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Dedicated Server Setup
By Lagosaurus
An in-depth look at the initial setup and configuration of a Conan Exiles dedicated server.
This guide will cover all of the steps required to get your very own Conan Exiles server up and running. I will periodically update the guide with new information regarding configuration options as they are discovered. If you notice any errors, drop me a line in the comments and I'll get them fixed as soon as possible.
SteamCMD Setup and Usage
  1. Download SteamCMD to fetch the dedicated server files with. It is available for direct download at the link below.

    SteamCMD Download

  2. Once the download is finished, extract the contents into its own folder. To do so, you can use either 7zip[]or WinRAR[]

  3. Go into the newly created steamcmd folder and create a new text document named ConanUpdater.bat

  4. Open up ConanUpdater.bat with your preferred text editor and paste the following:
    @echo off start "" steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir "C:\Path\To\Conan\Server" +app_update 443030 +quit

    What this batch file does is:
    • login to the steam servers anonymously
    • sets the destination folder
    • checks the files in the folder against the ones on Steam
    • downloads any missing or outdated files
    • verifies that the files are correct
    • exits

    Make sure to replace "C:\Path\To\Conan\Server" with the destination that you want to download the server to, ie: "C:\ConanServer".

  5. Run our newly created ConanUpdater.bat. SteamCMD will automatically begin downloading all of the necessary files for us and you can monitor the process in the newly opened terminal. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on your download speed.

  6. Once the download has completed, you can continue on to the next section.
Initial Server Setup
  1. Go into the folder that you downloaded the Conan Exiles server to. (C:\ConanServer if you used the example in the guide)

  2. Create a new text document named ConanServer.bat

  3. Open up ConanServer.bat with your preferred text editor and paste the following:

    start ConanSandboxServer.exe -log

    This lets the batch script know that we want to start the file ConanSandboxServer.exe with the argument log.

    This will be our baseline script that simply starts the server, displays server events in a terminal, and saves the server logs to a file in C:\ConanServer\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs.

  4. Run ConanServer.bat.

    Now that we have run the server for the first time, configuration files will have been generated in C:\ConanServer\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\.

  5. Once the server has fully booted, go ahead and close the terminal. This will stop the server so that we can get everything configured.
Server Configuration
If the section (ie: [OnlineSubsystemSteam]) or the variable (ServerName) is missing from your configuration file, you will need to add it. Keep in mind that variables will need to be under the correct section. For example, the ServerName variable needs to be in the [OnlineSubsystemSteam] section.

It should look like this:

[OnlineSubsystemSteam] ServerName=My Server



ServerName=My Server
Sets the name that will be displayed in the server list.
Sets the server password that will need to be entered to join the server. Leave blank for no password.
Maximum time in seconds that the server will be allotted to boot. Be sure to increase this value on servers with weak hardware or large databases.
Sets the query port for Steam matchmaking. Same as setting -QueryPort in the command line.


Sets the game server port.
Sets the peer port for the game server.


Sets the maximum tick rate (update rate) for the server.

WARNING: High values can cause unwanted behavior.



Sets the maximum number of players.



Sets the administrative password for the server. This will grant players administrative rights when used from the settings menu in-game.
Sets the maximum nudity level allowed on the server. (0=None, 1=Partial, 2=Full)
Enables/disables Blitz mode. (accelerated progression)
Enables/disables PvP on the server.
Sets the server's region. (0=EU, 1=NA, 2=Asia)
Sets the server's play style (0=None, 1=Purist, 2=Relaxed, 3=Hard Core, 4=Role Playing, 5=Experimental)
Enables/disables BattlEye protection for the server.

Command Line Arguments

Command line arguments are added directly to your server batch file. For example, your batch file would look like this if you wanted to use both options:

start ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -MULTIHOME=192.168.1.x -QueryPort=27016

Sets the query port for Steam matchmaking.

IMPORTANT! It is required to set QueryPort to something other than 27015 if you are playing on the same computer that you are hosting on.
Sets the network interface. Set this to your local IP address.

You can find your local IP by opening a command prompt and entering ipconfig into it. The IPv4 address returned is your local IP.

IMPORTANT! It is required to set MULTIHOME to your local IP if you want to be able to connect to the server from LAN.
Prevents the tier0_s64.dll error messages on startup.
Port Forwarding
These are the ports that you will need to open in your router. Keep in mind that these are the default ports, so if you changed a port in the config files you will need to forward that port as well.

You can check whether or not your ports are open using the NightlyDev tool.[] Be sure to set the transport protocol to UDP.

Game Server
  • UDP 7777 (default game server port)
  • UDP 7778 (default game server peer port)
  • UDP 27015 (default query port)

  • *Awaiting Implementation*
Admin Commands
Grants admin permissions.
Removes admin permissions.
Teleports the specified player to your location.
x y z
Teleports yourself to the specified coordinates.
ItemID Quantity
Spawns the specified item in the specified quantity.
Spectate the specified player remotely.
Toggles godmode.
Toggles fly.
Toggles noclip.
Displays ping, player count, and SFPS in the top right corner of the screen.

Displays player coordinates in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Opens a small window containing your coordinates.

You can copy them with Ctrl+C for use with TeleportPlayer.
If you're having an issue that isn't described here, leave a comment and I'll post a fix.

My server isn't showing up in the server browser!

There are a couple of potential causes for this:

  • Make sure that your ports are correctly forwarded. If the Steam server can't reach your QueryPort, it won't be able to list your server.

    Use NightlyDev[] with transport protocol set to UDP to test your ports.

  • Make sure that your ports aren't already in use by another server. The default ports are used by a number of other servers that utilize Steam matchmaking.

I can't connect to my own (locally hosted) server!

This applies to both yourself and anyone trying to connect from your network.

  • Set the -MULTIHOME argument.

  • Use a non-default QueryPort.

  • Connect via LAN in the Steam server browser. (Steam -> View -> Servers -> LAN)

  • Try connecting with LocalTravel via the in-game console. You will have to use your local IP, ie: LocalTravel 192.168.x.x ( will not work.)

My server settings aren't saving!

Make sure that you are changing your settings in the correct location. You can find a list of common settings and their config files in the Server Configuration section.

If your settings are disappearing from Engine.ini or Game.ini, try setting the files to "read only" under properties.

My settings disappear when I update!

The server configuration files are now functioning properly. If you are still making changes in the DefaultEngine.ini or DefaultGame.ini files, please switch to Game.ini and Engine.ini.

How do I transfer my save to a new server!?

Transferring your world to a new server is as simple as copying over game.db from ConanSandbox\Saved.

If enough interest is shown, I'll update the guide with various ways to prune the database. This is useful for when you want to save player data (stats/levels/recipes) but start a fresh world.

My server keeps crashing!

The most likely cause of server crashes is database corruption. If you're experiencing frequent crashes, be sure to run the CheckGameDB.bat file that is now bundled with the server. It can be found in ConanSandbox\Saved alongside your game.db file.

I get an error message when I start my server!

The following error message is due to Steam running while the server is booting. Simply add the following parameter to your startup batch file:

Error Message:
The procedure entry point ?IsAlive@CThread@@QEBA_NXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0_s64.dll.
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