Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Marble Combat
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Oct 19, 2016 @ 12:50pm
Feb 3, 2017 @ 7:55pm
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Marble Combat

In 1 collection by FelixTheJudge
TheJudge's Collection of Don't Starve Mods He Made
12 items
Spice up your aresnal with some fancy marble weapons and traps.
Perform some alchemy on a purple gem and create a new magical staff and amulet.

The mod includes -

Marble Mace -
Heavy swinging mace that hits targets near your target for half the damage. Move slower when held.

Marble Caltrop -
Strong trap that slows enemies when they trigger it.
(this trap is compatible with Killer's trap mod)

Marble Javelin -
Throwable spear that can be crafted in bulk.

White Gem -
Preform some magic marble jumbo on a purple gem to create this.

Ballistic Staff -
Shoots a projectile of pure light. Does spear levels of damage regardless of damage modifiers.

Enervating Amulet -
Move slightly faster, when enemies hit you their movespeed is slowed down for a bit.

All tools require alchemy engine.
All magic requires hatinator .

Using this mod together with Gemstone Armor will allow you to craft a piece of armor made from White Gems.

Gemstone Armor

Recommened to use Growable Marble Trees mod, to help provide a steady flow of marble.

Growable Marble Trees

The White Amulet has compatability with Extra Equip Slots. This is configured in the mod configuration options.
Set compatibility to True.

Thanks to Neutral Steve for the mace and javelin sprites.
The stategraph swap and effects on the marble mace.
and the programming for the javelin.

Donate to my paypal if you wish to help me out further/thank me for this mod.
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