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Here There Be Monsters
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Here There Be Monsters

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"Monsters are tragic beings.  They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy.  They are not evil by choice.  That is their tragedy."
--Ishiro Honda

The Sea of Ghosts, they call it.  An emptiness of ice and fog, lifeless and haunted.  But the icy depths hide horrors even the Dragonborn has never faced.  Legends tell of the beasts that dwell in the deep.  Creatures that have slept for centuries beneath the ice.  Monsters of such immensity, that even the dragons fear them.  And now, like the dragons, the monsters have awoken...

Got some love on Gamespot's "Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week."  Thanks, everyone!

*Also available on Nexus.*


This mod adds nine massive boss monsters that prowl the Ghost sea.  They are based off of various world myths regarding sea monsters.  There are also three ship captains and an expert monster hunter for hire.  Asking around the coastal cities will lead you on a quest that will pit you against the terrors of the deep.  Keep an ear out around the docks and go from there.
Get set for an epic hunt!

*Spoilers ahead, if you want to be surprised...*
I realize that starting the quest isn't overly straightforward, so if you're having trouble, here:
The quest triggers the first time you walk into one of the coastal taverns.  You will get a message box informing you that you hear some sailors talking about monsters.  After that, talk to a tattered survivor down on the docks.  There are three survivors, one each on the docks in Dawnstar, Solitude, and Windhelm.  They will tell you a story and the quest will begin, telling you to talk to sea captains.  The sea captains are in the taverns.  Only the sea captain in Dawnstar, Captain Gamli, will advance the quest at first.  He will send you to kill Jormungandr, then you return to him and he will send you to Ghoragdag.  Ghoragdag will send you to kill the Leviathan.  Then she sends you to Guomundr, who sends you to kill Iku-Turso.  It is there that you will meet The Hunter camped out on the same island as the Serpent Stone, which begins a second, separate quest (Or you can also talk to him on his ship in Dawnstar after killing Iku-Turso).  From there The Hunter will follow you and is always the quest giver.  I wouldn't recommend killing the monsters out of order, unless you just don't want to deal with the quest at all.  All four main characters can be followers.
*End Spoilers*


-An epic, fully-voiced quest to rid the sea of giant monsters.
-9 monsters, each with a unique lair.
-3 ship captains for hire.
-1 expert monster hunter for hire.
-Unique spells that let you summon monster spawn.
-A monster hunter's ship that can be used as a player home.
-The Eye of Óðinn, an enchanted eyepatch with a constant detect life enchantment.
-Custom armor and weapons that can be forged from the remains of the monsters you kill.


-Giant monsters tend to glitch a bit.  I've tried to optimize their size and environment to help this, but a little weirdness is inevitable with creatures this size.
-The Curruid sometime causes massive FPS drop; I'm not sure why.  Something in the way Chaurus are animated, I believe.
-Jormungandr is still about 70 feet in the air, so he's a bit hard to fight.  I made it so he can swim, so sometimes he will sink into the water where you can get at him a little more easily.  This is just the nature of the Ice Wraith.
-Leviathan has a tendency to get stuck down deep and not chase the player.  You have to coax him to the surface to get a shot at him.  My favorite strategy is to locate him in the water beneath you and Fus! him to the surface so you can fight him.
-The area where Jormungandr originally was (due north of Icewater Jetty) has become corrupt because I messed up the Navmeshes. Jormungandr has been moved to a new area north of Ophan's Tear, and there is no reason to go to the corrupted area. I'm looking into fixing the meshes, but it's an involved process that I haven't had time for yet. Sorry if this causes problems.
-There is an item called the Chaos Shield that can sometimes cause a CTD.  It uses the lightning effect from a Storm Atronach, and for some reason the game doesn't like that.

Quest Stage Fixes

If you kill a monster out of order, is *should* simply update the quest to that point in the quest, but things might get messed up, so here are the quest IDs in case you need to use some console trickery: 
HTBM01 - "Here There Be Monsters"
HTBM02 - "Hunter of Monsters"
Just use getstage [quest id] to get your current quest and setstage [quest id] XXX to set it to the next stage (Just keep adding five until it completes what you need it to.) 
Alternatively, if you killed a monster before you were supposed to, just use the "resurrect" command in the console and kill him again, that should trigger it. 
I'll keep working on contingencies to keep these problems from happening but this should help if you get stuck. Or you can always just reload and do it again.

***DISCLAIMER (Since apparently this is a difficult thing for some of you.)***

The Hunter is the main character in this mod. He is essential for the quests and the story that they tell. As such, the mod will make him follow you through most of the quest. He should stop following you after the quest is completed. Please do not murder him, or disable him, or otherwise get rid of him. The quest makes no sense without him, just let him follow you. Thank you.


See Nexus for full file credits:

The Here There Be Monsters Saga

Here There Be Monsters

Here There Be Monsters - Sign of Cipactli

Here There Be Monsters - Call of Cthulhu


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gypsyblackmore 6 hours ago 
I have a game breaking issue I am on hunter of monsters i"ve killed the kraken but as soon as i attack it"s soul it"s spirit disappeared and no it did not clip under the ground if it did i would be seeing it with my detect life or detect dead it"s not even dead and turned to ash it"s just gone and the quest marker is still there
Tannerted Aug 25, 2019 @ 11:19am 
Cant load into any saves, the game closes. gonna try it from nexus
♠Savage-Benchpress♠ Aug 21, 2019 @ 8:11pm 
the hunter won't stop following me
Saltness Jul 29, 2019 @ 2:54pm 
Invisible ships and sometimes enemies and can't find a fix
Validor Jul 14, 2019 @ 9:21am 
managed to kill karkinos (the giant crab) but The hunter has just disappeared (didn't took him with me on the hunt)

i can't even spawn him with console commands
Nooch (penis gaming) Jul 5, 2019 @ 2:03am 
how do i start the quest? not sure what you mean by coastal taverns. ive gone to most inns and taverns in skyrim and nothing happened. do i have to be a certain level or?
Araanim  [author] May 30, 2019 @ 1:50pm 

Hmm, the map marker isn't pointing to her somewhere?

Try opening the console and typing "help tiamat" to get her ID. You'll have to pick the right one (probably the second one) and spawn her.

........I don't *think* that will break anything later? It might be better just to re-load and kill Phorcys again.
Ta'veren May 30, 2019 @ 10:20am 
{Spoilers} After killing Phorycs the spirit that was supposed to spawn didn't, so if there is anyway you could help with this it would be much appreciated.
piemad014 May 3, 2019 @ 4:31pm 
ok thanks
Araanim  [author] May 1, 2019 @ 5:44am 
@piemad014 Thanks! The eating thing is kind of impossible. It would require both custom animations for each type of creature, and custom kill-cam sequences, both of which are far beyond my expertise. Jormungandr should be able to do it, since he's technically a dragon, but that's the only one.