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Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris
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Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris

Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris v0.3.10

Compatible with 3.7.*

Come join our Discord:

Sins of a Solar Empire's best Halo mod has come to Stellaris!

Sins of the Prophets is an award winning and critically acclaimed mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Swarms of fan requests to port the mod to Stellaris has lead to what you're about to experience!

We've brought our high quality ships and structures from the main mod on SoaSE over to Stellaris to allow you the chance to act out all your Halo space empire building fantasies! In addition, we've partnered with lossaa of Halo Universe Human Species and Halo Covenant Species to bring you UNSC style human portraits and cities plus portraits of multiple Covenant client races, with Geoffers747 from the Halo UNSC Overhaul mod to bring you a complete UNSC namelist, with Winters from Halo Emblems to give you access to a great selection of emblems, as well as with Trace Projectile of Trace's Empire Customization to bring you Covenant and Sangheili cityscapes! A big thank you goes out to Fal' Soram, who set up the engine trails for many of our vanilla UNSC units, and taught us how to do so for the future.

This is just the beginning! Once Stellaris balancing stabilizes we'll seek to move from just asset availability to a more comprehensive Halo mod so keep your eyes peeled!

If you enjoy playing with our ships in Stellaris, but desire a more visceral combat experience please come take a look at the primary mod on Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion at

Some Covenant assets have been created in a partnership with Homefront, a Homeworld 2 Halo mod:

Features native support for "Aesthetic Cinematic Gameplay", "Space Combat Expanded" (Carrier/Dreadnought), and "Stellar Expansion - Voidcraft".

For a version to use with achievements and ironman mode, please see:

For compatibility with "New Ship Classes & More" please get this patch in addition to this mod:

For compatibility with "Improved Space Battles [Balance]" and "ISBS: Doomsday Weapons & Ships" please get this patch in addition to this mod:

For compatibility with "Realistic Ships" please get this patch in addition to this mod:

For compatibility when using "Real Space - System Scale" and "Gigastructural Engineering" at the same time please get this patch in addition to this mod:

For compatibility with any mod that changes the default Humanoid portrait group please get this patch in addition to this mod:

UNSC models:
Construction ship: Scholte
Science ship: Winter
Colony ship: Phoenix
Transport ship: Phoenix Refit
Corvette: Paris, Charon
Destroyer: Halberd
Cruiser: Marathon
Battleship: Valiant
Titan: Infinity
Colossus: Artemis
Juggernaut: Thanatos
Mega Shipyard: Titan Factory
Fighter: C712 Longsword
Bomber: C709 Longsword

Covenant models:
Construction ship: DRA
Science ship: DAS
Colony ship: ACD
Transport ship: DSC
Corvette: CAR
Destroyer: CPV
Cruiser: CCS
Battleship: ORS
Titan: Esgem-pattern CAS
Colossus: DOS
Juggernaut: OSS
Mega Shipyard: Unyielding Hierophant
Fighter: Type-27 Banshee (aka. Space Banshee)
Bomber: Seraph

Do not redistribute without permission.
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General Feedback and Discussion
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R41N 6 hours ago 
Is this a gameplay overhaul or just the shipsets? Looking for just the ship sets to combine with vanilla gameplay. These models are great!
unawsumiz 16 hours ago 
Hey, just want to say thanks for the update. It's nice getting to use Halo stuff now :D (updated)
Endless Void 19 hours ago 
is the Valiant going to be the only model for the battleship or your planning to add models to match a strike carrier or artillery battleship.
Lavo  [author] 20 hours ago 
There is a Halcyon in the NSC ship compatibility patch. If you load that patch, even without NSC, it will swap out the Marathon for the Halcyon.
Rogue One Mar 19 @ 8:36am 
Is or was there any plans to add the Halcyon class? I've only just recently started playing in the Halo universe, and have become quite attached to the Pillar of Autumn.
Lavo  [author] Mar 18 @ 5:28pm 
@Silverwolf862: There are no plans to add turrets. They were intentionally left out.

@It's UwU: Halo Collection wasn't us and I believe most of the components of that mod can be found on the workshop in other mods and used.
Silverwolf862 Mar 18 @ 8:47am 
hello to the Author Lavo I have a Q and it is not complaint Q just a curiosity Q and that Q is if you will ever put Turrets on the ships at some point? I thank you for your time and effort for this mod that I enjoy playing and have a nice and pleasant day
temujin321 Mar 17 @ 11:11pm 
@Reet Harded I can guess from the context here that you were mad about the deletion of the Halo Collection mod, and thought I should let you know that before they deleted that mod they said they would specifically because theirs was meant as a placeholder until SotP was fixed. The author said he would be deleting it because this was updated.
Reet Harded Mar 17 @ 8:42pm 
@SVaughan yeah you're probably right. I over reacted and was looking for something to blame.
SVaughan Mar 17 @ 7:49pm 
Credit is always given to others if assets from other mods are used. It's how civilized people avoid getting strikes.