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FFX: Fast AP
By Evrae
This is a neat little guide to show you how to bridge the gap between Sin and the Dark Aeons in terms of strength without endless hours of grinding while not using mods or anything else, this is all earned in-game.

The purpose is to show you how to get One-Eye in the Monster Arena who drops Triple AP weapons. Using these in Omega Ruins gives you immense amounts of AP that allow you to quickly complete your sphere grid.
Step 1: Nirvana
First you need to get Yuna's Celestial weapon

There are already guides out there how to get it so those who don't have Nirvana yet can use this guide to get Nirvana and the other Celestials if they want:

Sidenote: to certainly be up to par for the farming of One-Eye I recommend taking Yuna to Omega Ruins to get some extra AP farming done. That way your Magus Sisters can easily overpowered One-Eye.
Step 2: The Magus Sisters
As with the Celestial weapons, guides have already been made, for the optional Aeons you can find it here:
Step 3: Catching Monsters
To get One-Eye we need to catch 5 types of Eye-type fiends at least 4 times. The locations are listed here from easy to hardest.

Floating Eye: Mi'ihen Highroad
Buer: Thunder Plains
Evil Eye: Lake Macalania
Ahriman: Mt. Gagazet (cave), Zanarkand, Inside Sin
Floating Death: Omega Ruins

Once you're done go back to the Monster Arena to start farming.
Step 4: Farming One-Eye
Now you can start farming One-Eye for Triple AP weapons

One-Eye is a Species Conquest creature so we go in and get him:

One-Eye has 150.000 HP so two Razzia's are sufficient to finish him off, even if you don't hit 99.999 yet as long as you get to 75.000 minimum you'll be fine.

And presto! Tidus got a Triple AP sword!

Once you're done you can sell the remaining Triple AP weapons you don't need, One-Eye also drops Mage gear that sells for a high price, considering his fight costs 8000 gil you'll be running a profit.

Step 5: AP farming in Omega Ruins
This step is self explanatory: go to Omega Ruins and kill stuff

For comparisson here's the AP I earned from a single Adamantoise

Tidus: Catcher sword, no bonus
Yuna: Nirvana, Double AP bonus
Lulu: Comet Cactuar, Triple AP

You can go even higher by Overkilling enemies giving an additional multiplier on the AP on top of your triple but to do so would require Break Damage Limit, I suggest using Yuna for it.

Additional Tips
Here are some additional tips to help you survive Omega Ruins

Bring certain resistances with you, when venturing out one party member should at least have:

Berserk ward/proof and Confuse ward/proof (against Malboro's)
Stone ward/proof (Demonoliths can Petrify an entire team)

When certain members have difficulties surviving use their block rather than attacking, some enemies counter attack (Demonolith) and can put you in a bad spot. Letting them block counts as a move and gets them AP. Afterwards summon with Yuna and sweep them up = easy overkill.

Have a No-Encounter armor

Quite simple, if you can't go on, slap it on and go back.
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somebodybond Nov 25, 2019 @ 10:29am 
(Note: Initiative is *not* good enough for this; it only lowers the chance of an ambush and raises the chance of a pre-emptive strike, which doesn't work against Great Malboros since they *always* ambush.)

It's also worth bringing in someone with a Gillionaire weapon (Rikku's Godhand has this when fully powered) to end the fight against Mimics, if you aren't killing em via aeon. Mimics drop 50k gil when defeated, and Gillionaire doubles that if someone in the active party at the end of the fight has it equipped.

And of course, capture everything (except the bosses) if you can!
somebodybond Nov 25, 2019 @ 10:29am 
Another good tactic for the Omega Ruins, to deal with Marlboros, is to have someone with a First Strike weapon equipped in your active party whenever you're walking around without No Encounters on. Great Marlboros always ambush (moving first) and always use Bad Breath, but First Strike users get a turn before that. You can use that to Provoke (stopping Bad Breath) or Flee, or swap for Yuna to summon. Auron's celestial weapon has First Strike on it when fully powered, if you don't want to customize it yourself (costs a Return Sphere).
SoundsInsane Sep 16, 2018 @ 2:35am 
This Method is quite Similar, i personally like my Uncle's AP Farm way
Using Triple AP, Comerade Mode, Auto-Pheonix, and Double or Triple Overdrive AND MOST IMPRORTANT "Overdrive to AP"
Than all Ya Need is that Which Cause up to 99,999dmg from ye old Horror of the Cactuar King, and have some good Agility, but the Auto-Pheonix will keep ya in check. so what ya do, is Let the Cactuar whail on ya, doing 99,999dmg, your Overdrive will turn it into AP, and max your Level to 99 in several deaths...