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Breach (Original, outdated)
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Breach (Original, outdated)


Current gamemode version: 2017-04-15
Current stable map version: 2017-01-07 (Diffrent map versions can break the gamemode)
Link for the required items
Old version of the gamemode
We have a steam group for announcements and events: check it out here.
If you want to talk with other people from the community, we have a discord server:

Convars and commands: Read before playing!

Breach is a gamemode based on SCP-Containment Breach.
It's multiplayer, you need 2 players to start the round.
If you are new to SCP, you will probably have a problem understanding everything in this gamemode, its pretty complicated.
I recommend you read all of these informations below before playing.
There are diffrent round types that change how the game works.
If you want to see all roundtypes click here.
If you want to discuss about the gamemode, get announcements about the gamemode join our group

There are diffrent roles in this gamemode:
1. Class D
Class Ds are most common roles, as a Class D you have to ecape the facility.
You start with nothing, you have to find keycards to go deeper into the facility.
You can be peacefull to others but SCPs, MTFs and Researchers will try to kill you.
There are spies in MTF, their objective is to capture you and escort to the helipad.
2. MTF Commander and MTF Guards
MTF Commander have to give commands to MTF Guards.
MTF have to kill every Class D they see.
They have to escort every Researcher to the helipad.
They can kill SCPs but they don't have to.
3. Chaos Insurgency
As a Chaos Insurgency Member you have to kill all MTF Members and escort every Class D.
You can be a spy that have to do this discretly.
4. Researchers
As a researcher you have to escape the facility or get escorted by MTF.
You can kill Class Ds and SCPs but you don't have to.
5. SCPs
As an SCP you have to kill everyone.
There are 3 types of SCPs currently in the gamemode:
When someone is looking at you, you can't move.
You have a special ability, if you click RMB you blind everyone around you.
When you attack someone, they will be teleported to your pocket dimension.
They can get out of it but its very hard.
When you attack someone, they will get infected and they will become SCP-049-2.
They will be zombies that will help you infecting more people.
You are always burning, if you are close enough to someone you will burn them.
457 is very powerfull when attacking a group of people.
You are invisible, you disorient every human that is near you.
Very good when cooperating with other SCPs

There are many items that can be found in this gamemode:
Keycards are needed to open certain doors
You can find keycards with levels 1-5 and keycard omni.
S-Nav 300 is a navigator that can help you find the way around
-SNAV Ultimate
S-Nav Ultimate is a navigator that can find items and enemies.
With a radio you can communicate with other people from long distances.
With a crowbar you can destroy windows or defend from enemies.
Eyedrops are very usefull with SCP-173, if you use them you won't blink for 5 seconds.
Medkit is usefull when you are injured or your teammate is injured.
You can heal yourself by clicking LMB and heal others by clicking RMB.
Night Vision Goggles are used to see SCP-966 or to make the vision brighter.
-Camera Viewer
Camera Vierwer is a tool to see around the facility, used by MTF
There are 5 types of armors: MTF Guard armor, MTF Commander Armor, NTF Armor, CI Armor and Fireproof armor
All of these are bulletproof and will reduce damage taken by 15%
Fireproof armor is diffrent, it reduces damage from fire by 25%

Server List
If you want to play with other people, here is the server list of featured servers!

If I saw that you play very good and you deserve a medal, I will add you on:
Breach's Hall of fame

If you want to play this gamemode:
1. Download every required addon.
2. Download the gamemode.
3. Go to GMOD, click the gamemode list on the right bottom.
4. Choose "Breach".
5. Start a game using the map "gm_site19".
6. Get another player and the round will start.

Problems and suggestions
If you have any problems with the gamemode, post them here.
If you want to suggest something that I should add, post here.

If you would like to help supporting this gamemode, think of donating to us, it helps a lot!

Konami Kode - 60$
[LB]Ripper - 20$
MurlockOnlineGaming - 15$
Riddick - 10$
Vilusia - 5$
Trippz - 3$
Robert Makłowicz - 0$

Beta testers & helpers
Robert Makłowicz

All sounds, materials and models are taken from SCP Containment Breach made by Undertow Games
Gamemode is made by Kanade
Logo is made by Yoyo
French translation of the gamemode was made by NEAX.
Russian translation of the gamemode was mady by Miha16191.
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