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Garry's Mod

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SG MLP Content Pack 4 Royal
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Apr 21, 2017 @ 7:07pm
Oct 5, 2018 @ 6:04pm
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SG MLP Content Pack 4 Royal

Want to dress up as Royal Guard or Police officer MLP style. Now you can. Bonemergble with PPM
(Still pretty new with making props with bones. Some bugs may be suspacted)

Easiest way make use of the armor with scripting it in with ppm. Is for normal user to use PAC 3 and then bonemerg it.

These props were originally created for the Equestrian Horizon community, however other server communities are welcome to use them too.

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Luna Nov 2, 2019 @ 4:52pm 
"Look For the Lower Case 'L' And You
Will Be Kissed Tomorrow:
*Now Look For The Q And Your Wish
Will Come True:
*This Is Really Hard, Now Find The 'N':
*Now Find The Mistake:
*Something You Really Want, After the
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Now Close Your
Eyes And Make A Wish! ;*;*;*;*;*;* Now
Paste This On 9 pages And Your Wish
Will Come True! Hurry, You Have 20
minutes! Or What You Wished For Will
Be The Opposite
B17zack Jun 25, 2019 @ 8:55pm 
dat ending was awesome XD
Ostrogoth2299 Oct 22, 2018 @ 6:41pm 
To promote this mod or something.....sub....
Unknown.. Jul 15, 2018 @ 2:28pm 
how do i uz the armor and what its PPM/2
Herr Doktor Jan 11, 2018 @ 8:22pm 
I forgot to mention I am using PPM/2 with these. PPM may have smaller models or different proportions than PPM/2.
Herr Doktor Jan 11, 2018 @ 8:19pm 
I've noticed that with the "skin-tight" outfits, there's a lot of clipping with the player model. In third person, I can see the ponies rump clip and out of the outfit as they run. There's minor clipping when stationary.

Just thought you should know.:balloon:
UnownPeep Nov 26, 2017 @ 8:17am 
lol the vid at the end made me get this mod :steamhappy:
JFHS | Taka Mata Nui Oct 18, 2017 @ 3:53pm 
sig the terrorist pony
Latios The Pegasus Sep 30, 2017 @ 6:41am 
Do you think you could make the Night Armor? I'd think it's a good idea
Waffelo Sep 2, 2017 @ 2:57pm 
You need pac 3