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Drew's Synergies Class Pack (v.609)
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Feb 16, 2016 @ 10:54am
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Drew's Synergies Class Pack (v.609)

Archer, Assassin, Blighted, Druid, Gunslinger, Monk, Prophet and Psion classes for use with the SynergiesMod.

Mod that provides new classes that are geared for play with the SynergiesMod. This mod needs to be loaded before the SynergiesMOD in order to work correctly. Note that this mod is not compatible with other mods that provide classes with the same names (like a monk class). If you want to try to get that to work, load the mod you want active before the other mods (not guaranteed to work). If you want to play these classes outside of Synergies, use this mod instead.

If you want to download the mod outside of Steam, go here:

Monk Class

Included in this is my Monk class that was published first as a separate mod.

Monk is considered done at this point but items may be changed or balancing as needed.

The monk has Martial, Sun and Moon skills. The martial skills focus on bare handed combat. The sun skills focus on fire damage and the moon skills focus ice damage as well as improved health and survivability.

Assassin Class

In addition to the Monk, this mod provides an Assassin class. The Assassin skills are based on surprise attacks, poison damage and laying traps. The choice weapons of the Assassin include claws, swords and throwing knives.

Assassin is done and balanced. There may be some more tweaks and bug fixes if needed, but I do not plan to do any more work on this class. I did a full run through with a hybrid traps/shuriken build and I'm happy with it.

The assassin has Martial, Toxin and Trap skills. The Martial skills focus on physical and stealth based skills. The Toxin tree has mostly poison based skills. The Trap skills focus on bombs, traps and sentries.

Druid Class

The druid class focuses on the three skill tiers of Shapeshifting, Nature and Summoning. Although not possible to permanently shapeshift, the druid will use skills to attack as a werewolf temporarily.

Archer Class

The archer is a ranger that focuses on ranged attacks using the bow and crossbow. The three skill tiers are Archery, Hunting and Survival.

Prophet Class

The prophet is a priest-like character that can bring down the judgements of God on his or her enemies. The Judgment skill tree provides for damaging skills, including those of the plagues. The Sancification skill tree focuses on defensive and purification skills. The Blessings skill tree grants the prophet grants mutually exclusive auras that affect the prophet and allies.

Psion Class

The psion is a character that can affect his or her surroundings using mental powers. The psion relies heavily on focus. The Mental skill tree gives the psion the ability to use mental force to affect people and affect energy. The Physical skill tree grants the psion control over physical forces. The Emotional skill tree allows the psion to control the emotions and thoughts of others.

Blighted Class

The blighted is a character that is permanently affected by emberblight. They use Nether energies and can summon minions from the Nether realm. The Void skill tree gives skills that embrace powers from ember void energies. The Corruption skill tree invovles abilities that are twisted and result from the corruption of the emberblight in the hero. The Conjuring skill tree gives the blighted one the ability to summon Netherim monsters from the void for a short duration.

Gunslinger Class

The gunslinger class is build around using dual-wielding pistols and auto-attacks. There are other variations to create as well. The gunslinger can use ammunition that casts skills upon normal hits when pistols are equipped.



The Monk character icons come from the FarEast mod Monk icons.
The Druid character icons are currently borrowing the Synergies Ranger icons (I'd love to have someone submit new ones if you have the skills!)
Some of the skill icons for the Blighted come from the well done Nethermancer mod.
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pacohenriquebadia Oct 26 @ 10:26am 
I put the mods in this order:

Drew's Synergis Class Pack
Synergies and Essentials Patch
Torchlight 2 Essentials
Synergies LOWPOP
Synergies Mod

Apparently the game is not breaking or giving an error, everything seems to work correctly.
Still, could someone tell me if this order is correct? I appreciate the help!

drewrobi  [author] Oct 25 @ 6:28pm 
I have not used that mod. It has a ton of other mods in it, so no really way for me to know. The only mod I know that it doesn't work was a mod with a monk class (far east mod?). Both mods used a unit type of monk and that breaks the monk classes in both.
pacohenriquebadia Oct 23 @ 9:08am 
Can play with Synergies+Essencial mods? With yes, can help me with order?
Thx for good Mod!
drewrobi  [author] Oct 7 @ 7:37pm 
drewrobi  [author] Oct 3 @ 9:51am 
@eggman - yes, the class gets a generated shield while using a staff. If you want a class built for using a shield (equipment), try the psion
Eggman Oct 2 @ 7:49pm 
Thanks Drewrobi.

I am playing with Prophet. You said Staff + Shield. The staff is two-handed so I cannot wear a shield. Or you mean the shield that gets activated with full charge?
drewrobi  [author] Oct 2 @ 3:12pm 
No build guides yet, just been creating classes. As for most fun, depends on what you enjoy.

Staff + shield + magic = prophet
Archer is pretty self explanatory
Traps + poison = Assassin
Martial arts = Monk
Melee + summon + magic = Druid
Pistols = Gunslinger
Summon + Melee + Magic = Blighted one
Eggman Oct 2 @ 3:51am 
Looks great! Never used this mod before. Which class is the most fun, and are the are build guides?
drewrobi  [author] Oct 1 @ 7:11pm 
New class (mostly tested, but not fully balanced yet) published!!!

Enjoy the gunslinger

Primarily a dual-wielding pistol class that mostly focuses on auto-attacks
drewrobi  [author] May 8 @ 4:16pm 
So that skill is basically a clone of stone pact of the outlander with new graphics. It has the same healing amount, but 2% less than the outlander's skill for the armor bonus. My guess is that you have fairly high armor which the reconstitution is boosting.

I haven't balanced the psion much for synergies, so I'll have to try it a bit more. I'm about ready to role out a new class very soon (the gunslinger) and I'm balancing that at the moment