Fractal Space

Fractal Space

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By Haze_Games
This guide is here to help you to install and test the Pre-Alpha version of the game.

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Installing the Pre-Alpha build of Fractal Space is easy:
Now that you have installed and started Steam, you must activate the game:
  • 1. Click Games | Activate a Product...
  • 2. Copy/Paste the Key you received in the field
  • 3. Click Next
  • 4. Click Accept to agree with the EULA
  • 5. Wait for download to complete
  • 6. Launch the game

Final Step: Enjoy the game! ;)
If the game is not launching, it's most probably because your anti-virus detects Fractal_Space.exe as potential threat and automatically deletes it.

Many Steam games have this issue, as you can see on the Official Steam post here.

It seems like the issue is the Discord Rich Presence integration that creates this false positive. Don't worry, the game is not infected by any virus.

In order to fix this, you will need to:
  • Start your Antivirus, and see if it warns you about the game being blocked, and add Steam and Fractal Space in the White List.
  • Alternatively, simply disable your antivirus, at least temporarily.
  • With the game added to White List, or with your Antivirus disabled, do a Right Click | Properties on Fractal Space from the Steam library
  • In the new window, click the Local Files tab, then Click Verify Integrity of Game Files button.
If you encounter a bug or want to make a suggestion, you can now do it in-game:
  • Press ALT + B shortcut anytime, enter information in the form and click "Submit"
  • Or click the Bug / Suggestion button in the Main or Pause Menu
This is very helpful for us, as it will upload the log files, save game files, and screenshot directly with the report!
If you are experiencing a low frame rate with the game, or wish to improve performance in general, I recommend you check out the detailed Performance Guide here:
You want to Speedrun the game? There is a mode for that! Check out our official Speedrun Mode Guide to see all the details:
If you want to start the game from a specific Chapter or use special Debug Commands, check out the Debug Mode Guide here:
NOTE: Currently, Experimental builds are disabled. They will be back online when Chapter 5 is ready for a first experimental test!

Experimental Builds allow you to test new features earlier than others. Follow the Experimental Builds guide to learn how to access them:
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Haze_Games  [author] Apr 25, 2018 @ 6:32am 
Just added the "New Save System" section to access Experimental Builds and test the new save system!
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Just added the "A Wild Error Appears!" section tot he guide, to help you with handling a code error that might happen during gameplay. :steamhappy: