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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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How To Customize Your C4 Code
By ChenBr and 1 collaborators
How To Edit Your C4 Code -Found By AmitKilo
1080p 60FPS !
The video:

This video will teach you how to change and make your own bomb code!

Song From: FZD School of Design | Watch in 1080P 60FPS!

  • I'm first to discover this trick since the game is out, please don't forget to credit me/send people to this guide, I worked A LOT on it.

  • You won't get VAC BANNED, since you're simply editing a system font.

  • To see the code better, you can lower your "viewmodel_fov" and "viewmodel_offset_y" values.

  • You can also use other languages and different fonts (not explained in the video), to do so, open a different .tff (font file) and copy the letters from it.

  • if you have any problems with a code, you can always download the backup font and install it.

  • There are custom symbols on the code pack, that's also not a part of the guide since it's more complicated, I used another software called "Font Creator" to make it.

  • This is fully client sided which means you're the only one who is able to see it!
Code Logic:
    Counter Strike's bomb code is "7355608", meaning:
    • Every code you edit will repeat itself on the third letter.
    • You can't have more than 7 letter slots
    • If you want a shorter code than 7 letters, you can add empty spaces.
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Custom Bomb Codes Pack 1:
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