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CLAZER basics is for non-shooters that want to learn how to shoot better and for beginning and experienced shooters that are non-gamers that want to use VR to learn how to shoot better and to practice their shooting when they are away from the range or the field.
CLAZER Shotgun Shooting Simulator Index
  • Home Page
  • User Interface
  • Play/ Pause
  • Stations Positions
  • Phantom Clay On/Off
  • Singles Doubles
  • Eye Dominance Selection
  • Gun Option/ Reticle Option
  • Game Modes
  • Practice
  • Teach
  • Compete

Skeet Specific
  • Tower selection
  • Station selection
  • Station 8

Trap Specific Controls
  • Singles/ Doubles/ Left/Right/Center
  • Angle of throw
  • Shooing Distance

Sporting Clays Controls
  • Machine selection
CLAZER Introduction
CLAZER[] is the world's first patented virtual reality shooting simulator. It was developed by Lead Tech Llc []to teach beginning shooters how to shoot skeet, trap and sporting clays and to enable experienced shooters to practice away from the gun range. It is presented in an easily accessible, intuitive, totally immersive form that is fun to play as a game.

If you have shot skeet, trap or sporting clays, CLAZER will seem like you are at the range[http//http]. CLAZER PRO has three modes - Practice, Teach and Competition. If you are just learning how to shoot a shotgun properly - CLAZER is the best place to start - because you will not only see the correct lead on each shot, you will see where you miss - until you stop missing !

When practicing with CLAZER, we'd encourage to treat the virtual gun like a real gun - no horseplay and no aiming at anyone - and finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot - practice virtual gun safety just like you would in the field or at the range.

Though sold as a game, CLAZER was built as a realistic shooting simulator that is the least costly, most efficient way ever invented to learn how to shoot moving objects effectively.

However, if you primarily want to blast the Zombies of Waankervort with lasers in outer space for free, there are other options available to you and godspeed.

CLAZER Home Page
Home Page in CLAZER PRO has three game options - Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays - shoot one to enter.

Before you do, put the goggles near the ground and turn them around to see the level of detail in the grass - find some frogs in the mud, look straight up in the sky. A whole lotta information in that field . . . to give you a preview of the level of detail in the games

CLAZER User Interface
The User Interface is actuated by shooting the icon - which actuates the laser pointer.

The FAQ "?" icon is on the right of each game's User Interface. Shoot that first

Play /Pause
Play /Pause button - will stay in Play mode during the Practice Mode (which is the default) and in Teach Mode - meaning you will continue to get clays thrown - no "Pull" command needed. If you miss one, they are like trains or buses, another one will be along any second !

In Competition Mode - you will be transported from one station to the next and the Play button will go gray when it is ready to throw. If you have not competed in skeet, trap or sporting clays,[] you might want to watch a video to brush up on the rules so that you know what to expect.

Shooting Stations
The Shooting Stations are shown in each games in the middle of the User Interface as squares in the same layout as at the shooting range. They are not numbered, but Station 1 is to the left in each game - just like the range. Look down at your feet and stand on the stone station maker.

Get in the proper shooting stance - hit play and get ready to crack virtual clay.

Phantom Clay On/Off
The Phantom Clay appears as a green edge to the orange clay, when the orange clay is clicked, the green Phantom Clay is turned off. In Practice Mode (the default mode) the Phantom Clay is on. The patented Phantom Clay shows the correct lead - where the shot string intercepts the clay - in each shot. Practice with the Phantom on and memorize how far in front it is from the real clay. When you get proficient at one station, try turning the Phantom off. Repeat until you have mastered that trajectory.

The correct lead (pronounced "leed") is a function of the intercept area of the trajectory and speed of the target and of the shotgun pellets. LeadTech has calculated the correct lead for each trajectory usual empirical shot dispersions []out to 70 yards and actual shot ballistics.[http//http]

All of the clay trajectories are taken from videos of actual skeet, trap and sporting clay ranges. The sporting clay trajectories were derived from drone videos[http//http] of a clays course in San Antonio.

No matter what style of lead you use - if the gun is pointed at that Phantom Clay when the shot leaves the muzzle, you will bust some clays.

Singles / Doubles (Pairs)
Each game will throw singles or doubles (pairs)

Skeet - laser shoot the High Tower icon and the Low Tower icon (the rectangular bars on the left of the User Interface) to get both of them on and throwing a pair. In Comp Mode, you will get the pair automatically - be ready, and if you have not shot skeet doubles before, watch a video first.

Trap - doubles are accessed by clicking the Trident icon until you get two clays (on the left and right fork of the trident). If you have not shot doubles in trap, watch a how-to video first. [https//https]

Sporting Clays - to get a pair, click both the side-by-side orange clays in the User Interface. The next machine to throw will light up on the clock face before it throws.Check out a video if you have not shot doubles before. [https//https]



Five Stand
Eye Dominance
Since VR uses binocular vision (two lenses/ two scenes) for a 3D effect, you will need to determine which eye is dominant [http//which+eye+is+dominant]if you are using an Xbox controller and chose the gun (as opposed to a reticle - cross hairs). (If you are using a hand controller, just hold the gun up to your dominant eye.)

Gun Option / Reticle
If you use the HTC Vive controller, or the Oculus Rift Touch controllers in CLAZER PRO, you are going to get a very nice replica of a 12 gauge over under shotgun (that may look a whole lot like a Beretta 686). If you are playing with an Xbox, you may get a reticle (cross hairs) at the Point of Aim (POI).

CLAZER Game Modes
Practice Mode - throws clays with Phantom Clay (which can be turned off) continuously

Teach Mode - shows where you missed with an X at the point of impact (at same distance as clay)

Competition Mode - takes player through a round
Practice Mode and Pattern Boards
Practice Mode is the default mode in all games. It is turned on via the Play button and stopped via the Pause button.

Practice Mode defaults to Phantom Clay on - to show you where the correct lead is. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can turn the Phantom off and continue to Practice without it

Practice Mode throws clay continuously . . . . so that you can practice - no need to call "Pull"

Practice Mode works from any station - and any machine - that you select.

Remember - practice makes permanent - so practice correct foot position, correct look and hold points and correct body movement. Check out a tutorial video first. [http//Check+out+a+tutorial+video+first.]

Before you start Practice Mode, look behind you and shoot the pattern boards (bulls eyes) to see how your gun is patterning. CLAZER shoots flat - 50/50 - with 50% of the pellets above the line of sight and 50% below.

For skeet shooting pointers, check out these videos [http//hhttps]

For trap instructions, check out these videos.

To learn each type of sporting clays shot - watch some instructional videos online
Teach Mode
Teach Mode (CLAZER PRO) shows you the point of impact of when/ where you miss with an X marks the spot and a momentarily freeze of the gun avatar. The "X" appears at the same distance as the trajectory of the clay - if your miss is near the clay. If you are way off - it will appear at the point of impact (the ground, a tree, a frog, a building) or at about 50 yards out.

Teach Mode icon in the User Interface is the instructor standing at the board with a pointer teaching (get it ?)

Once you have muscle memory of the shot, turn Teach Mode off. The trick is to memorize how much lead is necessary - with the Phantom Clay on - then practice in Teach Mode.

For skeet shooting pointers, check out these videos [http//hhttps]

For trap instructions, check out these videos.

To learn each type of sporting clays shot - watch some instructional videos online

When you go to the range, we recommend that you reinforce your skills with a ShotKam. [] from my pal David Stewart
Compete Mode
Compete Mode in CLAZER PRO is the icon to the right on the user interface that looks like a score card, because that's what it is.

When you opt into Compete Mode you will play a round of skeet, trap, or sporting clays in accordance with the (US) rules. It might help to learn those rules[] once you become proficient.

As you progress from station to station, you can pull up the Score Card by clicking on the gray icon above the Compete Mode icon. When done competing, click the Compete Mode to go back to the game's home page.

For skeet shooting pointers, check out these videos [http//hhttps]

For trap instructions, check out these videos.

To learn each type of sporting clays shot - watch some instructional videos online
Skeet Specific
Skeet Specific features include the choice of tower - low or high tower - station selection and the fact that Station 8 has no Phantom Lead - since there is no lead at that station !
Skeet Tower Selections
Laser or shoot the High Tower rectangular icon for throws from the High Tower to left of scene

Or the Low Tower icon to the right of scene

Or both High and Low Towers for simultaneous doubles

Just like at the range, since the clays are based on videos from a skeet range with correct dimensions, speeds, trajectories etc.

Skeet Station Selection
Skeet Station icon is the semi-circle of squares - Stations 1 - 7 with Station 8 at the top center

Click one to move to it - then toggle yourself around until you are facing the motion trackers

Skeet Station 8
Skeet Station 8 has not Phantom Lead shown because there is no lead, it flies right past your head - you just look at the clay and shoot it. If you miss, turn Teach Mode on to see where your point of impact is.

Once you get the hang of it, Station 8 is easy.

Trap Shooting Specific Controls
Trap Shooting has three unique User Interface functions

Left / Right/ Center/ Single/ Doubles Trident

Laser shoot it to get clays from Left, or Center, or Right, either Singles (one clay at end of fork) or Doubles (two clays showing).

If the entire Trident is lit up, that means that it will throw clays in random directions

Angle of Throw - changes the angle of the left / right clays from 57 degrees max to max 90 degrees

Shooting Distance [/b]- the station can vary from the closet 16 yards to the "handicap" of 27 yards [http//closet+16+yards+to+the+%26quot%3Bhandicap%26quot%3B+of+27+yards]
Sporting Clays Machine Selection
Sporting Clay machine locations are shown as a clock face on User Interface

Actuate each machine and see the clay's trajectory (remember to look behind you)

Try the pattern boards to see if your POA is correct

Then shoot practice on each machine before you set it on "R" random

When on Random, the next machine to throw will light up on the clock face

Doubles actuation is the pair of orange clays - click one for single, both for a pair

If you are running CLAZER PRO you should be able to dramatically enhance the resolution of Clazer by boosting supersampling to 2.0 without frame rate degradation.

Using the Vive, that option is on your left hand controller, menu button.

Using Oculus Touch, that option is on your left hand controller, menu button.
jakob Dec 18, 2021 @ 6:12am 
How do I know if I am running Clazer Pro? Just subscribed to Clazer in Steam. No Pro option. If I am, how do I enable Supersampling on Valve Index?
Kolarman May 7, 2018 @ 5:25pm 
I'm waiting for my HTC headset to arrive but in the mean time can I play without the headset? When I start the game all I'm getting is a nigh time scene, I can shoot and reload but I cant seem to do anything else. I'd like to shoot skeet so how do I do that?
LeadTech  [author] Jan 6, 2017 @ 2:43pm 
Extraordinarily helpful ! :steamhappy: