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Star Wars: T70 X-Wing
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Jan 22, 2016 @ 3:09pm
Jan 1, 2018 @ 7:16pm
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Star Wars: T70 X-Wing

In 1 collection by Syphadias
Star Wars Vehicles Collection
53 items

LucasFilm and Disney for Star Wars
Model by EA
Mesh Fixed & Ported by Syphadias
BB-8 Model by Mister Prawn
Script Template by Liam0102

Old T70 Credits:
Materials for Blue X-Wing by Liam0102
Materials for Poe's X-Wing by Lightcruiser
Testing by Liam0102 and myself
Pictures by Dr Daniel Jackson / Lightcruiser

- T70 X-Wing
-- Cockpit is enterable
-- Fires Ion Torpedos
-- Random BB-8 Skins
- T70 Black-One X-Wing
-- Cockpit is enterable
-- Fires Ion Torpedos
-- Always Orange Colored BB-8

This model no longer has a skin group as of right now
Changing to Poe's X-Wing Skin:
C > Right Click X-Wing > Skin > Skin 1

Known issues at this time:
- Landing with wings OPEN will cause a Lua error
-- Fix is Don't Land with wings OPEN... Lol...

This Addon Requires Liam0102's Star Wars Vehicle Pack Found Below:

Link to the whole Collection of Star Wars Vehicles by
Liam0102, Doctor Jew, The Doctor, and Myself:
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Bismarckツ Jul 1, 2021 @ 4:09am 
can you make a LFS version of this?
SigOlt Jul 2, 2020 @ 12:44pm 
If you wan't the controls go to star wars vehicles episode 1. If you can't open the wings press SHIFT.
Solid Snake Feb 2, 2020 @ 5:01pm 
I still prefer the old T-65 X-Wing's
SonicX224 Feb 15, 2019 @ 6:32pm 
i would request the T-85 X-Wing but you have retired, so I won't
Syphadias  [author] Apr 21, 2018 @ 7:07pm 
Read previous comments or just unsubscribe I am not gonna keep saying how to fix it, then no one to listen to a word I say... Thats totally a YOU problem not a ME problem... And dare you say its a ME problem I will prove you wrong with videos from my end and then block you from posting on any addon. So you best figure it out before I open a can of whoopass... Tired of the lack of motivation anyone has on fixing stuff on their end... I don't have any control over GMods corrupt file downloading system... Can everyone tell that I am done with the You problems? I mean shit it works for me and I am subscribed to the addon myself, I don't keep the files in my addons folder either... I do stuff to where I know what breaks and what doesn't and this addon is Not broken in anyway... @Pilothalo60885 post a screenshot link on my Profile of the XWing youre having issues with...
AngelicDork Apr 21, 2018 @ 6:54pm 
the wings will not open on the x wing
RedFlame Apr 16, 2018 @ 7:52am 
what are the controles?
tin Mar 29, 2018 @ 1:21pm 
Are these ships driveable? If so, how?
Green Arrow Mar 17, 2018 @ 7:48am 
Try unsubscribing from the addon and resubscribing. That usually works for me when an updade doesn't go through
DInoFury223 Mar 17, 2018 @ 6:53am 
yeah, it didnt work...