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Fury of Dracula (3rd ed.) - Master Edition
Number of Players: 2, 3, 4, 4+
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Feb 21, 2016 @ 7:38pm
Apr 9 @ 7:49am
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Fury of Dracula (3rd ed.) - Master Edition

"Eight years ago Mina Harker and her companions returned home from Castle Dracula believing that they had definitively banished the vampire Count’s evil presence from the earth. They were wrong. The King of the Un-Dead has now risen again to menace mankind. Throughout Europe wolves are behaving strangely, superstitious peasants are growing fearful, and mysterious deaths are proliferating. Tormented by uncanny dreams and haunting visions of nighttime travel and drinking blood, Mina has rejoined her former companions, now even more determined to find Count Dracula and destroy him once and for all.

In Fury of Dracula you undertake their perilous quest, hunting Dracula across Europe and battling him wherever he is revealed. Or you take on the role of the legendary Count Dracula himself as he seeks to thwart these pursuers and plunge the entire continent into an unrelenting and evil darkness."

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This is a revised edition based on the mod by Faustian Rubble; the great majority of textures originate from his mod. Other credits so far are included in the list of changes below.

NOTE *** This revised edition will be undergoing updates over the next 2 weeks as new miniatures and scripting are added. ****

The following changes have been made for this Revised edition:
- Board image heavily retouched for greater visual quality, eliminating artifacts from the scanning process, recontrasting, and altering saturation levels to make board features stand out more to the eye in TTS.
- All textures and templates on all cards, tiles and tokens retouched to make colours pop and clean artifacts from the scanning process.
- Heavily reduced unnecessarily large file-sizes for deck templates.
- Influence Marker Custom Model added to appear more authentic to the tabletop game.
- Scales of everything increased to make less cramped.
- Added Change-State Day/Night solar/lunar 3D model to aid Hunters in remembering when they can and cannot make Move Actions.
This is an edited version of work from two sources; Credits: RKK's "Sun planet solar system" on Artist-3D; Galilei Galileo's "Moon planet satellite astronomy object" on Artist-3D.
- "Trail Mat" object provided to aid Dracula in reminding him at a glance what is on the Trail without need to lose time checking as the Hunters go to new Cities.
- Location Cards divided into region for speed of selection in TTS.
- Organising label objects provided for Location Cards.
- 1 x Dracula Character Figurine added [4x more Character Figurines will be added in updates over the next 2 weeks].
This is a modified, retextured and Change-Stated reassembly of parts from multiple models.
Credits for sources of these parts: Vess's "Vess's Faction Pack-Undead+Haunted Sky Background" Workshop mod; 3dregenerator's "Witch 3d model" model on TF3DM; Unknown contributor's "Witch female character woman supernatural creature" model on Artist-3D; Anonymous contributor's "Europe and United States Aristocratic Male Free 3dmax Model" on 123Free3DModels.
Change-State for Character Figure is a Giant Bat model; Credit: JJ.Sch's "Warhammer Quest 3D Miniatures."
- Damage, Fog, Storm, Bats, Despair, Map Reference added as Custom Models instead of Custom Tokens.
- Damage Tokens redesignated as damage instead of health.
- Damage Tokens Change-Stated for 1pt / 5pts Damage.
- Custom Bags for Damage tokens.
- Added defined deck and discard areas for Items, Events and Encounters.
- Board integrated into table.
- Extensive layout changes.
- Some Rotational Snap Points added.
- Snap Points on Cities removed to prevent player-pieces from being Snapped into one another when they share the same City.
- Flavour letter object added.
- Flavour model prop added (modified, retextured, etc) "Vess's Faction Pack-Undead+Haunted Sky Background"
- New Custom Background.
N.B. This is an edited version of a Custom Background from another mod on the Workshop - unfortunately I've lost track of which one. If anyone can inform me, please comment below so I can give credit.
- Lighting setting altered.
- Removed some flavour props ("Fury of Dracula" sign; bat-models; monuments).
- Hand Zones redrawn [dual-zone for Dracula].
- Hand Zone colours changed per player.
- Hidden Zone redrawn.
- Small side-table added to give Dracula some additional space.
- Numerous Name, Toggle, Physics, Reflectivity and Tint-setting alterations.

UPDATE: 04/03/16: Replaced Time tracker with Custom Model so could be non-convex and larger in scale without interfering with Influence tracker at certain points; Increased scale of Influence tracker; Removed aberrant "11111" naming of table extension board; Modified Trailmat to include snap-pointed spaces for Lairs.

[My apologies for being late with the updates for the additional x4 miniatures and scripting - they are on their way.]

UPDATE: 21/10/17: Misc. changes to overhaul layout and appearance of the mod. Mina Harker figurine added. Additional changes on the way.
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Cluny  [author] Feb 22 @ 6:52am 
Can you give an example of objects you dropped onto the surface that fell until it respawned?
That shouldn't be possible, so if it's happening that's something I need to address it, but I've been unable to reproduce the problem you're referring to. As for where the table 'begins and ends' - it doesn't end - it just goes on to the edges of the whole game area out to the 'walls' where the background is textured on.
Adramelech Feb 22 @ 3:09am 
Really? o_o

But this makes placing cards and tokens on the table really hard, you cannot see where the table ends or starts. They just stay on air or you miss it and it falls until they respawn.
Cluny  [author] Feb 21 @ 4:30pm 
It's intended to look like that. The "table" surface is the board itself and a transparent surrounding.
Adramelech Feb 21 @ 3:40pm 
I don't know if you are still maintaining this mod. There is a problem with the table for me, i tried to delete and reinstall the mod but it didn't help. I cannot see (and my friends also cannot see) the table and it causes a lot of problems. Proof:

Thanks in advance.

Ps. Also, would you consider using something like kraken table? I tried to add it and all but i suck at modding in tts.
Grunkle Dan Feb 5 @ 8:54am 
Can't wait for those finished player models.
theoriginalcoleman Jan 12 @ 11:32am 
Oh, man. How embarassing. I totally forgot about that. Thank you so much! Beautiful program you've made here.
Cluny  [author] Jan 12 @ 10:52am 
Yes - you will find it in the Tabletop Simulator tutorial, in fact, from the main menu. The action is to hold the deck in the air, then hold down Alt and right-click for each card.
theoriginalcoleman Jan 12 @ 10:20am 
How do you draw a card from the bottom of the event deck without seeing the card underneath? Asking for the hunters who do a supply action at night. The whole point of drawing off the bottom of the deck is so you don't know whether you're getting a Dracula event, so it works to just flip the whole deck and take the first card on the stack, but as soon as I pull that card away I can see the new bottom card on the stack. Is there a way to draw off the bottom without flipping the deck over?
Cluny  [author] Jan 5 @ 4:48pm 
Hopefully I'll have found the time to finish the models within a couple of weeks (though I appreciate that's what I said last in my last reply on the subject, erroneously).
Orlando Jan 5 @ 4:11pm 
Fury of Dracula is one of my favorite board games and this mod does justice to it! Cant wait to see the rest of the models implemented! :)