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Problems launching L.A. Noire? Try this fix!
By Ɲɨɢɦȶɮʀɛɛɖ †
I made this guide because the thread I posted to the community forum seems to have helped a lot of people. With this information in the form of a guide I'm hoping that it serves as a better source of knowledge on what the fix consists of and how to perform it. I sincerely hope that this guide helps and that you're able to enjoy this game once again!

Worried about viruses? Never fear!



Please don't add me just to ask questions because you're still having problems launching L.A. Noire. Read this guide in full and try all proposed solutions. Also read the old comments and pinned thread in the forum...your answer might be there. This guide doesn't address every single problem launching L.A. Noire, just one specific one. If you have any further questions, ask them in the comments below and I'll do my best to help.

UPDATE 6/22/18:

Well, the issue had been fixed by Valve in a past Steam update but some time a couple months back the issue resurfaced; it looks like this workaround is once again necessary for some people. There's no indication that Steam is working to resolve this for L.A. Noire, but if enough people report it perhaps they'll fix it (again). Now, if it stays fixed...that's another story, so I'll probably leave this guide up indefinitely.

P.S. - This is not a Rockstar issue, so if you open tickets with them, it'll just be wasting their time and yours.

UPDATE 7/30/16:

The official fix is finally ready. It's not a Rockstar fix though; it involves an update to the Steam Client Beta. For anyone that wants to uninstall the registry entires from this unofficial fix, there is a "How to Uninstall" section included in this Guide. See below for the Steam Client Beta details:


" Windows
- Fix installation of some older games where install scripts were not correctly writing default values to the registry.

- Updated We released a small update to this beta that resolves a compatibility issue in the upcoming Windows Anniversary Update."
What problem does this guide address?
The Steam version of L.A. Noire is currently broken; it allegedly stopped working after a recent Steam update. The issue this guide addresses is the problem when the Launcher closes and the game won't launch. There is no ETA from Steam or Rockstar on an official fix. The suggested fixes from Rockstar don't seem to resolve the issue for anyone.
What does this "fix" involve?
This fix is unofficial and involves adding a few entires to your Windows registry, but is perfectly safe. You don't have to edit the registry manually, you simply need to run a few reg files to have them added to your registry. Doing so will enable you to launch the game on the next attempt. 
1. Browse to the link I've provided in the next section and download the file. It will be called "L.A. Noire Error Handler Reg Updates.zip" in your download directory.

2. Open the ZIP folder. You will notice that it contains the following four .reg files:

3. Double-click the file entitled "Error Handler.reg" and if prompted, click "Yes" to allow it to run. Doing so will bring up the following dialog box:

4. Click Yes so that the registry key can be added to your local Windows registry. Doing so will display this dialog box:

5. Perform steps 3-4 on the next file entitled "Error Handler 2.reg". At this point the game may actually work so you can attempt to launch it.

6. If the game still does not launch, perform steps 3-4 on the remaining two files and then launch the game once more.

That's it, you're done! If none of these files do the trick on your first attempt, please refer to the "Troubleshooting" section.

Of course, there are bound to be other bugs and issues not related to this particular problem that this may not resolve. However, I truly believe this will fix the vast majority of the current launching problems.

There have been a few people report that this fix has not worked for them and I believe that to be related to the directory in which they have the game installed. No need to mess around with installing it on a different directory though, simply try this:

If you open the .reg files in Notepad, you will notice paths referenced, for example: "codebase"="file:///D:/dev/LANoire/depot/Shared/Code/LANoire_Tools/ErrorHandler/ErrorHandler/bin/Debug/ErrorHandler.DLL"

In that case, "D:" is the drive letter, which is commonly used to install games. If this fix isn't working it's probably because you have L.A. Noire installed on another partition, perhaps, C:, E:, or any other letter. With Notepad still open, change the drive letter to the drive that you have L.A. Noire installed on. For example, if it's on the C: drive, change "D:" to "C:" (just after file:///). You will need to do that in a couple of places for each .reg file. Save the .reg files that include your customizations, and attempt the fix again.


If you notice that the Launcher is set to utilize DirectX 9, try switching to DirectX 11. There have been a couple of people report that the fix didn't work; switching to DirectX 11 was the only thing that worked for them.


If you encounter a fatal error referring to socialclub.dll when attempting to run the Launcher, run it again as Administrator. Right click it, go to Compatibility and check "Run this program as an Administrator". Thank you to Wintermute for discovering this solution.
Q: How does this work, why does it fix the game? 

A: It works by updating the registry, allowing the Launcher to locate references to dll files required to launch the game. Without these registry entries, the Launcher crashes because references to critical dlls can't be found. The Steam installation of the game should add these registry entries, but it doesn't for some reason, which is the root problem. 

Q: Is this legal, and can I get banned? 

A: It is perfectly legal, assuming you legally own the game to begin with. This is not a "crack", nor does it give anyone the ability to steal the game. The launch of the game still has to pass through Steam DRM and performing this tweak is not a breach of Steam's Rules and Guidelines. You're simply updating your system to be able to get Rockstar's faulty Launcher to succeed at launching the game. As far as Steam is concerned, you're running the game that you paid for, the same as you would normally. 

Q: Will the game run well, i.e. will there be any frame drops? 

A: The game will run as well as your system has the ability to run it. It will run the same as if the Steam version was working right now; it doesn't modify any files. It's just a little Windows tweak to be able to get past a spot that errors out in the launching of the game.
How To Uninstall This Fix
Although leaving this fix implemented will not harm or degrade your system in any way, if you're finished with L.A. Noire you can remove these registry entires easily by running this automated solution. This will also come in handy for when Rockstar release the offiicial fix so that you can verify everything works as intended.



1. Download the batch file I have provided using the link above. It will be entitled "Delete L.A. Noire Reg Keys.bat" in your download folder.

2. Right click on the .bat file and select "Run as Administrator". Otherwise, you may get an "access denied" error. Doing so will open a cmd prompt and the following message will be displayed.

3. Press any key, as instructed. The next registry key will then be deleted, and so on. For the last couple of registry entries you may get an error stating that the key could not be found, which simply means they were never there in the first place. The final prompt will look like the screenshot below.

4. Press any key one final time and the cmd window will close. You can delete the .bat file or save it for your records. Should you ever need to use this fix to run L.A. Noire in the future, simply follow the Step-by-step section again.
Special thanks
I'd like to thank the following members for their assistance with this guide:

-3xA'Lu©κy - For helping with the format and features. This guide is much more informative and streamlined for it.

Wintermute - For suggesting the guide in the first place. Without the suggestion, I wouldn't have thought to make it. And also, for providing the Russian translation!
Russian translation
Credit: Wintermute

Проблемы с запуском L.A. Noire? Попробуйте это решение!

Я написал этот путеводитель, т.к. запись на форуме сообщества, которую я сделал, похоже помогла многим людям. Представляя эту информацию в виде путеводителя, я надеюсь, что она послужит лучшим источником о том, из чего состоит решене и как его выполнить. Я искренне надеюсь что путеводитель поможет вам и вы сможете снова наслаждаться игрой.

Беспокоитесь насчет вирусов? Не бойтесь!


О каких проблемах говорится в данном путеводителе?
Steam-версия игры L.A. Noire на данный момент не работает - судя по всему, она перестала работать после последнего обновления системы Steam. Проблема, о которых говорится в этом путеводителе - когда программа-загрузчик игры закрывается, но игра не запускается. Steam или Rockstar не говорят, когда будет официальное решение проблемы. Решения, которые предлогает Rockstar, похоже не решают проблему для кого-либо.

Что включает в себя данное решение?
Решение неофициальное и включает в себя добавление нескольких записей в системный реестр Windows, но оно вполне безопасно. Вам не придется редактировать реестр вручную, просто запустите несколько .reg файлов чтобы добавить их в реестр. Сделав это, при следующей попытке игра запустится.

Пошаговые инструкции
1. Во-первых, вам понадобится архиватор - что-то вроде WinRAR или WinZip. Я пользуюсь программой WinRAR. Большинство архиваторов бесплатны либо имеют пробные версии.

2. Перейдите по ссылке, которая в следующей секции путеводителя, и скачайте файл. Название файла - "L.A. Noire Error Handler Reg Hacks.rar", она будет в папке скаченных файлов на вашем компьютере.

3. С установленным архиватором, откройте файл. Вы заметите, что он содержит 4 файла с расширением .reg:

4. Распакуйте файлы в любую папку, потом откройте ее.

5. Откройте файл с названием "Error Handler.reg". откроется следующее окно:

6. Нажмите Yes ("Да" в русских версиях Windows), чтобы записи были внесены в реестр. Откроется следующее окно:

7. Повторите шаги 5-6 для файла "Error Handler 2.reg". С этого момента игра может начать работать - попробуйте ее запустить.

8. Если игра все еще не запускается, повторите шаги 5-6 для двух оставшихся файлов, а потом запустите игру.

Вот и все! Ни один человек еще не жаловался, что решение не работает. Конечно, другие баги и проблемы, не связанные с этой проблемой, это может и не решить. Тем не менее, думаю, это решит большинство проблем с запуском игры, которые сейчас наблюдаются.
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WaffleEater2121 Dec 4 @ 5:10pm 
Thank you! Like many others, I was able to get it to launch after running the 2nd registry.
Vápno Dec 2 @ 8:56am 
WaxWeazle Dec 2 @ 6:11am 
Just a heads up, if you can't run the game because of the above tutorial and still get issues (e.g. no launcher). Try these 2 steps;

1. Create a new windows account with admin privileges and run it via that account
2. If you DO get a launcher but can't get further, run DXSETUP within your LA Noire install directory. That could help too.

I personally managed to get the game running in the end by having a separate windows account to play it, so... Just sharing that info for anybody who's frustrated as well, hoping it will help people :)
SysRq Nov 26 @ 7:57pm 
Thank you so much for this, really!
KodamaCutie Nov 23 @ 10:40pm 
Wow. After owning this game for 2 years, I am finally able ti make it past the launch screen! Thank you so, so much.
WaxWeazle Nov 12 @ 7:50am 
I feel like the most unlucky SOB right now.... I managed to get the game to boot up. ONCE. Wanted to make sure it wasn't a one time thing only and of course - that's just what it was.
Just ONCE.
Fuck sake :(
Jules Nov 9 @ 1:07pm 
That fixed it. I had tried 20 different "fixes" all without success. I had given up on ever playing this again when I saw this. I am very grateful to you.
generalofwar123 Nov 5 @ 5:59pm 
This did the fix! So many other methods failed to work, but I thank you for making this quick and easy. You're awesome
Hotaka Nov 2 @ 3:26pm 
I did #1 and #2. Fixed it like a charm.

Always a shame that it takes a passionate member of the game community to fix what Steam and/or Rockstar should fix.
Blims! Oct 29 @ 1:25pm 
Thank you so much! I used the first two reg files and now it works! 😊