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Steam Auto-Craft Badges
By The Odd Fox and 3 collaborators
Learn how to craft badges very quickly
If you're interested in crafting badges very quickly then please download the user script manager for your preferred browser:

You'll need:
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Installing & Setting Up

Once installing the script manager, please install the script from here[github.com].

Once you've clicked install the window should close and the script will be installed.


To finalize, head on over to your badge section where you craft badges and you'll notice some new buttons.

Click on "Autocraft all badges" to then have all your badges crafted quite quickly.
  • If your "AutoCraft all badges" button is grayed out, all that means is you have no badges to craft.
  • If clicking the "AutoCraft all badges" button repeatedly takes you to the Steam Awards 2019 badge while you don't have the necessary cards, make sure you do not have the Chrome extension "Autocraft Steam Badges"[chrome.google.com] installed.
    This extension is out of date and breaks this script.
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