutation Strength: look for a zombie unit with a combat strength of 70 or more and take it out by whatever means you want. You will get it for sure during a game if you keep taking out zombies.

It's a Trap!!!
Deal 50 or more damage to a single unit from trap damage on a single tile in one turn.
You can’t achieve this with only a single trap because it only inflicts 15 Hit Points for any enemy unit passing through it (20 Hp with the modernized version). One advanced trap plus two reinforced barricades next to it will be enough (20+15+15=50HP). It is possible to stack the damage with others improvements like the Alcazar (15 HP for unit passing through it, requires Granada city state), the Fort (10 HP for unit passing through it) or the Chinese Great Wall (10HP for any unit passing or adjacent to it). Remember that any enemy unit is ok for this, you don’t need a zombie: you can use a hotseat game to save time.
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Doc Apr 9, 2022 @ 1:05pm 
india chandragupta update: base missile doesnt work. only the nuklear bomb from a bomber or an submarine works!!!
Sargef101 May 14, 2021 @ 9:54pm 
me again FYI i just beat Alex on Immortal and didn't get the achievement
Sargef101 May 14, 2021 @ 1:05pm 
oh and just one more thing I WILL STILL USE YOUR GUIDE and i will say THANK YOU for all the other help !!
Sargef101 May 14, 2021 @ 12:53pm 
I did complete the game today 1/2 your way and 1/2 my way soooooooo i guess you can jam it half way up my axx
so i will apologize for my rant. that is a full one and a half one.oh yeah i had one turn left
Sargef101 May 13, 2021 @ 9:25pm 
oh by the way i am in the book just click on my photo and send me direct if you don't want anyone else to see it
Sargef101 May 13, 2021 @ 9:22pm 
WELL MATE here I am again. I am guessing that you don't answer any questions. or pay any attention to the comments. BUT here is one for you on Black Death Deity scenario. how is it you manage to take Cork with 2 swordsmen one in England and other in Europe cause by the time he can swim to Ireland your just about out of money can't even get a ship as tooooo much money and takes 50 turns to make one and if you do last only one turn cause no money. i would love very much to see a youtube on how you did all you said you did so maybe I would have to apologize for being pissed off and you can jam it up my axx and say SEE AXX HOXX. so i guess this will be just another useless comment trash can file department
bytezilla Apr 8, 2021 @ 3:20pm 
Where is Pasargadae in Resplendent Panoply? There is no city with that name on the map.
Sargef101 Mar 8, 2021 @ 12:10pm 
Hi. I am confused about the Advanced Seminar in Astrophysics thing with the satellite rush and all that. I started out in settler then information era but then i seen the seowon & space port. First I had to build the seowon turn 1 then the space port turn 2 Then it's game over in 2 turns. So whats with the seed write down and satellite rush things. Please let me know if i read that wrong or something. I do have a neuralgic disorder(long story) so let me know what I missed
MakoCloud007 Feb 8, 2021 @ 8:41am 
Just FYI i think the "Sing, O Muse" does not really mean you have to claim all, just to unlock the possibility to claim them. Just started my second game with the Heroes Mode and after claiming one for the second time, i just got the achievement, maybe its a bug, but still, did not needed to claim all :D

leszek.j966 Dec 13, 2020 @ 7:13am 
I have a few questions for the achievement 'Dark Horse'.
1) Whether only other types of victories are necessary or only recommended for certain reasons.
2) Is it 'dark ages' and victory must be made before entering the era of the future