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Workshop: Spawns
By Nelson Sexton
This guide explains how to create spawn tables for Unturned.
Spawn tables in Unturned are collections of weighted item, vehicle and animal IDs used for picking what to spawn. Any spawn table used in the game can be configured or created from scratch as instructed below:
  • Type: Spawn
  • ID: The spawn ID is used to reference it from other spawn tables, the level editor and assets such as interactable droppers, and is represented as an unsigned 16 bit integer meaning the range [0, 65535]. It is recommended not to use a value less than 1,000 as those are reserved for official content.
  • Roots: Number of parent spawn tables to attach to.
  • Root_#_Spawn_ID: Parent spawn table to attach to. For a mod that adds new content set this to the ID of a spawner on an official map to include it.
  • Root_#_Weight: Weight of this table in the parent spawn table.
  • Tables: Number of asset or spawn children of this table.
  • Table_#_Asset_ID: Item, vehicle or animal ID to spawn.
  • Table_#_Spawn_ID: If no assetID is set you can recursively spawn tables until an assetID is found. For example if you have common and rare item spawners you might make a table with spawnIDs set to their IDs.
  • Table_#_Weight: Weight of this spawn. All of the weights are added up and converted into percentages, e.g. 2 weights of 5 and 15 will turn into 25% and 75% respectively.
For the most part just using the legacy spawning system is probably fine for your map. If you would like to take advantage of including modded content and keeping up-to-date with new official content, however, it is fairly straightforward to upgrade your map and I've spent a good amount of time making the tools easy to do most of the work for you.

The important thing is to rename any tables that shouldn't use existing ones. For example if your table is called "Fire" it will find the existing fire fighter spawn table and use it instead. Any tiers that just spawn variants of an item, like flares, will find the spawner generating them and use it.

When you're ready you can enter a starting ID above 1000 and export legacy tables under the editor pause menu. These files will appear in your level folder and will also create an IDs.csv spreadsheet so that you can keep track of what's what. If you are making a new map and want to set up the table names and proxies quickly you can use the export proxy tables button. All of the table and loot IDs in the editor will have been set to those newly created spawns, so make sure to save to keep those changes.

You can now include assets for a specific map by putting them in a folder named "Bundles" inside the map folder. The primary use for this is including spawn table assets, but can also be used for custom files that won't be part of a separate pack.
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Im havin some trouble with makin these custom spawns on my server.
Can any1 help me out with it?
AlexGKrause Aug 23, 2016 @ 11:08am 
Need to set the spawn id to 0

0 is to do a custom id... If you search in spawn tables for 0, there will be none.
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how do u make a map from scratch?i have trouble making one.