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SW Map : Kamino
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Apr 8, 2017 @ 2:32pm
Apr 10, 2017 @ 9:18am
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SW Map : Kamino

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The Kamino base surface from STAR WARS Roleplay : Kamino Extensive

As the full Kamino map performes poorly I extracted the key elements and put them together to form this map.
I worked a lot on optimization so the lowest fps on highest setting in 1920x1080 on my mid-range pc is just below 60.


  • five domebases
  • clone breeding tanks
  • working citadel challenge as seen in clone wars season 3
  • traingroom with screens to change size
  • hangar base
  • connected platform system
  • hangar at main domebase
  • many corridors and rooms
  • massive prison with working carbonite freezer
  • bactatanks that heal
  • admin room
  • canteen
  • barracks


  • hangar with openable/closable blast doors
  • bridge
  • engine room
  • prison cells
  • briefing room
  • VIP barracks
  • barracks
  • big open space in the belly
  • ramp that connects to the Kamino surface


  • Two Gamemodes:
    • Conquest
      As seen in Star Wars The Clone Wars. Get your team to the other side of the citadel. Droids will continue to attack until you either destroyed all of them or captured the glowing rod on top of the garrison.
    • Elimination
      You will face a set number of droids and only end the challenge by destroying them until no spawn tickets are left.
  • Shootingrange with two modes:
    • Range
      Shoot a static target that can be set to a variable distance
    • Reflex
      Whenever you hit a target a new one appears at a different random location
  • Full control:
    Set up the challenge in 7 easy steps:
         1. The Controlroom is accesible trough the left teleporter located behind the admin door
              in the main Kamino Dome (default code :"0000")
         2. Select the amount of Droids
         3. Select the Spawnpoints
         4. Toggle barricades
         5. Activate/Deactivate capture the flag mode
         6. Press the "START/STOP" Button
         7. Press the button on the opposite site to lower the troops.

    You may change the spawnpoint on the fly or stop the challenge by hitting the "START/STOP" Button again


LordTrilobite for some great textures

T0nieTV for the video


Do not copy, reupload, edit or in any other way distribute the content that comes with this map. It is all forbidden by the Steam User Agreement and considert a Copyright infringement.

Tags: Star Wars, Clone Wars, Roleplay, Map, KingPommes, Kamino, Standalone, Acclamtor, SWRP, Performance, Spaceship, Prison, Water, Clones, Military, Planet, Citadel, Challenge, Training, Droids, Bacta, Tanks
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Poorly made map. No Battlefront 2 models.
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whats the map called i cant find it
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so good
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I keep entering the code for the admin room, but the kamino attack options never come up
Tmparro Jan 4, 2018 @ 10:20am 
Textures do not show for me, all I see is errors and missing textures. I downloaded all the requirements. can I get some help with this?