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Tower Unite Official Guide
By MacDGuy and 1 collaborators
The official guide to all things Tower Unite.
PLAY, CREATE, PARTY! Tower Unite is a community-based virtual world party game with online games, entertainment, activities, and absolutely NO microtransactions. This is an FAQ/guide on how things in the game work!
The Basics FAQ
Where can I buy the Jetpack?
Look for Rob’s Imports, the store for miscellaneous items. There’s many jetpacks to pick from!

How do I change my appearance?
Simple! Hit Escape and click Appearance. You can pick from four customisable default models or pick a Workshop player model.

How do I equip items?
Hold Q and you’ll see a compact inventory of equippable items. Drag one into your hotbar and hit the number you assigned it to on your keyboard.

How do I do emotes?
If you’re in the Plaza or a Condo, cold C and click Emotes.

What are Achievements, EXP and Milestones?
If you do something spectacular, you might get an Achievement! You can see the full list of Achievements here.

When you play games in Tower Unite, you’ll earn Experience (EXP). Each part of Tower Unite has its own EXP level, such as Ball Race and Fishing. Milestones give you cool item rewards for hitting certain EXP levels!

What is Global Chat?
Global Chat is a central chat that players can access from everywhere in Tower Unite - every minigame, every Condo, every Plaza. Just press Y to bring up the chat window, and hit Tab to make sure you’re in Global Chat. what’s Local Chat?
Local Chat is the exclusive chat to each server - for example if you want to speak to someone standing next to you in a Plaza, Local Chat is a good place to do it.
Plaza FAQ
What is this? Where am I?
Welcome to the Plaza, the central location for everything in Tower Unite. You can meet up with friends, play Trivia or Bowling, visit the Casino, go Fishing, participate in seasonal events, ride the Ferris Wheel, and so much more. You can also access the Game World Ports if you’re looking to head straight into a game like Virus, Minigolf or Ball Race.

What’s the point of the Plaza?
The plaza is a central destination to meet new people, hang out, and play minigames. You earn Units, the virtual currency of Tower Unite, while playing games like Typing Derby, Bowling and pop-up minigames such as Target Practice. Once you’ve got enough saved up, you can buy cool items in the Plaza stores such as decorative items for your Condo, wearables, pets, and more!

How do I earn Units?
There’s many ways to earn those precious Units. The most profitable way is to play a Game World, such as Minigolf, Zombie Massacre or Virus. You can also earn units from the Plaza - such as the Casino and minigames like Trivia, Bowling, Laser Tag, and Typing Derby.

What are the Game Worlds?
The Game Worlds is the collective name for our main games - Virus, Minigolf, Zombie Massacre, Ball Race, Little Crusaders, and Planet Panic. There’s a teleporter to the Game World Ports in the Main Plaza Square, where you can queue up for a game!

What are Condos?
Condos are your own personal space, ready for you to decorate in any way you like. There are many to choose from, and there’s loads of items for you to place everywhere. Access them from the main menu or in the plaza - in the Tower Lobby, after taking the stairs there’s a teleporter on your left.

There’s an RGB Ferris Wheel?!
Yes. Welcome to the future. Hold W to swing!

How do I fish?
To get started with Fishing, make your way to the Fishing Dock. You’ll see a magic floating fish called Sir Reel. Buy a Fishing Rod and some bait, then equip it and find a fishing area - marked by rectangular blue borders in sea areas.

Once you’ve cast your fishing rod, wait for a fish to approach the bait. When you see a red bite animation, left-click and try to match your white curve with the fish’s curve. If you do it well enough, you’ll catch a fish!

What else is there to do?
The Plaza is also home to Trivia, Laser Tag, Typing Derby, Trivia, the Casino, a Pool (with slides!) and the Stores. Every few minutes a Minigame will run, such as Target Practice or Balloon Shoot. Look out for the handy countdown timer in the bottom left of your screen! We also decorate the Plaza for events like Halloween and the Holidays!
Minigolf FAQ
I’ve never played Minigolf before. What is it?
It’s just like regular golf, but… mini. Okay, specifically, it’s a game where you aim to hit a golf ball into a hole with the least amount of shots possible. These shots are called strokes, and in both regular and mini golf, a lower score is better. We have plenty of decorative maps, each with their own theme - from pirate ships to a frozen forest.

How do I shoot this ball?
Simple. Just aim the cursor where you want to go, and left click. The further your cursor from the ball, the more power the shot has.

What’s a “Birdie”?
A birdie is when you score one under the par score for the hole. The par score is an expected average of scores across several plays of the game. If you score two under par, it’s called an eagle, and three under par is an albatross.

This golf course is too hard!
That’s not a question. Make sure to check the difficulty level before entering a course!

Can you help me with this golf course?
Sure! Here’s some advice. It definitely helps to familiarize yourself with the course and the holes. Try a round where you just practice taking shorter, less powerful shots in an attempt to try to find a good path to get to the hole. When you feel more comfortable, start making riskier shots that bank off of the sides.

How many Units do I earn?
You get paid depending on how well you do on a hole. A hole in one is worth the most units, and the amounts go down from there. For easy reference, while in a Game World, such as Minigolf, open the score menu with tab and click on Payouts. It'll list all the payouts you can earn!
Ball Race FAQ
Why am I in an orb?
That’s what Ball Race is all about! Compete against other players, collect those melons, and try to be the fastest orb master around.

Why are there melons everywhere?
They’re collectibles! Go grab ‘em to get some extra Units at the end of the round.

I fell off. Now what?
Don’t sweat it, it’s no big deal. You have 3 lives to complete each course. If you run out of lives, you’ll have to sit that level out. You won’t get any bonus Units, however.

This level is too hard! How can I make it easier?
One of the most challenging aspects about Ball Race is your momentum. Learn to tread carefully, and don't always worry as much about coming in first place.

How many Units do I earn?
You get units based on what place you come in, and whether or not you complete the map in the time limit. You also get a bonus for not losing any lives. Obviously, first place gets the most Units, followed by second, et cetera. Melons also give you more Units!
Virus FAQ
What’s Virus?
Virus is a fast-paced shooter Game World. There are two teams - the Infected and the Survivors. At the start of each round, a random player will become Infected. Their goal is to infect everyone else. The Survivors have weapons they can use to survive. If the timer runs out, all remaining survivors win. If the virus spreads to everyone, the Infected win.

Why am I on fire?!
You’re infected. Touch other players to infect them too. As an Infected, your goal is to infect all the survivors.

What if I’m a Survivor?
As a survivor, you’re outfitted with a random arsenal of guns, as well as TNT and adrenaline. You just need to survive until the time runs out.

What do all these weapons do?
Good question! Each and every weapon has different stats and functions. Give them all a try! Some guns, like the Sonic Shotgun, have an alternate fire function that can be really useful.

TNT? Isn’t that a little antiquated?
The TNT is like a proximity mine. Place it down, and it explodes when an Infected gets within its radius.

What’s the Adrenaline for?/b]
Adrenaline makes you run faster. You can press C to quickly use it, which is useful for when you’re in danger! Careful, you can only use it once per round!

How many Units do I earn?
You get paid more if your team wins. You also get a bonus for being one of the top survivors, and for being the last survivor. Infected get bonuses for infecting.
Zombie Massacre FAQ
Why are there zombies everywhere?!
Welcome to Zombie Massacre, a top-down class-based survival game. There’s 6 classes to choose from, and each has different special items and combo powers. Your goal is to kill zombies coming from every direction and survive until the game ends.

What weapons can I use?
Some zombies may drop new weapons when you kill them, such as the magnum, phaser, flame thrower, rocket launcher, chainsaw, baseball bat, M4A1 and egon cannon. In total, there’s over 30 weapons you can use to massacre those zombies.

These zombies are too overpowered!
Keep in mind that each map has its own difficulty. You’ll also want to upgrade after every round. You can upgrade your starting health, amount of lives, your speed, as well as upgrade your weapons and abilities.

How do I win?
To win, you need to survive for six days. If everyone runs out of lives and the zombies take over, you’ll be able to try again.

How many Units do I earn?
The total amount of Units you earn for each round varies on many different factors. You can check exactly what earns you what by holding Tab and clicking Payouts in-game.
Little Crusaders FAQ
What’s Little Crusaders?
Little Crusaders is a 1-vs-all 3-6 player game where one player is randomly selected to be a giant dragon.

What does the Dragon do?
The dragon’s job is simple: Eat all the Knights before they climb on your back and push the giant button. As the Dragon, players can use the R key to flick the dragon’s tail, stunning any Knights behind them, and right-click to let out a mighty roar and terrify those poor Knights.

What do the Knights do?
If you’re not the dragon, you’re a Knight. Your job is to sneak your way over to the Dragon and push the giant button on its back. But be careful, because if the Dragon eats all the Knights it’s game over for you!

How many Units do I earn?
The total amount of Units you earn for each round varies on many different factors. You can check exactly what earns you what by holding Tab and clicking Payouts in-game.
Condo FAQ
My condo is empty! How can I decorate it?
You’ll need Units to buy items, which you can use to decorate your Condo and make it truly yours. Luckily, we’ve got hundreds of items in stock!

Oh, so I need to get Units first?
Yep. Play some of the Game Worlds or Plaza activities and you’ll have plenty of units in no time.

I bought some furniture, now how do I decorate?
Hold Q to open your inventory. Then drag the item you’d like to place on to the floor. It’s that simple! Use the scroll wheel to rotate furniture while you’re placing them.

My furniture says it’s colorable, how do I do that?
After you place a piece of furniture down in your condo, right-click it to get some options, such as coloring. You can also customize the walls and floors of Condos the same way!

How do Canvases work?
Canvases are ways to show images in your Condo. They’re perfect for adding custom artwork, signs, posters etc. To add an image to a canvas, right-click the canvas, select Edit, and paste the image link into the box that appears.
Inventory Tags
In Tower Unite, there are several unique tags an item can have. Tags are identifiers of inherent properties of the item. You can see the tags in store, when hovering over an item in your inventory, or in the Inventory tab in the pause/main menu.

This item can be equipped to your Inventory Hot Bar. For example, weapons or attachable items like pets.

You can wear this item by equipping it in the Appearance menu.

You can display an image on this item if you place it in your Condo.

This item cannot be unlocked at a store and was found through other means. Items with this tag are rare, so keep hold of them!

This item is special and can't be unlocked through gameplay. This tag only applies to backer items or legacy donor items.

This item can only be placed down once and then it's removed from your Inventory. Items like beer or soda have this tag.

This item is a media player and can playback YouTube videos.

This item can be colored. This usually applies to furniture and lamps.

This item is related to the Fishing minigame.

This rare item can only be obtained by hitting a Milestone.

This item isn’t finished yet. You should expect items with this tag to have glitches or unwanted behavior. Only a few items have this tag, but it’s necessary until all the items have reached the level of quality we expect. There’s no harm in buying it as when the item is completed, your owned item will be updated to the completed version. Buying items with this tag is almost like a pre-order.
Reporting and Blocking FAQ
How do I report bugs?
You can report bugs directly to us here on the PixelTail Forums[]. Also make sure to read the Bug Report Guidelines[] first!

How do I report players?
To report a player, click their name in the tab menu or in chat, and click Report. Type in your reason for reporting, and include any evidence you may have (eg. a link to a screenshot or a video).

How do I block players?
Click their name on the Tab menu or in chat, and click Block.

How do I block Workshop models?
You can block workshop models from appearing by searching for it in the Workshop player models menu (Appearance > Browse Workshop) and clicking the red Block button. Or, if someone is using it in-game, find their name in the Tab menu and click on their name and select Block Player Model.

What are the Content settings?
If you don’t want gore, vomit or profanity to appear in the game, you can turn them off by going to Settings > Content.

What about blocking Canvases?
When you join another player’s Condo, you’ll be asked whether you want to trust or block their canvases. Canvases are items that display custom images from the Internet - if you trust the player, you can click Trust and the images will show. Otherwise, click Block and the images won’t show. If you head into Settings > Content, you can access more advanced options.

This also applies for voice chat. If someone is banned from voice chat in the Plaza and you have the setting turned on, they won't be able to use voice chat in your Condo or Game World.
That’s pretty much everything you need to know about playing Tower Unite! If you have any other questions, you can always ask in our Discord server[] or on our Forums[].
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You catch them while fishing
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How do i get sea dollers, is there a cheat code or any way to get them
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it's less effective to ask in this comment section, it's better either join forum, official discord server or steam discussions section .:Speech_Love: i hope this comment didn't hurt anyone feeling :Speech_Love:
CheshireLeChat Feb 13, 2021 @ 2:58am 
I've very recently started playing. How do you leave games such as Accelerate? Once I join I can't seem to get out of it, there's no key that returns you to the plaza or a menu option that I can find. So far my only method is to disconnect to the main menu which seems inconvenient.
4Donuts Feb 3, 2021 @ 1:37pm 
instead of talking to us like we're retards and telling us how to use WASD how about you give some actual useful tips for some of the minigames?
Reborn Nov 28, 2020 @ 4:30pm 
If you're talking about the potions that make you smaller or larger just hold Q and drag them to to one of your equip slots.
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how do i drink a potion?? ty!
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how do i pair a button to a light?
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Hello OFFLINE AGC is my Problem did someone know whats happend? I Startet the Game and go to Plaza, i talked with a Skelett NPC there and i don´t know but know i can´t Buy anything and in the Left Corner down the screen there i can see the OFFLINE (AGC) And i don´t know whats going on. Pleace Help me