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Freecam Workshop
By IDK31
I make freecams for games. Come see what I'm up to. Download beta freecams and help steer their creation. Let me know what works and what doesn't. Ask a question, get help, or let me know what you'd like to see in the future.
Welcome to my freecam workshop. Freecams give you the freedom to go anywhere anywhere you like. Discover hidden areas or see familiar ones from a new angle. Sometimes I add other features beyond being able to move the camera.

Some of these are BETA projects that you can try out. You can help guide their creation by letting me know what works, what doesn't, and make suggestions. I want to make them as useful and easy to use as possible. I design them with screenshotters in mind — people who enjoy capturing interesting and artistic images in games. See examples (not my own) of this hobby here: DeadEndThrills.com and Scrnsonder.com

All of these require a third-party program, Cheat Engine. Get it here http://www.cheatengine.org. Be sure not to install the optional Open Candy software or any other bundled software if prompted. DO NOT USE CHEAT ENGINE WITH ANY ONLINE/MULTIPLAYER GAME. You could potentially get a VAC ban. Take your screenshots, then close Cheat Engine.

Leave a message below at the bottom of the page or write to:

Here are some small tables I've made that some people may find useful:

(AR Unlocker removes the black bars so you can use any aspect ratio)

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com]
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com]
Dragon Age: Inquisition - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com]
Life is Strange - Before the Storm - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com]
Mass Effect 2 - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com] (+extras)
Mass Effect 3 - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com] (+extras)
Tomb Raider (2013) - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com] (for use with this[github.com])
Rise Of The Tomb Raider - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com]
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - AR Unlocker[drive.google.com]

Everspace - FOV editor +HUD toggle[drive.google.com]
Outlast - FOV editor[drive.google.com]
Vampyr - FOV editor/widescreen fix[drive.google.com] (trainer[drive.google.com])

FEZ - Freecam[drive.google.com]

Arktika.1[www.oculus.com] (non-Steam VR game) - Freecam +scaling[drive.google.com] (trainer[drive.google.com])
Chronos[www.oculus.com] (non-Steam VR game) - 1st-person mod +freecam[drive.google.com]
Edge of Nowhere[www.oculus.com] (non-Steam VR game) - Freecam[drive.google.com]

What Remains Of Edith Finch - Freecam[drive.google.com] by Smithfield

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elasticheart Dec 1 @ 3:46am 
Any plans on Sunset Overdrive?
Monkeybreadman Nov 25 @ 12:23pm 
Tried the new Ruiner table and it works for me, with reshade too. Thanks very much, keep up the great work
Temudjin Nov 24 @ 3:43pm 
Thanks man. It works again with the old one. I guess it was Reshade in the end !

Anyway, great stuff as always. And your speed of response / action is top notch man. A true hero of the free cam :VSnake:
IDK31  [author] Nov 23 @ 9:00pm 
That sucks about the Ruiner HUD. I didn't check with Reshade. Either way, I updated the table to include the old static address. The scripted one is still there but I stripped the hotkeys. Left them on the static, green address. That should work. The scripted HUD toggle still works perfect for me.
Temudjin Nov 23 @ 4:15pm 
Hey man ! First I'll say thanks for all the good work you did on these amazing free cam.

I've especially used your RUINER free cam. 1.1 worked flawlessly until they apperantly updated the game. I've tried 1.2 but for some reason, when I disable the HUD toggle, I hit the G key, the game gets a Fatal error and crash. It seems to be an UE4 error. I've verified multiples time the cache, I'm also using Reshade, but it never seemed to conflict between the two.

Anyway, i'll not force you on anything. You already work on so much stuff. Was more of a heads-up in case that happens as well for other people. Have a great day/ night man :) :Her2:
IDK31  [author] Nov 19 @ 12:26am 
Ruiner and Vampyr tables updated. I stopped being lazy and fixed the HUD toggle to be aobscans. Should be future-proof now?
naCermE Nov 17 @ 1:56am 
Btw, Again thank you for your time.
naCermE Nov 17 @ 1:56am 
Okey, so here is what I do:

- I open the game, version The Witnes [GOG] V

- I open your CE via Cheat Engine v6.8.1

- I change following settings; Edit > Settings > Hotkeys, set "keypoll" and "delay" to 10ms,

- I find the ''witnes64_d3d11.exe'' and open, then select yes to ''Keep the current adress list/code list?''

- Finally, press ''pagedown'' or tick the box near the ''>>CAMERA [PGDN]''

- And I get; Error:Failure determining what _tarX means.

So when writing I realised that my game's version is GOG. I will try this with the steam version of the game then I will report back here.

IDK31  [author] Nov 16 @ 12:48pm 
naCermE, I just tried the Witness freecam. It still works for me. You had the game running, and CE attached to the right process before initiating the script?
IDK31  [author] Nov 16 @ 11:59am 
Monkeybreadman, I don't have access to Ruiner right now. I deleted it, but you can find that address again yourself if you want to try.

The variable address I have it as, "Ruiner-Win64-Shipping.exe"+310AD1C, resolves to some real address. Search for addresses around 2000 above and below that. It will probably end with a C. The search term will be a float value 1.00000000. That should get you only a handful of hits. Try setting those values to 0 one at a time. Through trial and error you'll figure out which is the correct one as the HUD will go away. Set them all back to their dfault value of 1. Now, don't just delete the old entry. Edit the old entry to be the new address so you don't lose the hotkeys I assigned, H and G. Now the toggle should work until the next patch if there is one.