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Server Name changer
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Aug 17, 2016 @ 6:10pm
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Server Name changer

Changes the server's name occasionally

To change parts about how the name gets shown, see garrysmod/data/snc/servernames_config.txt

To change what gets shown, see garrysmod/data/snc/servernames.txt

To get dynamic stuff to load, just put the name of the file (relative to garrysmod/data/snc/custom/) in the servernames.txt file, each line is searched for to see if it's a file, if it's not, the line is used, if it is, the file is loaded as lua. See the examples.

To look at how you can get custom, dynamic stuff to show, see /garrysmod/data/snc/custom/examples/
Examples include:
*Createing a timer
*Timer since start of a TTT round
*Popular jobs that are not occupied in DarkRP
*Showing large earthquakes in the last 24 hours
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How can you load "dynamic stuff" again? Try to explain that, because it was very confused...:abs_surprised:
Apickx  [author] Feb 6, 2017 @ 4:37pm 
After running it once, there will be files in `/garrysmod/data/snc/`, You can put "Example #1" and "Example #2" on different lines in `/garrysmod/data/snc/servernames.txt` and they'll show up after your server's regular name. You can change the rotation time in `garrysmod/data/snc/servernames_config.txt`