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Chronological Ticket and Achievement Guide
By KarmicChaos and 1 collaborators
A guide with screenshots and instructions to getting all the tickets and secret achievements in Pony Island in the order that they are obtainable.
Guide Overview
Thanks a lot for using my guide. These take me many hours of work to put together, so I hope you can spare 3 seconds to give it a rating, because it really helps.


This guide will contain instructions for getting each ticket and hidden achievement in chronological order. While the guide is structured chronologically, I do not recommend using this guide during your first playthrough, as it does contain spoilers. The achievements that are covered in this guide are only those that one must go out of their way to obtain, not ones that are obtained through collecting tickets or through simply progressing through the game.
Ticket 1/24
At the very start of the game, click the option "Free Ticket" in the options menu.

Ticket 2/24
Still at the very start of the game, click "Credits" after fixing the main menu for some fast scrolling credits and a ticket.

Ticket 3/24
After beating the first two levels of Pony Island, click on the portal to reveal a puzzle to the next ticket.

Ticket 4/24
After closing the game and getting to the desktop for the first time, hit ESC and go to the Graphics Settings Menu, then click the "Free Ticket" button. This ticket is accessible for most of the game, with this being the earliest time that you can obtain it.

Ticket 5/24
While you are still on the desktop, open Pony Galaxy and score 50 points for a ticket.

Ticket 6/24
Right after getting the previous ticket, double-click on the lettered ".exe" files on the desktop in the order shown below, spelling out the word TICKET.
Act I
Ticket 7/24
After using the messaging program and being forced back into pony island, hover over the pony on the left to reveal a portal to a ticket. (PS.: This one won't open anymore after you get its ticket unless you reset your data while others like this might still let you do their puzzle. Not sure if this is intentional or a glitch)

Achievement: Behold...
After getting a game over in pony island and exiting back to the main menu, select the ####### option and input the password "Baphomet".

For those who are curious as to where the password was found, go to security settings in the advanced options menu and minimize ALL of the menus.

Ticket 8/24
When looking through the advanced options for the pony laser, go to the sound options and max out all of the sounds then an option with "Free Ticket" will appear.

Ticket 9/24
The next ticket should be floating around in the first level after getting the pony laser. Simply jump up and grab it.
Act II
Achievement: I AM ERROR
Before you break down the password input on the CORRUPTED profile, use the password "iamerror" when trying to login.

Ticket 10/24
As soon as you enter the CORRUPTED profile you will notice rapidly changing symbols in the bottom right corner. Click on the corrupted ".exe" file on the bottom (the one circled in blue) to toggle the changing symbol in the bottom right. Use the file until the symbol of a ticket is shown, do the same with the corrupted ".exe" file above that one (the one circled in red) to change the big one in the bottom left. Once both symbols are stopped on tickets, the ticket should print automatically.

Ticket 11/24
After getting to the CORRUPTED profile, click on the eye at the top of the screen to make it stay there. Then go back to the guest account and open up "Triangle.png", and drag the triangle over the eye to get a ticket.

Ticket 12/24
After finding the password and entering lucifer's account, open and play "Settlers of sAtan" until your resources spell out 666. I suggest clicking "Roll" until you have a lot of bricks then keep building roads and settlements like in the picture until you get all resources 0, then just click Roll 6 times and you're done.

Ticket 13/24
After getting the previous ticket, open up pony island and click the demon on the left to reveal a puzzle. Complete this puzzle for the next ticket.

Achievement: A Glimpse and Ticket 14/24
In adventure mode, clear the level below "Ticket Lake" and head left. Click on the disconnected level to walk there. Play the level and collect the coin.

Next, head back to the starting point of adventure mode and click on the disconnected level hidden in the bottom left corner.

Follow the path of disconnected levels to find a boat. Use your coin to ride the boat and it will net you a ticket and the achievement "For The Crusade"!

Ticket 15/24
In adventure mode, get the ticket in "Ticket Lake" by doing what is show in the gif below.

Achievement: A Glimpse
When you reach the "Sin Desert" in adventure mode, find and go to the disconnected level hidden at the top of the screen.
(Second screenshot coming soon)
Beat the level and continue upwards to reach the "Cave of Truths". Once you enter, type "Vision" to get this achievement.

Achievement: Glitch City and Ticket 16/24
During the part where you can explore the Adventure Mode map freely, follow the snowmen icons until you find Louey, then go right from there to find sprites that resemble Old Pokemon games.

Then walk down until you see a small lake. Walk up and down near the border of the lake and Missingno itself will appear, giving you a ticket and the achievement "Glitch City".

Ticket 17/24
Still during free roam mode, before entering the devils castle, go to the bottom right of the map (just below the castle) to find and talk to BUER.exe (Double-click him, you can't reach him) for a ticket.

Fun Fact: After you meet BUER, wait until you get to ASMODEUS (third core boss) then when he asks for his name, type BUER instead of ASMODEUS, you'll get an extra dialog. BUER doesn't say anything new if you meet him in your second run after doing that, though.
Ticket 18/24
As soon as Act III starts, you will be brought to this menu. Click on the pony to the left to get your next ticket.

Ticket 19/24
When you reach the screen shown below, click where my cursor is in the screenshot to get a ticket.

Ticket 20/24
To get this next ticket, simply don't kill Jesus. This will start getting challenging once you need to start blowing away butterflies while simultaneously avoiding the ones circling around Jesus. Your ticket will be rewarded to you at the end of the level.

Achievement: The Truth
Once you get to the puzzle shown below, use the split sign to get a butterfly over to the glitched flower.

This will lead you to a demon who offers you wisdom. Type "Vision" to accept and get this achievement.

Ticket 21/24
Once you get to the desktop shown in the picture, click in the circled areas in the order labeled below.

Please keep in mind that tickets 22, 23, and 24 can be obtained in any order, so for the convenience of not accidentally missing one, I reccomend reading how to obtain each one before opening any of the discarded Pony Island games in the recycle bin.

Ticket 22/24
After opening up devil island, hover your cursor over one of the ponies to make it vomit blood. Do this until the screen is filled with blood and you will get a ticket.

Ticket 23/24
While playing the text-based version of Pony Island, input "Free Ticket" on the options menu.

Ticket 24/24
On the main menu of Pony Island 3D, CLICK the pony head on the left to reveal a cube, then click and drag it to turn it around, revealing the next ticket. A neat little secret to note here is that if you click "Credits" a message will appear in the lower right corner partially in Wingdings. When translated, it says "CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE".
The Final Achievement
Achievement: The Full Truth
To get this achievement you need to learn the answers to the five questions that you can ask the three demons hidden throughout the game. The demons appear to choose three randomized questions each time you visit, so it would be wise to visit them all at least once or twice when hunting for this achievement (it may even be required).
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poorejoseph Mar 7 @ 12:10pm 
dis is awesome!
Scientist_999 Feb 10 @ 1:42pm 
be warned, if you get all the tickets, you get a heck of a fight
sh4rkface Nov 29, 2018 @ 2:22pm 
i cant find tickets 16 and 17, can anyone help?
LockDown Nov 9, 2018 @ 4:41pm 
Well its because this is probably one of the better guides available for the game. I only recently discovered it myself this past summer and found it very useful. Just wanna make sure its as good as possible for anyone else who stumbles onto it.
KarmicChaos  [author] Nov 9, 2018 @ 3:31pm 
That's fair. I mean, after all, had I not written this guide myself, I would have also made assumptions and preferred for it to be in chronological order, as I find that more useful. In retrospect, I am unsure why I didn't make it that way originally, but regardless, I am reworking it now. My use of the word "ridiculous" was because people were making a request of someone to go back and work on a project that they had completed 2 years prior. Had this been a project that I was in the middle of working on, or had just completed in the last few weeks or so, I would not find the request ridiculous at all.

On a side note I am very glad that people care enough to give feedback 2 years later. It blows my mind a bit. :hopeful:
LockDown Nov 9, 2018 @ 2:38pm 
"I have no idea why people assumed this guide was made to be chronological..."

I don't know, maybe because usually when people put together these guides in an effort to help other players they write them in such a way people won't miss things? That's literally how 99% of game guides are written, whether on Steam or elsewhere. Whether or not it was "advertised" as such.

Besides that, a lot of the stuff you have in your guide is already IN chronological order. So why is it so hard to believe that with some of the stuff listed as you find it, it would all be listed that way?

The request isn't "ridiculous" at all. It's a reasonable request and reasonable feedback to your guide.
KarmicChaos  [author] Nov 9, 2018 @ 1:58pm 
I honestly have no idea why multiple people have assumed that this guide was made to be a chronological walkthrough, as it was never advertised as such. Keep in mind that the reason I hadn't "fixed" these "errors" yet is because I have had more important things to do for a long time. Please do keep in mind that these guides are made from my own spare time, and I benefit from them in absolutely no way whatsoever. With that said, despite the ridiculousness of the request, I do have a stretch of free time and am in the mood to rework the guide, so I will actually go ahead and totally restructure it to be a chronological walkthrough. :lucif4r:
Seraphex Nov 8, 2018 @ 3:05pm 
Yeah, I commend you for trying, but several of these tickets/achievements are completely out of order. Also, tickets and achievements should be listed in chronological order, rather than separately. It's strange that several people have already pointed this out, and you haven't fixed those errors. Why?
Dastan Sep 23, 2018 @ 12:23pm 
In the Cave of Truths I typed "show me" and that also works. I don't know if you could just type anything in order to get the achievement.
LockDown Aug 16, 2018 @ 7:28pm 
Yeah definitely agree @R-A-B. I was following your guide on my 1st playthrough and missed the "Behold" achievement because you show the ticket for going into Pony Island.exe before going in to talk to the demon. Should consider putting the tickets achievements together into sections simply labelled "Act 1" and "Act 2" and "Act 3" and put everything in order.