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Improved Train Sounds
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Mar 17, 2016 @ 11:36pm
Jul 14 @ 11:36am
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Improved Train Sounds

This mod replaces the standard trains sounds in ATS with improved versions.

As of game update 1.5, the new "AI" trains will now spawn with a minimum of 12 rolling stock (value may increase in the future).

UPDATE: Mod has been updated to be compatible with the new 1.38 update.

Made with FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
Dovetail Games - Sounds from Train Simulator
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Deebz__ Jul 3 @ 2:11pm 
Fair enough then, looking forward to the update.
TruckerKid  [author] Jul 3 @ 2:00pm 
Also, all the def files for the AI had a file type change so I had to update those and add a new function that was added specifically for trains.
TruckerKid  [author] Jul 3 @ 1:57pm 
There were changes that did effect this mod, there were changes to a file I use to help prevent trains from rapidly spawning, so there will be errors and/or bugs if left alone once 1.38 goes public.
Deebz__ Jul 3 @ 12:51pm 
FYI this mod will need updated to be compatible with 1.38. Could probably just get away with updating the version.sii file though, since I doubt there have been any game changes which affect this mod.
lbesmit Jun 6 @ 6:49am 
Will do! Thank you both.
POWE®FULL™ Jun 4 @ 9:04pm 
I also temporarily deactivate the compatibility addons I created until the incompatibilities are fixed
POWE®FULL™ Jun 4 @ 9:03pm 
@lbesmit Hello. please refrain from co-activating the mods Improved trains, and improved train sounds (including compatibility add-ons for them) until the reasons for the incompatibility of these mods are completely eliminated
POWE®FULL™ Jun 4 @ 9:00pm 
@TruckerKid Hi. I already wrote to you about this problem in personal messages. The problem is that you did not create a new bank (as it is written in the guides "always create a new bank") but used the one that I provided you with as a model (just changing its contents). Now the game sees our banks as one and the same bank, despite the fact that you changed the name of the bank and the events in it, their signatures remain unchanged. therefore, the game cannot use sounds from two banks at the same time, since a bank higher in priority replaces another bank with the same signature. so you made a little incompatible mistake.
TruckerKid  [author] Jun 4 @ 2:05pm 
That particular sound is not referenced in my mod, as I removed that particular train (along with the other "mover" type trains) from support because it would cause incompatibilities with other mods/ map dlc's if I included it. Might be POWE®FULL™'s train mod that's causing that.
lbesmit Jun 4 @ 12:28pm 
@TruckerKid Hi, I've got an issue with train sounds not working.
The console message I get is
[fmod] (70) The specified bank has already been loaded.
[sound] Failed to initialize sound '/sound/' .

Would be great if you could help me!