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DOD:S weapons on TFA
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DOD:S weapons on TFA

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Long time no see.

These are all on c_hands and all weapons with scopes use rt scopes. Many of the weapons have attachments.

I'll probably upload extra packs to add onto this at a later time.

TFA's base is required. Nothing will work without it

Weapons include:
M1 Bazooka
M1 Carbine
M1A1 Carbine (Paratrooper variant)
M2 Carbine (Has M1 sniperscope and 30 round magazine as attachments)
US Frag grenade
M1 Garand (Has tanker barrel and scope attachment)
T20 Garand on Arby26's animations (Experimental M1 Garand variant that could use BAR magazines)
M1 Garand with grenade launcher attachment
Kar98K (Short barrel variant as attachment)
Kar98K Scoped
Kar98K with grenade launcher attachment
M1A1 Thompson (Has suppressor and folding stock as attachments) (Can melee)
M1928A1 Thompson on Cele's animations (Has M1919 conversion as attachment) (Can melee
M1903 Springfield
M1918 BAR (Has bipod as attachment)
M1919 (Has T33 conversion as attachment)
Smoke grenades for Germans and the U.S.
Trench knife.

If you have any problems just make comment, you don't need to add me for a simple problem.


Valve - Basically everything
Arby26 - T20 Garand animations
Cele - M1928 animations


Q: Does this require DOD:S?
A: No

Q: Can I add you?
A: Comment why you want to first, then I'll add you.

Q: Can you make a (insert thing here)?
A: No, but I'm open to suggestions.

Q: How do the bipods work?
A: Since as of this time TFA doesn't have a bipod system, you'll get a massive recoil reduction when crouching.

Q: My game crashes when I use the scoped rifles, help?
A: Do a clean reinstall of gmod, I don't think the issue is with the sweps or TFA base.

Q: Where can I spawn more ammo?
A: There is a ammo kit you can spawn in entities that will give you ammo for all weapons. I'll add a better system later.
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Alpha wolf Mar 23 @ 3:59pm 
hey can u fix the props detaching from frozen position when the explosive hits it?
forbidden cheezit Dec 29, 2023 @ 7:32pm 
10/10 no problems.
[] ƒjøx Nov 16, 2023 @ 8:44am 
Weapons suck in comparison to the original. i especialy hate what they did to the mg42 LIKE BRUH WHY SO LITTLE AMO PER MAG
coolguyVicasso Aug 29, 2023 @ 8:29pm 
No sound, and errors, I have TFA base and DODS mounted
DFO Jul 24, 2023 @ 10:13pm 
Any fix for missing texture in the scope glass?
Super Civertron May 13, 2023 @ 12:20pm 
A mi no me sirve ¿alguien me ayuda?
mackkings Apr 11, 2023 @ 2:09am 
and thompson its 30 not 20
mackkings Apr 11, 2023 @ 2:09am 
why are the sounds are from csgo and mauser has 15 not 20
Almighty982 Feb 17, 2023 @ 5:02pm 
both Thompsons have missing textures, which model did you use?
MAX Feb 8, 2023 @ 3:33pm 
you are a god.