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The Dodo's Berserker Guide
By Dodo la Saumure and 1 collaborators
Hi, this guide was made long ago and has been updated until some issues in our lives came and that TWI (the devs) disappointed us. So, with the time, energy and will away, we decided not to continue updating our guides (It's maybe not permanent). That being said, some info are still relevant. Have a nice read if you do read the guide. Last update: 3 December 2017 on the [V1.057]
Hello and welcome to my perk guide! Today let's take a look at a perk that isn't afraid to charge into the front of the enemy: the Berserker.

Built as a tank and using homemade tools, this perk has become one of the most popular and essential classes in the game.

Your job: Kill the enemy before he has a chance to hurt one of your teammates. This means that sometimes you'll have to take a bullet for your team (figure of speech). You are the shield of your team, a tank, so don't be afraid to take damage for your teammates. Learn your limits, stay close to your mates, and unleash your Berserker Rage.
Perk Weapons
Tier 0: The Knife

The Lawn Mower Blade is the Berserker's version of the knife that all perks start with. It isn't technically a Berserker weapon, but it benefits from the bonuses and skills of the Berserker tree, so I'll include it in this guide. The Knife's damage and usefulness is nothing compared to your starting tier 1 weapon (Crovel), but it is much faster. It's quick and strong enough to decap all trash zeds, and until you reach level 10, I recommend that you mostly use your knife instead of the crovel for the early waves. However, once you reach level 10 you unlock skills that increase your melee speed and I recommend you start using the crovel and never look back. Especially since the knife is pretty much useless for parrying since it doesn't mitigate any more damage than a regular block and also can't stumble most zeds with a parry either.

If you started the game as a different perk and then switch to Berserker, you will have that original perk's knife instead of the Lawn Mower Blade. For example, if you started the game as a Medic and then switched to Berserker, your grenades will change but you will still be carrying the Medic's Scalpal. While it may look different, all the perks' knives are statistically the same and all the bonuses and skills apply to off-perk knives.

Fast Stats
Light Attack: 32
Hard Attack: 64
Bash: 15
Block Reduction Damage: 20%
Parry Reduction Damage: 20%

Let's move into your real Berserker weapon : The Crovel

Combined with good attack speed and a reasonable amount of damage, this tool has become an excellent melee weapon. Even if it doesn't seem like much, this weapon is one of the best starting weapons in my opinion. It's powerful enough to decap multiple trash zeds in one swing, and also capable of handling medium zeds in 1 or 2 heavy attacks. So don't be afraid to keep this weapon during the first few waves. Unfortunately, the Crovel can't parry-stumble Scrake and Fleshpound attacks (more on this later).

Fast Stats
Weight: 4
Price: 200
Light Attack: 49
Hard Attack: 86
Bash: 15
Block Reduc Dmg: 40%
Parry Reduc Dmg: 50%


The Katana was originally meant to be the Martial Artist's starting weapon. However, after the cancellation of the Martial Artist perk :( this excellent weapon received a buff and was given to the Berserker. For 600 dosh, you can meet the direct upgrade to the Crovel. It has more damage, faster attacks, and it's a better looking weapon. Ye it's important to look classy when killing zeds. You're dealing with a weapon that just won't let you down. It takes a bit of precision to be used to its full potential, but once you get the hang of it you can spam mouse1 and watch your enemies fall, crying and begging for their mommy. Also, the Katana's bash attack is a quick and precise stab that will quickly pop trash zeds' heads. This stab attack will be your best friend against the gorefast's annoying block move; it will pass right though its blade.

On the other hand, Fleshpounds have a resistance to the Katana's damage type, which means they're actually easier to kill with the Crovel. However, the Katana (like every other melee weapon besides the knife and Crovel) CAN parry-stumble Scrake and Fleshpound attacks. So it's up to you: Do you prefer a better defense with the Katana's parry-stumble ability, or the Crovel's greater damage against Fleshpounds? Having said that, by the time you actually see a Fleshpound, you should have enough dosh to buy a stronger weapon better suited to handle big zeds.
The Katana has a secret attack. To do it, hold Mouse 1 while switching to your katana. It will do a fast hard attack. Ideal if you're close to a zed and have to switch between two different weapons. Only the Katana can do this.

Fast Stats
Weight: 3
Price: 600
Light Attack: 68
Hard Attack: 90
Bash: 68
Block Reduc Dmg: 40%
Parry Reduc Dmg: 50%

A Gun in a No-Gun Class

The Nailgun is a weapon that you won't see a lot, and for good reason. Its not that the Nailgun is a bad weapon, its just maybe not where its suppose to be. This weapon is a firearm, not a melee weapon, which makes it a bad choice for a perk that is melee focused.

The Nailgun still has its advantages. In addition to having a large magazine size and cheap minutions, this weapon can change its firemode from single-fire to a 7-nail shotgun mode. The single-fire nail has extremely high penetration that can decap multiple trash zeds in one shot, and the shotgun mode deals decent burst damage which can be useful against pesky husks and other medium zeds. The nails also ricochet off surfaces which can prove to have devastating efficiency in small rooms and hallways. Having said that, the long reload time, ineffectiveness against big zeds, and it's inability to parry or block makes it not very useful for Berserkers.

In brief, the Nailgun is pretty good at taking down trash zeds quickly, but that is not a problem that a fast-moving melee berserker has. Also, while it can prove useful against medium zeds, the Berserker's EMP grenade (discussed below) will disable their troublesome special attacks, making the Nailgun a mostly redundant weapon. Purchasing a primary melee weapon should be your first priority, but low level zerks may benefit from the range of the Nailgun until they unlock their more tanky skills at level 15.

Fast Stats
Weight: 6
Price: 600
Damage: 30 per Nail
Magazine Size: 42
Ammo Reserve: 336 (8 Mags)

A Knight in Killing Floor 2

The Zweïhander is a sword available for players that own the game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare or the Digital Deluxe Edition of Killing Floor 2. However, it is also available to use if one your teammates, or the owner of the server you're playing on, owns Chivalry/KF2 Deluxe. Unfortunately, what was once a super OP weapon, has been nerfed to only a shadow of what it was before due to growing complaints and protests of what was considered a pay-to-win weapon.

Now, the Zweïhander is just plain not that good anymore. The sword has a lot of damage but its way too slow; you'll often get hit before you can even hit your enemy. It also doesn't really fill any roles that the Berserker's other melee weapons don't already do. I will discuss this in further detail in the Let's Get Deeper section.

Fast Stats
Weight: 6
Price: 1000
Light Attack: 85
Hard Attack: 195
Bash: 63
Block Reduc Dmg: 40%
Parry Reduc Dmg: 60%
Perk Weapons (Continued)
An Explosive Love

Firstly, while the Pulverizer does a bit less damage than the Zweïhander, it has much faster attacks. Also, the light attacks can knockdown any zed, and the heavy explosive attack can kill a Fleshpound fairly easily. Some people dislike this weapon because of it's potentially misleading knockdown effect and the high price of munitions. They prefer to play with the Zweïhander because they don't know how to properly deal with this baby.

Start by emptying your mag. Kill the first 5 zeds you find with the alternative fire and don't reload your hammer. “But Dodo, why should I empty my mag? It doesn't make any sense!” You say that, but there is a good reason. By emptying your mag, you're basically giving your hammer the power of the Zweïhander, but with faster attacks since you no longer have to wait for the explosion. This allows you to quickly do enough damage to decap medium zeds in one headshot, which was difficult to do with the explosive attacks. Now you can easily kill all trash and medium zeds, and if you see a Fleshpound, simply reload, kill him, and then empty your mag again. As for Scrakes, by having an empty mag, you can kill them almost as fast as with the Zweïhander, but you have other benefits such as a more useful bash attack and knockdown with the Smash skill. This is explained in more detail in the Let's Get Deeper section.

Fast Stats
Weight: 6
Price: 1200
Light Attack: 70
Hard Attack without Explosion: 145
Hard Attack with Explosion: 383
Bash: 20
Block Reduc Dmg: 50%
Parry Reduc Dmg: 60%


The best melee weapon.

That's it.

Ye, that's all folks.

So thanks for reading and…

Ok fine, I'll explain why:

Do you like the strengh of the Zweïhander? And also like the attack speed and stumble power of the Pulverizer? Then, the Bone Crusher is the weapon for you. Composed of a mace and a large shield, this weapon has unique blocking abilities and a very high DPS that will rekt every zed you come across, at the cost of unfortunately obscuring a bit of your vision.

With a great Parry damage reduction and the best Block damage reduction in the game, the Bone Crusher is the only weapon that has a better Block reduc than Parry reduc. Even if the block does have a higher damage reduction, remember that only parries can stumble zeds. This weapon also distinguishes itself from the other melee weapons by being the only weapon capable of blocking Husk's fireball and flamethrower attacks, Patriarch's minigun and rocket attacks, as well as Hans' bullets attacks. Of course, you'll still take damage, but less than if you didn't block.

The Bone Crusher also has the benefit of a strong bash. Besides doing more damage than the hard attack, it will also allow you to send zeds flying. Only 1 to 3 hits are necessary to do this, depending on the zed and where you aim, it's much more effective when hitting the head. When doing a light or hard horizontal left attack, you won't attack with the mace, but with the shield. Even if the mace and the shield do the exact same amount of damage, the shield has a higher knockdown and stumble power than the mace.
This is a very good weapon to use on multi or solo, and also the perfect weapon to use during the Boss wave IMO.

Fast Stats
Weight: 9
Price: 1500
Light Attack: 80
Hard Attack: 165
Bash: 175
Block Reduc Dmg: 70%
Parry Reduc Dmg: 60%

The Heavydestructor

A hybrid between a firearm and a melee weapon, the Eviscerator is the best Berserker weapon in my opinion. The spinning blade can quickly decimate groups of trash zeds, the projectile blade can decap big zeds in just a few shots, and it's strong bash attack deals the same amount of damage as the Katana's hard attack. Not only that, it has the best Parry damage reduction in the game. However, taking into account it's limited fuel and ammunition, I recommend that you don't use it as your primary weapon. Instead, save it for big zeds and take another melee weapon (such as the Crovel or Katana) for trash. Unfortunately, it is too heavy to carry alongside the Pulverizer :/

Also, EVERY blades you throw can be taked back by simply walk where the blade landed. Don't need to press Use (E by default) to pick it up. Simply walk on it, like it's a ammo crate. If the blade landed on a wall instead of a floor, don't worry, you'll still be able to take it back.

Fast Stats
Weight: 10
Price: 1600
Bash: 90
Throwing Blade: 480
Magazine Size: 5
Ammo Reserve: 25
Block Reduc Dmg: 60%
Parry Reduc Dmg: 70%

EMP Grenade

The EMP grenade may deal a pitiful amount of damage, but that is not it's purpose! The EMP grenade is designed to temporarily disable the special attacks of zeds. For example, it will stop a Siren from screaming and will stop a Husk from using it's flamethrower, but note: disabled zeds will still be able to melee you if you get too close.

Perhaps more importantly, this grenade will de-rage any zed. Throw an EMP at a raged Fleshpound, and he will turn yellow again. This will allow you to keep your distance from the big zeds, letting your team perform the takedown while you clean up the surrounding trash. Or, if you have the Eviscerator, you can take them down yourself with little effort. If you throw 2 EMP grenades at a zed, you'll cause it to enter a panic state, similar to the fire or poison panic that other perks can cause. While in this state, zeds won't be able to attack you and will wander around randomly for a brief time. This may sound like a good way to take down big zeds, but in practice it is actually not recommended for that purpose. Due to the zed's random movements, it is very difficult for you and your team to land headshots, and the effect is too short to be able to take them down with bodyshots. Also, it uses 2 grenades which only leaves you with 3 for the rest of the wave, not worth it. It is better to throw them strategically 1 at a time, and only use 2 as a last resort to allow you or your team to escape a bad situation.

This is something I thought the EMP did when I was less experienced, so I'm telling you in case you also think like I thought. No, the EMP doesn't make the zeds more vunerable to incoming attacks. They won't take more damage when their is the blue particle around them. They will just be de-raged and unable to do special attacks.

Provisional edit: A recent bug makes that you can't deraged a Fleshpound. Even if you throw all your 5 grenades, you won't be able to do that. Let's hope this bug will be fix soon. And we'll update our guide when the bug will be fixed of course.

Fast Stats
Explosion Damage: 25
Radius: 7 metters
Fuze Time: 0.25sec after reaching the floor
Experience and Skills
As a Berserker, you earn XP by killing enemies with Berserker weapons of course! You also earn extra XP by killing zeds that are within 2 meters at least one your teammates.
Earn enough XP and you'll gain a level, which will upgrade the perk bonuses.

Passive Bonuses
  • Berserker Weapon Damage (1% / Level) - 25% at Level 25
  • Damage Resistance (3% / 5 Levels) - 15% at Level 25
  • Night Vision - Hold your flashlight button to use your Night Vision.
  • Clots cannot grab you

Every five Levels, you unlock 2 new skills to choose from :
The left side of the skill tree allows you to gain more health and resistance to damage,
while the right side allows you to gain more movement speed, attack speed and damage.

Level 5
Increase total Health 75%

Move 20% faster, sprint 25% faster, and regenerate 2 point of Health every second while using a perk melee weapon.
Dreadnaught may seem OP, but trust me, it's nothing compared to Skirmisher. The ability to move faster and regenerate allows you to pretty much do anything without having to worry about your health. Need to quickly go help a mate somewhere else? No problem. Have a bad medic and need health? np. Oh, you're poisoned or on fire? np.
Dreadnaught could be helpful in some cases, like Zerk-walling (Which I don't recommend you to do), however, the speed buff and regen is much more useful most of the time. ESPECIALY for the Boss wave.

Level 10
Attack 20% faster with perk melee weapons. Heal 4 points of Health for every Zed you kill with perk weapons

Attack 20% faster and do 25% damage with perk melee weapons.
This choice will depend on your playstyle, loadout, or just how the game is going. If you're struggling to keep your health up, take Vampire. If you're managing your health ok and prefer more damage, take Butcher. Its as simple as that.
From personal experience, I recommend that you begin each game with Vampire; The Crovel is good enough to decap trash zeds without Butcher anyways. Butcher becomes much more useful in later waves when facing more medium and big zeds. The health from the Vampire skill will be GRADUALLY given.

Level 15
Gain 20% resistance to all damage. Gain additional 20% resistance to Poison and Sonic Damage.

Parrying with a perk melee weapon reduces incoming damage 40% and increases both melee attack speed 5% and melee damage 35% for 10 seconds
This is simple, if you're new, take Resistance. Then, once you get used to parrying zeds, try Parry. One isn't really better than the other, choose which ever you prefer based on your personal playstyle. Resistance is more for safety, and Parry has a higher risk to reward suited for more advanced players. One noteworthy hidden mechanic of Resistance is that it reduces the blindness duration from bloat bile.

Level 20
Hard attacks with perk melee weapons do 50% more damage, do 25% more damage on head hits, and have 200% more stumble power.

Light attacks with perk melee weapons do 30% more damage and all attacks with perk melee weapons are 5% faster.
Take Smash most of the time. You can kill trash in one hard attack, and medium zeds in one headshoot hard attack. Massacre is not that useful, the Berserker's light attacks are already strong enough against trash, and Smash is more effective for medium and big zeds. Also, the projectile blade of the Eviscerator does more damage with the Smash skill than with the Massacre skill because of the +25% damage to head hits. I'll go into more detail about these skills in the Let's Get Deeper section. If you're using the Pulverizer, note that Smash doesn't increase the explosive part of it's hard attack, only the blunt part of the attack.

The only time I see Massacre being useful is on solo. This skill is meant to help you kill trash easier. So take it on solo, as your biggest issue on solo isn't the Scrakes or Fleshpounds; it's typically the sheer number of trash and medium zeds.

As the bash isn't a Light or Hard attack, none of these skills will affect the bash. Except Smash, due to the headshot damage.

Level 25 This Skills affect Zed-Time (Slow-Motion)
Berserker Rage
Heal 25% of your Health and Zeds close to you try to flee when you enter zed Time

During Zed Time, you attack with perk weapons and move in real-time
Berserker Rage seems OP, but you won't be able to hurt anyone in zed-time, which is the opposite of what you should be doing during zed-time. Also, If you have Skirmisher, Vampire, and/or a good medic, you won't really need the 25% heal. Spartan not only allows you to evade all those zeds that are trying to hurt you, but also take them down at the same time.
However, a notable aspect of Berserker Rage is that you gain 25% everytime zed-time gets reset, so it is not uncommon for you to gain 50% health since all it takes is a single zed getting killed during zed-time, and if you have a Commando on your team that can reset zed-time up to 7 times, you can completely refill your health. This can be an interesting interaction for some playstyles, especially for zerk-walling. Your choice will also depend on your Level 5 skill. If you have Skirmisher (speed + regen), take Spartan, and if you have Dreadnaught (75% more health), take Berserker Rage. This way, since you have a 175 Hp, Berserker Rage will heal you 43HP instead of only 25HP.
Ultimately though, I prefer Spartan for it's powerful offensive capabilities, especially when paired with Skirmisher.

Also, even though it isn't written, the Spartan skill allows you to shoot in near-real time and to reload in near-real time, which is great for the Nailgun and Eviscerator, but also (and especially) for the Pulverizer. By increasing the reload speed of your explosive heavy attack you can now spam your hard attack in Zed-Time multiple times without problem.
Recommended Loadouts
Here are my recommended Loadouts, as the title says, with the appropriate skill and weapon choices. I gave them names because … I don't know.

The Berserker
Right - Skirmisher
Left/Right - Vampire / Butcher
Left/Right - Resistance / Parry
Left - Smash
Right - Spartan

101 Medic Pistol
401 Medic Assault Rifle
101 Medic Pistol

Like with most of the recommended loadouts, the Level 15 skill choice (Resistance or Parry) will depend on your personal preference and/or confidence in yourself. Same goes for the Level 10 skill (Vampire or Butcher). The Nailgun is only good if you are using the Vampire skill. Shoot into a group of trash zeds if your health is low and you will be brand-new, without a scratch. But if you're not using Vampire, take the 401. You could off-perk a different weapon if you wanted, such as a Commando rifle or SWAT SMG, but since they'll all perform about the same, you may as well take something that will also heal your team.

The Martial Artist
Right - Skirmisher
Left/Right - Vampire / Butcher
Left/Right - Resistance / Parry
Left - Smash
Righ - Spartan

101 Medic Pistol

By taking this loadout, you sacrifice trash killing power for a stronger big zed power. The Eviscerator can easily take down big zeds in less than half the time as the Pulverizer takes, but holding an area and clearing trash can be harder with the more precision-based Katana.
None of the Eviscerator's attacks are Light attacks or Hard attacks. You'll deal the same amount of damage with Massacre or Smash. Except that with Smash, your headshoots damage will be increased. Ideal for the Throwing Blade.

The Spartan
Right - Skirmisher
Left/Right - Vampire / Butcher
Left/Right - Resistance / Parry
Left - Smash
Right - Spartan

Bone Crusher
101 Medic Pistol

A perfect mix between the Berserker and the Martial Artist loadout, the Spartan will allow you to take down low and medium zeds easier than with the Martial Artist and to take down big zed easier than with the Berserker, as well as being faster due to the fact you're ony carrying 10/15 weight slots.

So, it's all up to you and the needs of your team, what is the best to have during this match? Need a better trash cleaner + high knockdown power? Be a Spartan! Need to decapitate a lot of big zeds? Be a Martial Artist! Need a good heath sustain + Good big zed damage + High knockdown power? Be a Berserker!

The 101 Medic Pistol is only here to heal your teamates and take down zeds at a far distance if needed. But if you chose the Vampire skill and feel that you're often too low on health, you can take the Nailgun instead.

On Solo
Right - Skirmisher
Left - Vampire
Left/Right - Resistance / Parry
Right - Massacre
Right - Spartan


Unlike the multi Recommended Loadouts, you shoudn't hesitate between Vampire or Butcher. The right move is to take Vampire because you don't have a medic to heal you and also because on solo, the bigger threats won't be the Scrakes or Fleshpounds; it will typically be the sheer number of trash and medium zeds. So, when playing as any perk, always choose health over damage.

The Katana is one of the best melee weapons to use against trash and the Eviscerator has one of the best Parry/Block damage reduction of the game, as well as throwing blades that can be very helpful to deal with zeds at a distance if needed, or to take down big zeds. On Hell on Earth, you can decap a Scrake in one hit and a Fleshpound in only two hits. That's OP.

Against the Boss
Right - Skirmisher
Right - Butcher
Left - Resistance
Left - Smash
Right - Spartan

Bone Crusher
101 Medic Pistol

During the Boss wave, your job will be to distract the Boss while your teammates kill him. Get up close to him and attack, parry, attack, parry, and so forth so that he can't hurt your teammates. If the Berserker dies, the Boss wave will be a nightmare for the rest of your team. You are as useful as the medic during the boss wave, so if you're low on HP, take some distance and find cover for a few seconds while your medic gets you back up and ready to tank the Boss again. Be very careful, because of the need for you to be in close range, you're the most vulnerable to the explosive and bullet attacks of the Boss. Run for cover as soon as you see the beginning of these attack animations. Also, don't forget that your shield can partially block bullet and rocket attacks from the Boss.

When Hans is looking to absorb a player's health, make sure that it is your health that he takes; you're a tank, so you're the most capable Perk to survive it. Your EMP grenades can disorient the Boss, but you'll need to accurately throw 2 grenades at the Boss' feet to do that. For optimal efficiency, throw them when the Boss is firing, since this will stop him, or when the Patriarch is fleeing, since this can give you time for your team to take him down before he heals.

Against the Boss on Solo
Right - Skirmisher
Right - Butcher
Left - Resistance
Left - Smash
Right - Spartan


With his insane Block/Parry damage reduction and very high dps, the Eviscerator is clearly the best weapon to use on solo against the Boss. Spam your primary fire on the Boss, your secondary fire on the trash, and parry when needed, and you'll have no trouble at all. The Eviscerator is the only weapon you need, believe me, you don't need another one. If you feel the need of another weapon, I suggest a Double-Barrel Shotgun. I know, it's an off-perk weapon, but the katana or crovel won't be any use at all, and this shotgun has an insane dps + a long jump. The alternate fire has a useful recoil jump that will propel you backward while jumping, alowing you to put a decent amount of distance away from enemies. If the Boss is charging at you, jump and altfire. You'll jump higher than a professional basketball star, allowing you to escape while also dealing a significant amount of damage at the same time.
Tips and Info
Before getting deeper into the Berserker, here is some tips and Information, I want to share with you :
  • What to do during Zed-Time : Focus on the big zeds with your melee weapons, aiming at the head if possible.
  • How to Use a Melee Weapon : Ye, it's not just pressing mouse1
    • The movement of your melee weapons are directional : attack while moving forward - you'll do a vertical strike, attack while moving on the left side - you'll do a horizontal left strike …
    • By doing horizontal strikes, you'll do 25% less damage but you'll have a wider reach to hit more zeds.
    • You can Block any melee attacks, which will reduce the damage you take, but you can also Parry if the weapon allows it. To do that, you need to time your  Block when the zed is starting it's attack animation. If you succeed, a green circle indicator and sound appears, you can't miss it :) On a successful Parry, you'll take even less damage than a Block, and you will cause the zed to stumble back. Stumbling a zed lasts around 1-3sec, enough time for you and your team to inflict some extra damage.
    • However, Bosses and big zeds have some attacks you can parry but not stumble. These attacks are marked by the weapons glowing red, you can't miss that either. Even if you successfully parry these attacks, you won't stumble the zed. Other than that, the same block and parry damage mitigation mechanics still apply.
    • There is a technique that allows you to do consecutive parries without waiting for the put-down animation. To do this, consecutively press both Reload and Parry. You won't be able to sprint while doing this, but it can be very useful against the Fleshpound jump attack, and Hans' assault rifle melee attack.
    • You can't Block or Parry flames, rockets, bullets, screams or bloat attacks. However, only the Bone Crusher can partially Block flames, rockets and bullets attacks.
  • If you get close enough to a zed, he might switch his aggro to you. So a good way to protect your team from incoming threat is to get close to it to pull the aggro to you instead of your team.
  • Berserkers only receive their speed bonuses if holding a melee weapon, (so this excludes the Nailgun)
  • Never buy armor as Beserker unless it is necessary (Boss wave for example), since you'll lose it during the first seconds anyways. Don't forget to share your money. If you have all your weapons, munitions and grenades, you won't need money anymore, so give it to your teammates. In a way, that will help your survival.

Recurrent Tips you might see in other Perk Guides I've done :
  • Communication is the key to victory. You don't need to say much, just a few words or letters to bring awareness to your team of a danger or your current situation. This can help prevent your team from being attacked by surprise by a threat only you saw coming. You can write :
    • Sc for incoming Scrake
    • Fp for incoming Fleshpound
    • no amo when you're Out of Ammo
    or use the quick chat menu, z button by default, which will bring up some suggestions. Just use your mouse to select the one you want, it takes only 1 sec and can save your team's life.
  • It's not advisable to deal with the big zeds alone unless you ABSOLUTELY have to. Wait for your team to be ready before engaging. If you try to kill them before your team is ready, you'll have raged a monster that will decimate your team by surprise. So, inform your team of the incoming threat, make sure everyone is ready, and then fire together. GG ez win
  • Healing decreases damage and duration of fire DOT by half.
  • Losing Health will slow your movement speed at a linear rate, up to 15%.
  • Carrying more weight will slow your movement speed, 0.533% per weight block up to 8%.
  • Be very careful where you weld. Sometimes it doesn't help at all and will only make things worse. Remember that zeds can teleport, so don't weld a door unless you're absolutely sure that it will help your team survive and that its not a door that could provide an escape if things get messy
  • If one or more of your teammates are dead, leave the last zed alive (preferably a low zed if you can). Grab their weapon, throw it at the trader, and repeat for all dropped weapons, but be careful, a weapon can only stay on the floor for 5 minutes before disappearing. You can reset the timer by picking up and throwing the weapon, even if it is at the same place.
  • Healing a teammate with your own healing Syringe will recharge your Syringe twice as fast.
Let's Get Deeper
This section is more for the advanced players (Level 25 – Playing Hell on Earth)

First, what is zerkwalling? Its when all the players pile up inside a room, hall, etc... And the Berserker, who is in front of the other players, covers the only entry where the zeds can go. So it's like having every player inside a room and the Berserker is the only door to that room, acting like a wall. So that's why call that Zerkwalling. The zeds can only reach the Berserker.
I don't like this practice. I think that by doing this, you're missing all the enjoyable things that the game offers you: synergy, teamwork, risk. Zerk-walling seems to be an ez way to go, and don't forget that my guide is also for new players. I don't want to show them an ez way instead of savoring the joy of a well-synergized team, so thats why I only mention it here. I recommend that you not play this way because its like exploiting a bug; its easier but way less fun.

The Zweïhander
I know, a lot of people still use and love the Zweïhander. And I think that some people will try to tell me that the Sword is amazing. So let me explain why it's not first. I did some testing offline, and recreated a 6Man Hell on Earth game. Picked a Zweihander and a Pulverizer and compared these weapons by killing Scrakes and Fleshpounds under these conditions : hard attacks, without moving (so standard horizontal attacks), and with these skills:


You can one shot all of them, with the Zweïhander or with the Pulverizer (body or headshots)

Zweïhander (headshot/bodyshot)
Pulverizer (headshot/bodyshot)
not recommended / 1
not recommended / 2
1 / 1
1 / 2
1 / 1
1 / 2
1 / 4
2 / 4
However, if landing headshot while moving forward, the mediums zeds will die in one hit, whatever the weapon you're using. So they will die faster with the pulv.

Scrake (only headshots)
Zweihander 4 shots
Pulverizer 6 shots (Without Explosion)

The Zweïhander, can take down a Scrake with less hits and a bit faster. (Even if the Pulverizer does faster attacks without explosion)

Fleshpound (only headshots)
Zweïhander 10 shots
Pulverizer 11 shots
Pulverizer 8 shots (With explosion)

Now that the skill Smash doesn't apply to the explosive part of the Pulverizer, it will be faster to kill them without the explosion damage under the condition you land your headshots perfectly. If you're not sure about being able to land your headshots, use your explosive attack.
Even if the Zweïhander can kill a Fleshpound with less hits, the Pulverizer does it faster.


Low and Medium:
You can one shot all the low zeds with the Zweïhander or with the Pulverizer. And for the medium, they'll die faster with the Zweïhander in Zerkwalling cases (stand still and body shot everything) but they'll die faster with the Pulverizer when playing with a more advanced playstyle (doing vertical attacks and headshoots)

Zweïhander: can kill SC faster if he doesn't move and/or you land all your headshots, but so slow that the scrake can hurt you before you can hit him.
Pulverizer: Easier headshots IMO, can knockdown if needed and has a very useful bash that can push big zeds and stop a zed's attack. With good practice you can take down a Scrake without taking any damage.

Fleshpound: Pulverizer is better

After some tests, nope, the range of the Pulv and Zweï are about the same.

Besides, if you buy a Zweïhander, you'll want to buy a Pulverizer to take down Fleshpounds. But if you take a Pulv, you don't need to take a Zweï. You can take almost any weapon of your choice that will be helpful for you and your team: Nailgun, 401, Crossbow, Dual Magnum, RPG…

Smash the zeds or Massacre them?
To determine if Massacre (30% light attack +5% faster) or Smash (50% hard attack + 25% head + 200% stumble) is better, I did these tests (6men HoE):

With the Eviscerator (only headshots of course):
  • Vampire and Smash:
    • Scrake: 2 Shots (792 damage)
    • Fleshpound: 5 shots (396 damage)
  • Butcher and Smash:
    • Scrake: 2 Shots (898 damage)
    • Fleshpound: 4 Shots (449 damage)

  • Vampire and Massacre:
    • Scrake: 3 Shots (660 damage)
    • Fleshpound: 6 Shots (330 damage)
  • Butcher and Massacre:
    • Scrake: 3 Shots (766 damage)
    • Fleshpound: 5 Shots (383 damage)

And for the other weapons:
Smash: 1 bodyshot trash zeds - 1 headshot medium zeds
Massacre: doesn't make a huge difference, you're gonna need to attack the exact same number of times to kill trash and medium zeds.
Except for the Zweï: With Massacre, you'll have a chance to one bodyshot zeds in light attack and you can one headshot a siren, but the big zeds will be much harder to kill.

Conclusion: Massacre is only a bit better for trash killing with the Zweï. But as a big zed killer, you must have Smash, as it will help you take them down much faster. And even for trash killing, the Smash skill is better, since it allows you to kill them in one hit.

Weapons' Big Zed take down Stats
This is the stats of how much headshots vertical hard attacks you need to take down Scrakes and Fleshpounds with all the melee weapons of the game (So Nailgun and Eviscerator aren't included).

Weapons \ Zeds
Bone Crusher
Thank you for reading my Berserker Perk Guide, I hope it was helpfull. This is my first guide so let me know if their is something wrong in my Guide, if I forgot something, grammatical mistakes … I'll keep this guide updated as much as I can and I'll do another Perk Guide as soon as possible. If you like it and want to see more, their is my other Killing Floor 2 Guides

Perk Guides

Other Killing Floor 2 Guides

I'm not the creator of this guide, I'm simply a contributor, but it's a guide that have similarities with the Dodo's Guide and that can still help you, so I link it.

Want to know all the stats their is to know about Killing Floor 2? Check this site

03/11/2016: Guide Released / add the Updates section / add more details about the parry ability / add the Knife

07/11/2016: Since it's release, my guide has been updated every day, thanks to nice people helping me with correcting some misstakes with written english, or with some details I forgot. Right now, the sections Introduction, Perk Weapons, Perk Weapons (Continued) and Experience and Skills are finished. In order to prevent updating my guides every day, I decided to take a lot more times until published my other guides : Be sure their is less english misstakes or that I forgot anything about stats, gameplay ...

08/11/2016: The other sections that wasn't finished, are now. My all Guide is complete, thanks to nice people that saw my guide and help me to improve it and correct english misstakes.
Also, now their is a contributor ''benji2290'' who speak english way better than me, helping me with some english misstakes I made (and will make :D) but also clarified details I forgot to tell or that I simply didn't know about

09/11/2016: Fixed and clarified a couple details about the Knife, parrying mechanics, and skills. Added a video demonstrating Zwei range. -benji2290

10/11/2016: Add a little part about Zerkwalling in the Let's Get Deeper section.

12/11/2016: Updated for the 1.046 version. Berserker Changes:
  • Massacre works
  • EMP fuze time reduced at 0.25sec after reaching the floor
Guide Changes:
  • Smash VS Massacre in the Let's Get Deeper section
  • Parry updated (now buggy)
  • EMP Grenade updated
  • Massacre Updated

15/11/2016: Smash no longer increases the pulverizers explosive attack, only the blunt part of the attack. Now it takes ~8-10 hits to kill a FP with pulverizer instead of 5-7 on 6men Hell on Earth.

18/11/2016: Updated for the Release (Version 1.048). Now it takes ~7-8 hits to kill a FP with the explosion attack of the Pulverizer on 6men Hell on Earth.

19/11/2016: I forgot to tell yesterday, but I added an hidden katana attack in Katana. And I also changed a bit the titles. They are blue titles and more bold titles. I think the guide is easily readable now.

21/11/2016: Added the following detail about the Eviscerator in Recommended Loadouts : None of the Eviscerator's attacks are Light attacks or Hard attacks.

2/12/2016: Minor upkeep. Massacre now affects off-perk knives. Added a tip about Nailgun being potentially useful for low level zerks.

04/12/2016: Added stats for medium zeds in Zweïhander in the Let's Get Deeper section / Added a little detail about the EMP in Perk Weapons : no, the damage they take won't be increased when they are under the effect of the EMP / Added the fact you can take back the blades you throwed with your Eviscerator.

(placeholder 24/1/2017): Updated with small spelling and bug fixes (Parry skill bug, Zwei range inconsistancy) Just need to add Bone Crusher info and guide will be updated to v1050

27/02/2017: Updated for the 1.050 version.

Berserker Changes:
  • New Weapon: Bone Crusher

Guide Changes:
  • New Aesthetic of the Fast Stats + Added Bash Damage and Ammo Reserve
  • New Aesthetic of the Skills in Experience and skills
  • New Let's Get Deeper section: Weapons' Big Zeds take down Stats. This is the stats of how much vertical hard attacks you need to take down Scrakes and Fleshpounds with all the melee weapon of the game.
  • New Recommended Loadouts: The Spartan, On Solo and Against the Boss on Solo
  • Change of the Recommended Loadout: Against the Boss
  • New Sentence on the Recommended Loadout: The Berserker, about the Vampire/Butcher and Resistance/Parry skills choices. They are mostly personal preference choices
  • Missed/Wrong Infos: Skirmisher: It's 2 points of regen [not 1]. Vampire: The health will be GRADUALLY given.
  • More talk about the Massacre skill in Experience and Skills - Level 20. It's a good skill on solo games.

15/03/2017: We recently discovered that the EMP Grenade doesn't derage Fleshpound anymore. Let's hope it's a just bug. So we just wrotte a provisional edit on the EMP Grenade - Perk Weapons section.

21/03/2017: Changed the image of the Bone Crusher in Perk Weapons (Continued)

20/06/2017: Updated for the 1.053 version:
  • Now Spartan (level 25 skill) allows you to shoot and reload in near-real time.
  • We changed the picture of the Knife. Now it has the same aesthetic than the other Perk Weapons.
  • Now, all the bonuses and skills apply to off-perk knives.
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SILENX Jul 23 @ 8:53am 
Thank you, I'll try it!
Dodo la Saumure  [author] Jul 23 @ 7:32am 
This guide is pretty outdated. In the current version of the game, SILENX, I will recommend to you to play:
L but try to switch to L when you'll feel more confortable with the mechanic of parrying, you'll gain more speed, resistance and you'll be able to kill big zeds with one less sawblade.

and for the weapons:
Eviscerator (+1) - it can really make a difference to upgrade you Evis, while it doesn't make that much to upgrade your katana, unless you want to fight big zeds with it, which is stupid.
Katana (+1)
SILENX Jul 22 @ 3:22pm 
Hm, I'm playing with:

And weapons are:
- Katana (+2)
- Eviscerator

Dodo la Saumure  [author] Jul 16 @ 11:11am 
Description updated, the other guides will follow. I hope I didn't make any english misstake XD
Dodo la Saumure  [author] Jul 16 @ 10:45am 
It's flawed but if I could undo what I did (with time travel or whatever) I won't undo. For the reasons benji said and more. (And no, I'm not talking about views. I decided to stop YouTube after health issues, and I have 37 Subcribers :D I don't have the energy, time and will to deal with YouTube and Steam.

All of that to say that no, I won't hide the guide until it's updated (which means delete it at this point) but yeah, I'll change the description. I hope it will make you less frustrated about the situation. (I'm not saying that you are because of you. It 's our fault/choices)
Dodo la Saumure  [author] Jul 16 @ 10:45am 
Thanks mate for your opinion :steamhappy:
At first, Huang Zhong, I thought that you were jealous. No, It's just us. My first misstake is that I thought that this guide had its description changed like all ours. So sorry about that. I will change the desciption and maybe also the ones of the other guides. I get your point but I also join Benji's pov. You know, truth be told. I have a YouTube channel. I never talk about it on steam except to close friends (benji included) AND NEVER WILL. It's a french YouTube channel that talks about movies so that's why I never talked about it. Over my year on YouTube, I made tons of progress and I barely can watch my first video, but I'll never delete it.
benji2290  [author] Jul 15 @ 10:21pm 
I definitely see your point Huang Zhong, and it is obviously not our intention to spread misinformation. But I'm also with my friend Dodo on this one, we spent many months of our lives on these guides, and while we haven't had the time and interest right now to update them, I still like to look back at our work with pride and nostalgia and I don't really want to make these hidden. If that makes us selfish, so be it, I don't think its the worst thing in the world (or even on Steam). However, I do think a fair compromise we probably should have done awhile back is change the title and/or the very beginning of the description to make it VERY clear that these guides are outdated. Right now we just have the game version that these guides apply to and I can see how most players may not realize how old that version is.
Dodo la Saumure  [author] Jul 13 @ 8:25am 
It's clear as water that this guide is outdated. But still, some infos are relevant. And curious people even send messages to have an update opinion about things. And why is it selfish? I don't understand.
Xiahou Dun Jul 13 @ 8:02am 
Your dislike for Tripwire's decisions does not change the fact that you are misinforming players, and your outdated guide's presence here is not really sending anyone any message other than misinformation, nobody who opens and reads this guide will assume that the guide they are reading is purposefully present and outdated for the sake of protesting. I am a guide maker myself and I have set my guides to Hidden visibility as soon as I learned there was something wrong with them, corrected them, then made them public again (or leave them Hidden if I do not want to update them). Guide-making is not meant to be self-serving and onanistic, it is meant as a gesture of service and altruism. You are just being selfish.
Dodo la Saumure  [author] Jul 13 @ 3:32am 
Yes, it's outdated, very outdated. And I'm one of the people that disliked the decisions of TWI. A lot of these people deleted their contents: guides, mods, maps, etc ... in order to send a message to TWI. I didn't really want to go that way. I spend so many times in these guides, and letting them online but never updated while blaming the devs for that send a stronger message (at least, one that lasts longer in time) than juste deleting and be forgotten.

So no, I won't put them in hidden visibility and the description, lack of the newest weapons, last update, etc ... make clear that this guide is in a earlier version of the game. So even tho some infos are still up to date and usefull, some stuff is outdated. I think that's pretty clear