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Ambient Sounds Tuner 2.0
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Dec 15, 2016 @ 4:02am
Mar 11, 2018 @ 2:26pm
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Ambient Sounds Tuner 2.0

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Tune your ambient sounds volumes individually

This mod is a fixed version of original Ambient Sounds Tuner mod. Read description there. In particular, you may be interested in how to create a sound pack[]

You MUST unsubscribe original Ambient Sounds Tuner before using this mod! Even if sound packs require you to be subscribed to original version!

This version should be compatible with all exisiting sound packs, although I only tested it with The Metropolitan Sounds Pack and it worked without issues for me.

Don't forget that to be able to use sound packs you must enable this mod and sound packs in Content Manager. You must restart the game after enabling a sound pack for the first time to be able to select it in AST's settings.

If some sounds disappear, try to zoom out camera to max distance, then wait for few seconds, switch sound pack to default and back to your preffered pack in mod's options. Some sound pack may have their own issues. Please don't complain here!

- original Ambient Sounds Tuner (obviously)
- maybe (test yourself!) some other mods that change ambient sounds in some way (although I haven't tested myself yet)
- maybe (test yourself!) ARIS mod pack (remove cows, remove seagulls, etc. - again, I haven't tested that myself yet)

Latest update:
UPDATE 2.1.0
Added: Added support for tram sounds ('Trams' and 'Tram Arrivals')

This mod uses awesome detours C# library[] by cope. Without it, this mod would've been impossible to make.

Feel free to comment.

GitHub link[]

Note: if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don't paste them or output_log.txt into comments. Use pastebin, dropbox or whatever.

If you like this mod and/or want to support me you can donate here:
You don't have a PayPal account? You can use link in 'Don't have a PayPal account?' section at the bottom of donation page to donate using your credit card information.
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Fox122 10 hours ago 
@Syphon Faraday just have spotify going in the background, that's what I do and have the in game music off
Lusankya Apr 18 @ 2:46pm 
bloody penguin is still active, they posted on the elevated stops 2 comments. maybe this will be updated too.
Glam_Helen Apr 10 @ 3:47pm 
@Syphon Faraday There is an awesome MOD for playing music packs or your own >>> CSL Music Mod

@Delta06 I know for most this MOD is causing issues. I don't BloodyPenguin is updating or even in the CS community any longer. Not 100% BUT there is hope! There is a MODDER that is updating/adding to/fixing these abandoned MODS/Assets and re-uploading them. I believe this one is on his list. :steamhappy:
Delta06 Apr 1 @ 4:05pm 
Um..I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but it seems that the Sound Tuner is causing my game to crash which is really unfortunately cause I used the Sound of Japan addon and really like this mod. But it's been awhile since this one has been updated and there's no other Ambient Sound Tuners mods for this game.
Syphon Faraday Mar 19 @ 9:58pm 
Hello BloodyPenguin.
Can you make a mod that allow people to play local music??
I wanna listen to my favourite music.
This is possible in many many games but haven't seen it in Cities Skylines.
Thank you very much.
ValskraaCapo Feb 15 @ 3:07am 
We need another modder to take care of this mod
Ehd Feb 12 @ 7:12am 
I noticed that indeed ambient sound tuner is somehow impacting on the FPS quite a lot =S we definitely need an update =S
Krisi (Callie's Lover) Feb 6 @ 2:13pm 
Jeez guys. The mod hasn't been updated in nearly 3 years, I doubt there will be any more updates.
ROSALAND Feb 5 @ 9:17am 
@^sins_gaymer^ I hope to read your article about FPS killers.
Dying Jan 15 @ 11:25pm 
What about a "lite" version, where we just can change the ambulance, fire truck and police sound?