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Koishi Komeiji
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Koishi Komeiji

Koishi Komeiji, the youkai of the Subconscious from Touhou Project!

Koishi was originally a satori who could read mind of others, but she was hurt by the fear and hatred towards her species. She tried to destroy her mind-reading ability by closing her Third Eye. She lost conscious mind in this process, but got the ability to manipulate subconscious. She could no longer be hated, but neither could she be loved, or even remembered by others. She is now a lovely but dreadful youkai motivated by her nature.

Normal Mode
Health: 135
Hunger: 125
Sanity: 50

Youkai Mode
Health: 270
Hunger: 150
Sanity: 50

Koishi's sanity won't be affected by monsters or darkness.

Koishi has 2 states - Id and Superego. She has different status in each state.
Faster walking speed, attacking speed, and starve rate, higher damage , and more vulnerable.
Slower walking speed and starve rate, normal attacking speed, lower damage, and more damage resistance.

[Body of Youkai]
Koishi will restore 0.5HP/s in Youkai Mode. The buffs in both states will be greater and the debuffs will be smaller.

Subconscious Mechanism
-Koishi gains 0.5san/s in Superego and switches to Id when sanity > 48.
-Koishi loses 0.5san/s in Id and switches to Superego when sanity < 2.
-Koishi'll become invisible in Superego.Her enemies'll quickly forget about her.
-Koishi's Third Eye can switch the state of Koishi. The Eye has a cooldown of 10 seconds.
-Koishi's sanity won't be affected by food.

Pseudo-ego Mechanism
-Koishi has another state: Pseudo-ego. She has very standard stats in this state. She will switch to Superego when sanity < 5, and to Id when sanity > 45.
-Koishi gains 0.2san/s in Superego and switches to Pseudo-ego when sanity > 15.
-Koishi loses 0.2san/s in Id and switches to Pseudo-ego when sanity < 35.
-Koishi's Third Eye can turn on/off her invisibility. Koishi starves much faster than normal when becoming invisible.
-Koishi's sanity will be affected by food.

Dream Sign「Ancestors are Watching You」
Use Koishi's power to make beings around fall asleep and experience nightmares. The non-player entities which can sleep will all fall asleep for 15 seconds, and will gradually experience non-reduceable health loss. If PVP is enabled, players will also fall asleep and lose 150 sanity. However, if they wake up halfway, they will not experience incoming health and sanity loss. This spellcard has 15s CD and can be used 3 times.

「Philosophy of a Hated Person」
Project subconscious fear into Koishi's enemies and make them vulnerable. This forces the enemies to panic for 15 seconds. Meanwhile, they will experience more damage when attacked. The enemies which won't panic will take a larger vulnerability. This spellcard has 15s CD and can be used 2 times.

「Subterranean Rose」
Project Koishi's inner heart to the reality, creating a brambly rose garden around her. This will do huge amounts of damage to enemies around. Bosses in the range will experience an extra health loss. This spellcard has 120s CD and can be used 1 time.

「Stinging Mind」
Koishi summons rose mines around her, but then forgets about them immediately. The mines will become less visible after 3s. Any monster stepping on an mine can activate it, causing an explosion that does 50 (100 in Youkai mode) damage per rose to creatures in the range. Players can also activate mines in PVP mode. This spellcard can be used 2 times.

Response「Youkai Polygraph」
Detect any fluctuation in creatures' mind to destinguish them. Spawn several rose bands around Koishi. Every rose will deal 10 damage/s to monster around (20 in Youkai Mode), and heal 2 HP/s for alliances. This spellcard cannot be casted again when working, and can be used 1 time.

Memory「DNA's Flaw」
Carve the power of subconsiousness into Koishi's actions. Each casting can increase 2% moving speed & damage absorption, and 3% damage bonus.This can be done for 10 times. This spellcard can be used 1 time.

Heart Sign「Selfless Love」
Koishi inverts the subconsciousness in her actions. Turning her to Id setting sanity to 50 if in Superego, and to Superego setting sanity to 0 if in Id.
If Koishi's in Pseudo-ego, she will switch to Id when san > 25. Otherwise she will switch to Superego. This spellcard can be used 4 times.

Koishi releases the power of subconsciousness state, upgrading her ability for 30 seconds.
Release an impact wave, harm enemies around and push them back, and stun them for 4 seconds. Koishi's damage bonus and attacking speed'll increase, but suffers extra damage.
When it ends, summon the wave, harming enemies around and pulling them to Koishi.
Summon an attraction wave, harm enemies around and pull them towards Koishi, and force them to attack Koishi. Koishi'll become invincible, but her damage bonus and attacking speed will decrease.
When it ends, release the wave, harming enemies around and pushing them back.
Summon a shock wave, harm enemies around. Koishi'll have higher damage bonus, attacking speed and damage absorption.
When it ends, summon a shock wave, harm enemies around.

Koishi's Hat: Koishi's favourite hat, seemingly made of something really hard. It can provide 30% (60% in Youkai Mode) damage absorption and is quite waterproof and insulating. It has very high duration. You can also use flints and rocks to fix it. Can be upgraded at Ancient Altar.

Koishi's Knife: A fruit knife that's even bigger than a butcher's knife. It does 40 (65 in Youkai Mode) damage. Koishi can activate her occultism "Mary's Phone" by rightclicking the knife when equiped. This will allow her to strike further, and teleport to the target's back, doubling the damage. This attack will consume 20 hunger (10 in Youkai Mode). Can be upgraded at Ancient Altar.

Koishi's Third Eye: Koishi's noumenon, but somehow becomes detachable after coming to this world. When Koishi's attacked while equiping it, the tentacles will strike back immediately, dealing 40 (80 in Youkai Mode) damage to the attacker, and it can be used by rightclicking. Its use in each mechanism is listed above. Can be upgraded at Ancient Altar.

Blue Rose: A beautiful but delicate flower that shouldn't exist in this world.
When Koishi kills any non-machine entity, it has a small chance to flourish the soil and grow a blue rose nearby. When Koishi kills an epic enemy, its blood will grow 3 blue roses. She will also spawn blue roses periodically when it's fullmoon.
It can be picked, but any picker except Koishi will lose health and sanity. The flower can be eaten to restore 2 health and 2 hunger. It can also be used as ingredients for spellcards of Koishi.

Decorative Roses: These can be decorate your home. They also emit light like fireflies. Decorative roses have different colours and can be crafted by Koishi using a blue rose and a firefly.

-Language: switch between English and Chinese
-Mode: switch between Normal Mode and Youkai Mode. Koishi's status will become imba in Youkai Mode
-Night vision: switch ON/OFF night vision
-Character Mechanism: switch between Subconscious and Ego Mechanism.

Scripts: Hansard
Texture: TimeDicine

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