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[HowTo] Change gender and colour in Rust! [2016]
By Raichuu
Tired of being Asian? Want to have a bigger noodle? Want to go black? Want to get bigger boobs? This HowTo will explain how to change your gender and colour in Rust!
Facepunch recently carried out a new update involving the addition of female characters to the game. They randomly assigned genders with random colours to everyone. As expected, a sheer amount of players is not satisfied with their character. Such can be that they prefer to be female or prefer to have a larger noodle.
This guide will help you fulfill your needs.
First steps to get ready!
Before someone can start, someone has to do a few steps. Here is what to do:
  • 1. You need to own a copy of Rust in your Steam library.
  • 2. You need your profile set on public.

After that is done, go to your Steam library and right click on Rust. Click on properties and make sure to go to launch options.
Once you are there, type in the following code lines, depending on what you want to become.
The codes are further below.
The codes to add in your launch options
Here is the list of codes available to change your character. Keep in mind that to add several properties, you have to simply put a space for the next code.
Furthermore, it does not work to use two codes from the same category. It can cause your game to crash.

Gender codes:
  • To get male: -sx39gme
  • To get female: -sx39gfe

Colour codes:
  • To be low white: -rc1w
  • To be heavy white: -rc2w
  • To be low black: -rc1b
  • To be heavy black: -rc2b
  • To be asian: -rc1a

Size of Noodle/Boobs:
  • Size 1 (smallest): -sz6s
  • Size 2 (medium): -sz6m
  • Size 3 (large): -sz6l

Now, to make an example: I want to be a black guy with a large noodle. So the code in the launch option is as following:
-sx39gme -rc2b -sz6l

That's pretty much about it. Whatever server you will join, you will have the right character now.

Furthermore, if you are interested in Nightcore,feel free to check this out.

This guide was brought to you by The Only Raichuu. Make sure to like this guide if it helped you and give a feedback!
And always remember: Eat well!
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Manu3l_ARG Jul 6 @ 4:02pm 
any update ?
czeque Jun 27 @ 9:25pm 
for me it might have been a coincidence, but it does work, except it only works the first time you launch. If youve logged in before, it wont work. I created an alt and family shared it, used the commands and it worked. again, could have been a coincidence.
Nemezo Apr 24 @ 6:41am 
Man this tutorial is awesome! It even lets me play this game as a fox. ( -sx39gme -rc2fox -sz6l )
Opprobrius Mar 28 @ 10:03pm 
Yeah, no. Didn't work. Everything is on public. Typed the command line in myself AND tried cut and paste. Tried changing servers. There's quite obviously some other modifier that affects this.
Thiefy Boi Mar 1 @ 6:17pm 
didn't work so oof
Leader Of the Reich Feb 17 @ 9:52am 
@raichuu did they patch this? it didn't work for me.
PewPew Feb 16 @ 3:48pm 
@raichuu i did everything you said to do and it did not work please could you help me i added u
Pybromancer Feb 1 @ 6:31am 
yeah still not working it seems
xRISEx Jan 19 @ 11:59am 
@raichuu hey bro 2019 and i cant seem to get this to work can u add me back and explain whats wrong my profile is public ect
Stimpy.jpg Jan 6 @ 7:23am 
wew it actuallys works, this is a good guide