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[TTT] Star Wars - The Force
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Mar 1, 2016 @ 6:32am
Aug 11, 2018 @ 1:54pm
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[TTT] Star Wars - The Force

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This is an addon for the mode "Trouble in Terrorists Town". Pls don't report errors or leave negative comments if you tried it in another mode.



As a Traitor you are now able to buy a light saber, which will grant you the way to the dark side. You can kill your enemies with the power of the Sith and hit them with lighning strikes, use the force or melt their bones with your light saber. As a Detective you are able to buy a light saber as well but with the force of the Jedi you won't be able to cast a lighning strike.


* a green lightsaber for the Detective and a red one for the traitor with world- and viewmodels from
* 3 different types of force usage switchable with the reload key (r)
- force lightning
- force block
- force push
- force pull

* a HUD next to the ammo, which will show you the current mode of force
* limited force, which you will regain over time
* one little trap with the force lightning (discover yourselves ;) )

Update 1.01

Hey guys,

I know its been a long time, but i reworked it a little bit and tried to fix all the bugs you reported to me. Please tell me if they got resolved and if there are new ones :) I also reworked the push and pull mechanics (they should now be really fun to use :P)

I decided to focus more on doing mods again and thatswhy I got the idea to open a Patreon [] site for myself. If you want you can pledge me, but it will continue doing addons nevertheless.

Update 1.02

* New Feature: I implemtented a force block, which will let you block incoming shots from your front and will reflect them. You can direct the reflected shots with your crosshair (as you would shoot with a gun).
For the block, just switch to the mode and hold Secondary Fire (just as the other force modes).As a downside it will constantly drain your force and you will get slowed a little bit.

Update 1.03

The Force (Push / Pull) now works in a cone in front of you, which will lead to a much smoother handling, but I reduced the range as a compensation. Additionally the melee attack got buffed. Your enemies now get damage, if they walk to close in front of the lightsaber (which leads to nicer combos with the "pull" force).

Update 1.04

Recreated the lightsaber skins and added dynamic light around the blade. For more informations see the youtube video!

Update 1.05

I designed new view- and worldmodels from scratch. This includes custom animations for all force modes and cool block animations. Additionally I improved the rendering a little bit. And last but not least: The force lightning has better visuals and force regeneration has been increased.


ttt_lightsaber_t_buy (def. 1) - Should the Traitors be able to buy the Lightsaber.
ttt_lightsaber_d_buy (def. 1) - Should the Detectives be able to buy the Lightsaber.
ttt_lightsaber_primary_damage (def. 50) - The primary damage of the Lightsaber.
ttt_lightsaber_lightning_damage (def. 20) - The force lightning damage per tick.
ttt_lightsaber_force_regen (def. 10) - The force regenerated per second.
ttt_lightsaber_block_cost (def. 20) - The force cost of the force block per second.

Newest Item: [TTT] Demonic Possession (Passive)
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Mr. Pickles Apr 5 @ 2:21am 
I've been having issues where the options for the force pull/push/block/lightning all swap, so if I go to push someone, it will fire lightning at them, etc
MrOrangeCloud Feb 13 @ 11:45am 
vv Thanks
MrOrangeCloud Feb 13 @ 11:45am 
v Please fix this bug asap
MrOrangeCloud Feb 13 @ 11:45am 
I just keep getting an error so I deleted this and I am still getting the error
Grims Hat Feb 4 @ 10:52pm 
This needs a sandbox version
BlueBeetle Jan 3 @ 10:17pm 
is there a way to give yourself this item through entity
Guy_In_GasMask Nov 28, 2018 @ 3:20pm 
is there a sandbox version?
LeBroomer  [author] Oct 7, 2018 @ 12:46am 
Bananaman Its weapon_ttt_detective_lightsaber for the Green and weapon_ttt_traitor_lightsaber dir the Red one.
Hübedübe Oct 6, 2018 @ 9:58am 
what is the name of the entity from the lightsaber? like ttt_weapon_lightsaber? (i want to bind my f1 key to buy lightsaber.if you were wondering)
Кавайный сатана Aug 31, 2018 @ 4:49am 
sandbox version?