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Wreckfest: Car Customisation
By 24RailwayCuttings and 1 collaborators
This guide will give you a brief insight to the car customisation in Wreckfest.
User showcase section now added if you want to show off your car designs.
In Wreckfest, there are different classes which cars can be modified to. These are often determined by their Performance Points, or PP. Certain cars are at a certain class when first acquired, but can be modified to suit any class:

99 PP and below The lowest performance class in the game. Mostly reserved for special vehicles.

100 - 164 PP

165 - 234 PP

235+ PP The highest level class in the game.
Performance Upgrades
Performance parts alter the overall performance of the car. These can change the car's PP and acceleration. Most Assembly parts will be available in 4 different levels: , , and

The Engine is the main powerhouse of the car itself. Each car comes equipped with its own selection of engines. Engines change the performance class of the car.

The Air Filter helps provide clean air to the engine for combustion, preventing any dust or particles from entering the cylinders. The Air Filter improves the car's PP by a small amount.

Cooling systems are most to do with cooling fans and radiators. These components help keep the engine at an optimum temperature and remove any excess heat. Cooling parts improve the car's PP by a fair amount.

The Intake Manifold allows the flow of the air-fuel mixture into the cylinders for combustion. Getting the right mix of fuel and air is optimal for best performance. Intake manifolds increase the car's PP by a good amount.

The Fuel System for Wreckfest's cars typically consist of carburettors, which help provide the optimum air-fuel mix for performance. Most modern cars do not use carburettors, as the mix flows directly into the cylinders. The Fuel System improves the car's PP by a fair amount.

The Ignition comprises of the spark plugs. These ignite the fuel for combustion, and are timed to spark just before the pistons reach the upper displacement of the cycle. Spark timing is crucial to optimise power from the engine. The Ignition improves the car's PP by a great amount.

The Exhaust Manifold is fitted to the engines to allow the exhaust gases to flow from the cylinders in the combustion cycles. The Exhaust Manifold improves the car's PP by a small amount.

The Exhaust allows the exhaust gases to flow out of the car. They are fitted with catalytic converters to reduce the amount of toxic gases emitted from combustion. The Exhaust improves the car's PP by a small amount.

The Valves allow the flow of air-fuel mix and exhaust gases into and out of the cylinders respectively. Valves are driven by the camshaft, and can improve an engine's performance by how far they move in and out of the cylinders, to allow as much fuel and air into the cylinders as possible. The Valves improve the car's PP by a fair amount.

The Camshaft is driven by the engine belts which in turn allows it to move the valves in the engine. The better a camshaft performs, the more power can be optimised from the engine. The Camshaft improves the car's PP by a small amount.

Pistons are the key component of any combustion engine. Combustion moves the pistons up and down (typically in a 4-stroke cycle), driving the crankshaft of the engine, which then drives the driveshaft, allowing the wheels to turn. If a piston fits tightly into a cylinder, it will produce greater power, because of greater pressure. Pistons improve the car's PP by a great amount.

As well as needing Credits to buy the parts, Experience Points are also needed to unlock them. Different level parts are unlocked at different Experience Levels. Different levels are given different ranks. All parts are unlocked at Level 35.

These ranks range from Sunday Driver (Level 1) to Crash Champion (Level 100). Experience Points are earned after each race. Higher difficulties earns more Points. You can earn more Experience Points in an event by:

<> Increasing the AI difficulty
<> Turning off Driving Assists
<> Changing Driving Transmission to Manual
<> Damaging Opponents and Scoring Takedowns
<> Driving the Fastest Lap
<> Scoring the most Points in Demolition Derbies
<> Setting Damage to Realistic

With the Tournament Update, drivers can now earn Fame Points through Daily Challenges. Fame Points can be used to buy new paint schemes, bundles, and new vehicles. These parts are labelled as
Armor and Visual Upgrades

Armor parts affect your car's overall strength, and are crucial for demolition derby events. They can also make your car extremely heavy, and even reduces the car's PP. An A-Class car with full racing parts can be reduced to B-Class if equipped with the strongest parts. But having heavier parts means harder hits! But choose parts wisely, for some weaker parts have better defense than stronger parts.

Armor parts are divided into five categories:

Front Bumpers

Rear Bumpers

Roll Cages

Side Protectors

Window Bars


Visual parts are purely aesthetic. They have no effect on the car other than its looks. Visual parts include: Wheels, Spoilers, Fenders, Grilles, Hoods, Exhausts, and assorted Decorations.


Armor and Visual parts are divided into , , and

See below some examples of customised cars:


As well as changing parts on your car, your car can be tuned to better suit track and arena conditions. There are four different setups that can be tuned:

Suspension helps keep the car's wheels in contact with the road. Soft is suited best for loose gravel and dirt surfaces. Stiff works best with hard tarmac surfaces. Standard is good for multiple surfaces.

Gear Ratio affects your car's speed and acceleration. Short gear ratios provide better acceleration, and Long gear ratios provide greater top speed.

Differential affects the drive and rotation of the wheels. Open allows all wheels to turn independently regardless of speed. Limited offers more drive to the wheels with the most traction. Locked combines the drive wheels on the same axle, allowing better high-speed turns while sacrificing normal maneouvrability.

Brake Balance affects how your car stops. Rear Bias provides greater braking efficiency, but causes the back end to slide out. Front Bias provides greater braking stability, but causes understeer.
Car Selection - Part 1
Wreckfest has a large selection of cars available to choose from. Most cars are available to buy from the market. While others require certain events to be completed before unlocking them.

NOTE: Car order listed is based on the release times of the cars. Special thanks to Patches for help with the real-life car information.

SpeedBird: American, Full-Size, RWD - 26740 CR

The first car ever to be featured for the game. This muscle car is a good top-tier all-rounder. It combines great acceleration and top-speed to blow away the competition. It may get sideways in corners occasionally, but it's no stranger to shoving the competition around!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a Pontiac Firebird.

KillerBee S: European, Compact, RWD - Win "Attack For The KillerBee"

The full race-spec version of the KillerBee. This little machine will make the ideal track car to anyone that can handle it. It has good launch prowess, and provides some good balance in cornering. It may not be fast in a straight line, but in corners, it's a literal sting to the competition!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1964 Fiat Abarth OT 1600 Berlina.

Rammer RS: American, Full-Size, RWD - Win "Ramming It Down!"

The full race version of the Rammer. With a growling V8, and plenty of torque, you'll think twice before underestimating this machine. Some cars claim to be faster, but none have claimed to survive a head-on collision from this heavyweight!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. (as found by "missionsystem")


This is a special edition of the Rammer, and was made only available in the Throw-A-Santa minigame available in Sneak Peek 2.0 in December 2015. This version is a convertible with a festive livery, and the license plate saying "CRZY SNTA". This car is available as a mod from F-Bomb.

Gremlin: European, Mid-Size, RWD - 6190 CR

This lightweight coupe may look fairly harmless from first glance, but becomes a true demon when you get behind the wheel. Its handling and control make it very agile on the track, and its sudden movements can really throw your opponents off the road. Literally!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1970 Ford Taunus TC GT. (as clarified by "henkkaj")

StarBeast: American, Full-Size, RWD - 16500 CR (Lvl 19 Required)

This machine has all the essential qualities of the classic muscle car: Sleek profile, growling V8, extreme torque, great top speed, heavy body. This car is a literal beast in any arena. Take the wheel, and prepare to eat up your rivals!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be an 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass (as found by "Sezgfirghi").

Boomer RS: European, Mid-Size, RWD - Win "The Underdog"

The full race-spec version of the Boomer. This version comes with a slick bodykit, and a more balanced power and torque setup. This full-rally machine is ready to run, and you'd better be ready for a ride as you tame it. But once it's under your control, your rivals will eat your dust.

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a Ford Escort MkI.

RoadSlayer GT: American, Full-Size, RWD - Win "Slaying The Road"

The race version of the RoadSlayer. This hard and heavy machine is everything about American speed. With incredible torque, it'll blast past any opponents on the track, and it'll keep on accelerating till it hits its formidable top speed. Racers, beware! This monster is coming for you!

This car is a fusion of a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS & 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

Lawnmower: American, Small, RWD - Win "Eat Dirt!"

The Lawnmower is definitely the smallest car in the game. But what would dirt racing be without it? This machine has been upgraded to take more powerful engines, all the way to A-Class! This little mower is a buzzing little beast that everyone can enjoy. Then they'll get bored and ram them into a wall, or another racer.

A real-life equivalent of this car would be an 1975 Ariens S-16 (as found by "Higherson").

Rudolph: American, Small, RWD - UNAVAILABLE

Rudolph is a unique version of the lawnmower, and was made available for a limited time in an update for Christmas 2015. It performs exactly the same. The main differences are the festive design of the body, as well as the driver model being replaced with a model of Santa Claus.

TriStar: Asian, Mid-Size, RWD - 7440 CR or Win "Mean Machine"

This slick sedan is not to be taken lightly. It's not that light, nor that heavy. It can be very powerful, and use a lot of torque. It can put some of the growliest muscle cars to shame. And yes, it can go sideways around corners. But if you can handle it right, you'll be smoking rivals with ease!

A real-life equivalent of this model would be a 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R.

Boomer: European, Mid-Size, RWD - 15150 CR (Lvl 10 Required)

This old-looking and battered machine is the epitome of Scandinavian Folk-Racing. Its light weight and strong engine give it the best power-to-weight ratio for any racing discipline. Behind this wheel, you'll be cruising along like Colin McRae. Just be careful not to get crumpled, or you'll be Colin McCrashed!

RoadSlayer: American, Full-Size, RWD - 17600 CR (Lvl 23 Required)

This muscle may have had a bit of a face-lift, but it still is able to look menacing. It's heavy, and it's fast. Its powerful torque gives it impeccable launch of the line, and it'll barge through opponents like bowling pins! A must-have for the hard-hitting demolition racer!

Rammer: American, Full-Size, RWD - 8190 CR

This classic sedan is not your average sedan. Its once modest engine has been replaced by a growling V8. It's more powerful, and a stronger racing machine. Its weight makes this car a literal battering ram against rivals, and isn't afraid to shove racers off the track. Make sure you're behind the wheel, and not in its grille!

KillerBee: European, Compact, RWD - 5430 CR

This neat little car is the cheapest you can buy. Unlike other cars though, this is rear-engined, and has a lot more bite to it than just its little barking engine. With the right parts and the right tuning, this buzzing little Bee will be zipping merrily along the track, and stinging rivals in places too uncomfortable to bear!
Car Selection - Part 2
Continuing the list in a new section (due to character limit):

RoadCutter: American, Full-Size, RWD - 21750 CR (Lvl 27 Required)

This muscle car has a superb balance of power, speed, and handling, all wrapped into one steel package. When you install better parts and tune it right, you'll be cruising along the road without a care in the world. And then you crash into that back-marker with a smile on your face.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396. (as found by "Higherson")

Firefly: European, Compact, FWD - 6550 CR (Lvl 3 Required)

The Firefly is one of two Front-Wheel Drive cars in the game. This saloon may not be the fastest car right off the bat, but it is excellent at handling, and when upgraded, can be quite a swift track car. The benefit of Front-Wheel Drive means it can pull itself straight if its back end ever slides out.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1969 Saab 96. (as found by "Freddie")

Nexus RX: Asian, Compact, FWD - 12250 CR (Lvl 17 Required)

The second Front-Wheel Drive car in the game. The Nexus RX looks like it could tackle any track. And you'd be right. This car is very capable of tackling some tricky corners. While its start off-the-line is not great, its cornering and acceleration make it swift and consistent.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1990 Honda CRX Si.

Dominator: European, Full-Size, RWD - 13600 CR

This Saloon is big, heavy, and means business. And it isn't a slowpoke either. When it gets up to speed, it hits like a battering ram with some brute force, making it a heavy and formidable contendor both on the track and in the arena.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1967 Rover P5B 3.5L. (as found by "Freddie")

El Matador: American, Wagon, RWD - 11140 CR (Lvl 6 Required)

Named after the Spanish for "BullFighter", that reflects what El Matador is best at. Getting in fights. Thanks to its great strength, it's a real heavyweight in arenas. Just make sure you can keep it tamed on the race track.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1976 Chevrolet El Camino. (as found by "Higherson")

Hammerhead: European, Wagon, RWD - 15030 CR (Lvl 15 Required)

Though it's not a shark, the Hammerhead is the first estate car (or station wagon) to be featured, and it can be just as vicious. This car is a decent all-rounder, with some great strength thanks to its body. And like a hammer, it can hit hard.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1975 Volvo 245 DL.

Gatecrasher: American, Full-Size, RWD - 21240 CR

The Gatecrasher is big. And heavy. It likes going fast. And crashing, and smashing, and slamming the competition. Just watch out if it comes for you!
WARNING: This car does NOT do corners!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (as found by "Marc Collins")

Panther RS: European, Full-Size, RWD - 21810 CR (Lvl 25 Required)

This sleek, sporty machine looks fast, and goes fast. And if you can handle it just right, you should be able to pull off some decent powerslides. And despite its sleek exterior, it's surprisingly strong. So it could probably handle itself in a demolition derby or two.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1975 Jaguar XJ-S.

Sunrise Super: Asian, Mid-Size, RWD - 22270 CR (Lvl 29 Required)

The Sunrise Super is the best in Japanese performance. Even at stock level, it is a mean machine that looks fast and drives fast. It may be weak, but it'll storm through any race course you put it in, especially tarmac courses. Tune it right, and you have yourself an almost unstoppable machine.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1975 Nissan Fairlady S30Z/1975 Nissan 280Z.

Hotshot: American, Full-Size, RWD - 15950 CR

This classic and stylish machine has been modified to get rough and dirty in some crashing competition. It's a fairly average track car, but it can still hold its own in a battle. Sure you may need to get rough, but who says you can't look good while doing it?

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Warwagon: American, Wagon, RWD - 17030 CR

Once the ideal vehicle for a Sunday family drive, this station wagon has been stripped down and toughened up for some Monday Night Demolition. It has fairly decent handling, and likes to stick its back end out on corners. Its big body makes it a big target, but an even bigger threat!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1982 Ford LTD County Squire (as found by "missionsystem")

Bulldog: European, Mid-Size, RWD - 26340 CR

A big, hard and heavy saloon, modified for some full-on contact racing. It has a mean and vicious growl of a powerful engine, and its bite is worse. It can move fast, and become a literal battering ram if you're not careful. Word to the wise: Try keeping it on a leash!
(With the DragDog Bundle, this machine can now hit 200+ mph!!!)

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1962 Volvo PV544 (as found by "ЭгоБунтовщик")

Speedemon: Asian, Mid-Size, RWD - 26550 CR (Lvl 32 Required)

A hot competitor to battle with the high-end A-Class machines. With its sleek profile and low ground clearance, this car is what you need to go fast and smoke the competition. This machine is so fast it managed to blur "Speed" and "Demon" into a single word! Can any other car do that?!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1986 Toyota Supra MA70 (as found by "ЭгоБунтовщик")

Rocket: American, Mid-Size, RWD - Available at Start of Career

The starting car for your career, this sleek, powerful, gorgeous muscle car was all the rage way back when, and now it's ready to rage in some full-on contact racing. With its growling engine, good straight-line speed and acceleration, it's going to be tough to hold this rocketing machine back. And make sure it doesn't rocket right into you!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1968 Ford Mustang

MudDigger: American, Wagon, RWD - 8280 CR

What would Demolition Racing be like without some big machines? That's where the MudDigger comes in. It may not be the fastest or best handling car in the game, but it's BIG, and BAD, and FIERCE! Behind the wheel, you can bash cars aside like paperweights and crush them like never before! Just make sure you don't get on the wrong side of one!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1979 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne (as found by "Spirit of Madness")
Car Selection - Part 3
Third section for the car list:

SuperVan: European, Small, RWD - Win "The Great Escape"

Does this van only have 3 wheels? Yes.
Is it fast? No.
Is it agile? Heck no.
Is it strong? What do you think?
Is it at least fun to drive? Oh yes it is.
That's what makes it super!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1973 Reliant Regal Supervan III.

SchoolBus: American, Special, RWD - Win "Destroy All SuperVans!"

School's Out! And this monster is on the loose! Demolition Derbies would be incomplete without these machines grinding metal. Its tremendous size and strength are a dominant force to be reckoned with! It may be slow and cumbersome, but let's be honest, were you really going to use this thing just for racing?

A real-life equivalent of this vehicle would be a 1983 International Harvester S-1753 SchoolMaster.

Harvester: American, Special, 4WD - Win "Harvesters From Hell"

Is a SchoolBus just not enough for you? Do you wish for something larger, and more deadly? Do you wish for something to crush your smaller rivals into indistinct piles of scrap metal? Do you believe that bigger, tougher machines are better? If you answered Yes, why haven't you got a Harvester yet?!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1960s Massey Ferguson 500. (as found by "GC")

Double Decker: Asian, Full-Size, RWD - Win "Double Trouble"

What happens when you stick a Buggy on top of a Speedemon? Well, you'd probably get something non-consentual. And you'd get the Double Decker. This bizarre machine is the product of one of those weird ideas that is too ridiculous to pass up. It's a fairly hardy machine, plus you can brag that you can drive two cars at once!

Bandit: American, Full-Size, RWD - Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Only

Also known as the "Backer" car, this exclusive machine goes to those who got the game early. And this machine is something to behold. It's heavy, powerful, loud, and very fast. When tuned right, it'll be an almost unstoppable contender, and a brute force as it plows through rivals. With this baby, you'll steal the show every time!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T. (as found by "Timbee")

Sofa Car: American, Small, RWD - Win "Couch Craze"

Just when we thought the Double Decker was a crazy idea, someone's been sneaking into the workshop again and brought out... this! An old sofa, loaded with wheels, steering, engine, and exhausts out of the armrests. This bizarre creation gives new meaning to the phrase "Driving by the seat of your pants!!"

Limo: American, Full-Size, RWD - Win "Limousine Demolition"

So when you see an old battered limo left to rust, what's the one question to ask? Is it, "Will they ever make them like that again?" "Why hasn't anyone thought of restoring that machine?" Or perhaps "How quickly can I wreck my rivals with this beast?"

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1980s Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine.

Motorhome: American, Special, RWD - Win "Motorhome Madness"

Not quite a caravan, but it will definitely do. This lovely vintage travelling machine has been lovingly stripped of all comfortable essentials for a wonderful camping trip, and has been given a much more appropriate paintjob for its new career. Centre-stage at a hard-hitting, metal-crunching demo derby! Hope you don't mind losing some shell in the carnage!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1980 Chevrolet G30 RV. (as found by "bricooper78")

Big Rig: American, Special, RWD - Win "The Convoy"

You know the classic phrase of "Bigger is better?" Well, meet the Big Rig. This mighty, monstrous truck is the next in line of big machines ready to tear up the track. If you think it's slow, you thought wrong. This beast comes loaded with 301 PP and a top speed of 120mph! Try not to get too scared when you see this monster's grille in your rear-view mirror.

A real-life equivalent of this vehicle would be a 1987 FreightLiner FLC120.

Venom: American, Midsize, RWD - Win "Twisting Chaos"

More stylish than a HotShot, more menacing than a Starbeast, and faster than a SpeedBird! This rare and elusive speed machine is sought after by all racers alike. This is the ultimate racing machine for the ultimate racer!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1971 Corvette Stingray.

Bandit Ripper V8: American, Full-Size, RWD - Wreckfest Season Pass

Some say that someone had left a Bandit in the apocalyptic wasteland, and spent many, many months trying to reunite with their lost machine. When they found it, they noticed it had gone through many, many changes. And it somehow grew some teeth...

Buggy: European, Compact, RWD - Retro Rammers DLC Pack

One of the first DLC cars to be introduced. This car is like the KillerBee in many ways. Compact, lightweight, rear-engined. While the KillerBee was very exciteable, and happy to stick out its back-end, the Buggy seems to be very content in going round corners. Beware, this car will be a tricky contendor on any track.

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1968 Volkswagon Beetle Type 1.

Wingman: American, Full-Size, RWD - Retro Rammers DLC Pack

A new kid on the block, the Wingman is ready to smash in style! With its sleek rear fins and beguiling good looks, it's bound to make any driver get caught off guard. Some may say it handles like a barge, but it freaking hits like one!

This car is a fusion of a 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan Eldorado Brougham & 1959 Chrysler Imperial. (as found by "Why do witches burn?")

Bumper Car: American, Small, RWD - Retro Rammers DLC Pack

This really IS the world's fastest bumper car! With 91 PP, and a top speed of 96mph! Not even lawnmowers could keep up with this little electric lightning. Catch your opponents by surprise by zipping past them to take the win!

(Disclaimer: The real-life world's fastest bumper car has a top speed of 100.336mph)

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1953 Lusse Auto Skooter.

Hornet: European, Full-Size, RWD - Backwoods Bangers DLC Pack

This is a fairly average-looking sedan. It has a fairly average top speed, with fairly average acceleration and handling, and its strength is also fairly average. But looks can be deceiving, especially in demolition racing. One wrong look, and it'll wreck you good!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1983 BMW E24 M635i.
Car Selection - Part 4
Fourth section for the car list:

Outlaw: American, Compact, RWD - Backwoods Bangers DLC Pack

Ah, what would racing with classic muscle cars be without this beauty? This growling bull is ready to take on any rival on the track and in the arena! Be careful, it's a wild one. And it'll throw you around if you're not careful! But if you can tame it, rivals will think twice before taking you on!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1932 Ford Model 18 Coupe. (as found by "Patches")

Honey Pot: European, Small, RWD - Backwoods Bangers DLC Pack

If the sofa car redefined "Driving by the seat of your pants", then this wacky machine redefines "Driving by the seat!" If this is your idea of a comfort drive, you clearly have lost some of your marbles! Not that you could use it normally anyway. At least the engine doubles as a seat-warmer. And who knows, maybe you can ward away rivals by shouting, "LEAVE ME ALONE! I'M ON THE THRONE!"

KillerPig: European, Compact, RWD - Modified Monsters DLC Pack

This once modest little butcher's van has now had a complete make-over. Don't let its comical looks deceive you. This little piggy will hit you like a wild boar! It's agile, it's wild, it's ready to make mincemeat of its opponents. They won't want to tangle with this nosy porker!

DragSlayer: American, Full-Size, RWD - Modified Monsters DLC Pack

If something goes fast, someone has to make it go faster. Someone took their RoadSlayer from the garage, and turned it into this full-on drag-racing beast! The tapered nose and full rear wing help it cut through the air with ease. It'll even put the Speedemon to shame!

BugZilla: European, Special, RWD - Modified Monsters DLC Pack

Remember the little Buggy from the Retro Rammers pack. Well now meet the bigger Buggy. BugZilla is what happens when a tame little hatchback gets a taste for oil and metal. Loaded with spikes, a bigger engine, and massively monstrous wheels, this rabid machine is ready to rip its rivals to shreds!

Pocket Rocket: Asian, Small, RWD - Modified Monsters DLC Pack

Some genius had the bright idea to take out the tiny electric motor in one of those kids driving cars, and put a proper engine into it. This is the go-kart that everyone's inner child wanted to drive, and now you can! With its grippy tyres and nippy motor, you'll be tearing up the tarmac in this little demon. And don't worry, it's safe for kids too... isn't it?

WarDigger: American, Wagon, RWD - Modified Monsters DLC Pack

Now you listen to me, soldier! Every track and arena out there is a battleground! And you ain't gettin' nowhere in that tin-can you call a car! That's why you'll be drivin' this modified MudDigger! Rebuilt and re-purposed for any demolition event! This machine is tough! Dependable! Ruthless! You'd be crazy to not be behind the wheel, now get in that machine and deal some damage! Dismissed!

Raiden RS: Asian, Compact, RWD - Rusty Rats DLC Pack

Built and forged for the legendary Group S rally car era, the Raiden RS is a formidable machine. Lightweight, big engine, short wheelbase, all these ingredients make the ultimate track-racing car! Fast bends, tight hairpins, sharp chicanes, it'll eat up the lot!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1985 Toyota MR2 W10 222D.

RebelRat: American, Full-Size, RWD - Rusty Rats DLC Pack

Once consigned to the scrapheap, the RebelRat has been given new life as a hard-hitting demo-racer. It balances its fairly tame acceleration and handling with a strong outer body, making not afraid of a little push-and-shove. And when it's equipped with the MIGHTIEST OF WINGS, you'll think again before messing with it!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1971 AMC Javelin AMX. (as found by "Mr. Fist")

Vandal: American, Wagon, RWD - Rusty Rats DLC Pack

As big as a boulder, and just as heavy. The Vandal is one tough hunk of metal, and turns like a barge. But be honest, it's only good at doing one thing. That's right! Crushing rivals and opponents against concrete walls! Kit this beast with some hard-hitting bumpers, and enemies will run at the mere sight of you!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1978 GMC Vandura.

Grand Duke: American, Full-Size, RWD - American All-Stars DLC Pack

This grandiose saloon doesn't need an introduction, but here's one anyway. This heavyweight is not to be underestimated. With a growling engine, and tremendous torque, you'll certainly be turning heads. And turning wheels of your rivals as you crunch them into scrap metal!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1966 Chrysler Imperial Crown 4-door. (as found by "St1nger")

Little Thrasher: American, Full-Size, RWD - American All-Stars DLC Pack

If the MudDigger is like a big German Shepherd, the Little Thrasher is like a wild terrier, ready to gnash and gnarl and bite at your heels! Don't get this pickup on your bad side! If you're not careful, it'll do more than take a chunk out of you!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1981 Chevrolet C10 Stepside. (as found by "Patches")

WildKing: American, Full-Size, RWD - American All-Stars DLC Pack

The King is here baby! What's that? You've never heard of me? Well, lemme lay it out for you. I'm one tough mother-hubbard with a taste for mayhem and a craving for chaos. You'd better not get in MY way! Still don't know me? Well, maybe you need a physical reminder...

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1.

Doom Rig: American, Special, RWD - 30000 Fame Points

Don't look back! Whatever you do, just run! Don't worry about the others! This beast is ruthless and remorseless! I saw it crunch cars into pancakes and throw them about like paperweights! You'll never survive against it! You need to RUN! DON'T BOTHER LOOKING BACK! HE'S COMIN' FOR YA! HE'S COMIN' FOR YA!

Super-Venom: American, Midsize, RWD - 60000 Fame Points

Okay, so when we said that the Venom was the ultimate racer, we may have been lying a bit. The Super-Venom is actually the ultimate race-car! With a wide bodykit, big tyres and a big wing on the back, it'll eat up any track for a snack! Can you tame this mechanical monster?
Car Selection - Part 5
Fifth section for the car list:

Sweeper: European, Midsize, RWD - Banger Racing DLC Pack

This sedan, once boasting contemporary comfort for the everyday office worker and middle-class suburbanite, has now been stripped down for some very intimate banger racing. With strong low-gear acceleration, it'll outrun its rivals, and smash out the competition before they know what hit them! HINT: It was you!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1970s Ford Granada Mk1. (as found by "Mr. Fist")

Hearse: European, Full-Size, RWD - Banger Racing DLC Pack

When the most of mangled of derby cars is knocking on heaven's door, this mighty machine will answer them, and smash them right through it! This big, lumbering machine delivers the carnage first-hand, and will be the last thing your rivals see before their inevitable doom!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1991 Daimler DS420 Hearse. (as found by "Mr. Fist")

Stock-Car: European, Midsize, RWD - Banger Racing DLC Pack

Let's face it. This was going to be the highlight of this DLC pack. This iconic oval racing machine is now joining the WreckFest scene! It's small, light, packed with a big engine AND a wing on the roof! Behind the wheel, you'll be kicking up mud in your rivals' faces, and breaking their bumpers!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Car. (as found by "Mr. Fist")

Hunter Panther: European, Full-Size, RWD - 60000 Fame Points

If the Panther couldn't be any more vicious, now it IS! This machine is now more powerful, fast, and wilder than its banger predecessor. Its sturdy chassis makes it a tough, hard-hitting beast! When you and this machine set your sights on your targets, you know they're going to be nothing but scrap metal once you're done with them!

Hellvester: American, Special, 4WD - 40000 Fame Points

Have you ever tried to imagine Hell-Incarnate? Did you imagine it as a huge, heavy, lumbering monstrosity? Faster than a Big Rig? Deadlier than a Doom Rig? The toughest titan ever to enter the ring, and annihilate opponents beyond the afterlife? Well guess what... YOU'RE LOOKING AT IT!!!

Bullet: American, Full-Size, RWD - Getaway DLC Pack

Whenever you're finding yourself in a heap of trouble, then you need raw power and hot-leaded torque to get you outta there! That's what the Bullet was made for! Its incredible V8 can get you going faster than your rivals can catch you! And once they've lost you, you hit 'em hard where it hurts! YEE-HAW!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1970 Dodge Charger. (as found by "Gamer Alex")

Cardinal: American, Full-Size, RWD - Getaway DLC Pack

Racers beware! The long-arm of the law has decided to enter the competition, and this is their crowning entrant! This specially modified sedan is tougher than it looks, and one wrong move, it'll pit you and crunch you into smithereens! But if you handle this heavy, speeding machine, you can put those track tyrants right where they belong!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 2003 - 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. (as found by "Gamer Alex")

Razor: Asian, Midsize, RWD - Getaway DLC Pack

While a lot of Wreckfest's cars are prone to going sideways round corners, this glorious machine turns it into an art form! Straight from the JDM tuning scene, this modified machine will cut through any twisting corners like sushi! A must-have for the die-hard track racer!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1993 Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R.

Rocket RX: American, Midsize, RWD - 100000 Fame Points

Remember that Rocket you got at the start of your career, and probably left in the corner? Well now it's been given a full tune-up, and now it's better than ever! Bigger engine, bigger tyres, bigger growl, better in every way! The everyday muscle car has been transformed into a raving mad HOOLIGAN!

Battle Bus: American, Special, RWD - 50000 Fame Points

There was once a little Bus, who was always teased, and told it would never be a big bus. Then one day, it found an old snow plough in a scrapyard. Then it got a brilliant idea. It put on a new engine, the snow plough, plenty of spikes, and a few skeletons. Then it rammed and crushed the other big buses into mangled messes, while it roared "I'M A BIG BUS NOW!!!"

Raven: American, Full-Size, RWD - Racing Heroes DLC Pack

This classic stock car has been given new life in the banger racing scene. With big power, big torque, and intense speed, this beast will blast down any track without hesitation or sanity. And thanks to its great strength, all those rivals will be mere pushovers as you crush them senseless!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1987 Buick Grand National GNX.

Stellar: European, Full-Size, RWD - Racing Heroes DLC Pack

A forgotten icon of the Group B rally era, this sleek coupe has earned its racing credential and pedigree. Its lightweight form and handling make it a superb track-racing machine. Whether on tarmac or gravel, it'll out-perform any contendor bold enough to get in your way!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1990 Opel Manta.

Speedie: European, Compact, FWD - Racing Heroes DLC Pack

A truly iconic british racing machine. This little devil has tussled with rivals bigger and heavier than itself, and can truly hold its own on any track. With fantastic acceleration and phenomenal handling, this mischievous marvel has earned its keep as the go-to track car! Even the KillerBee struggles to measure up!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1969 Mini Cooper S.

Starbeast SS: American, Full-Size, RWD - 70000 Fame Points

This iconic machine returns, with a full body and working rear lights, and still as tough as ever. The Starbeast SS is fully restored, refreshed, and ready to take back the track and arena! Adored and admired by drivers alike, this machine has been souped up to be more powerful, more swift, and more deadly than before!

Blade: American, Full-Size, RWD - Reckless DLC Pack

This machine can look fast, sleek, and vicious, all at the same time! Even when it's not moving! It isn't afraid to shake some tail and slam into its rivals, and it'll be too quick for them to make a comeback! If you want something to stun competitors and the crowd, nothing comes close to this!

A real life equivalent of this car would be a 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.
Car Selection - Part 6
Sixth section for the car list:

Gorbie: European, Midsize, RWD - Reckless DLC Pack

This little saloon is a retro icon at home and across the world. Don't be deceived by its looks. Under the hood, it's been souped up and charged up to ruin even the fastest racers! It's anything but slow, and super swift and sneaky! You'll be knocking your rivals out of the arena before you can say до свида́ния!

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a Lada Riva/VAZ 2105.

Stepvan: American, Special, RWD - Reckless DLC Pack

♪ Who can crush your rivals? ♪
♪ Crunch them into heaps? ♪
♪ Smash and crash and mangle and obliterate the creeps? ♪

♪ The Stepvan can! Oh, the Stepvan can! ♪
♪ The Stepvan can 'cause it's a massive heavy truck ♪
♪ And makes the wrecking feel good! ♪

A real-life equivalent of this car would be a 1991 Chevrolet Step Van.

HammerHead RS: European, Wagon, RWD - 70000 Fame Points

Did you know that the HammerHead used to compete in top-level track racing? Well guess what! This fully kitted out race-spec version is ready to be taken for a spin! With better power, handling, and a big wing on the back, this machine will tear up the tarmac, and smoke your rivals like never before!
Car Selection - Part 7 (Legacy Cars)
This last section is purely to show the original designs of most of the cars in the game. Though these designs are not available in the base game, they are available as mods:

American 1: "Detroit Superior ZS" - now SpeedBird

The original car for the game, and the main car featured in the tech demo. This car had all the original front and rear lights, and original grilles to be broken off and smashed. This is the machine that introduced so many drivers to the delights of wrecking another man's machine!

European 1: - now KillerBee S

The original car left (left) was originally a mix of the two variants we have today, with even suspension and only slightly battered bodywork. The first and still only car to be rear-engined, and then souped up to be more of a nippy rally racing machine (right).

American 2: "Automobile" - now Rammer RS

Before it became a racing machine, it was just a normal heavy sedan with a busted headlight. It may have handled like a barge, but this heavy duty beast made rivals think twice before messing with them.

European 2: "Genk Sprint V6" - now Gremlin

A classic, rally racing machine, with all the little elements that make it a superb touring coupe. Like the American 1, it included all the essential trims and lights, before it was downgraded to the more rough-and-ready Gremlin.

American 3: - now StarBeast

This fully kitted muscle car, complete with original spoiler, was the go-to race car for any racer, boasting fantastic launch, power and torque. But with its design changes came balance changes, just so the other cars had a fighting chance against such a monstrous beast!

European 3: - now Boomer RS

Before being given a fancy bodykit, this car was a simple, lightweight sedan which could go sideways anywhere. It still keeps its nimble and sliding rally pedigree in the final game, and could dodge any rivals hungry to spill your oil!

American 4: - now RoadSlayer GT

This original version had a less pronounced racing bodykit, and more simpler paintjobs, but its heavy mass made it no pushover. And now in the full game, it's one of the fastest and most brutal machines on the track.

Asian 1: - now Tristar

The first right-hand drive car in the game was originally a fully kitted race car that was a vicious contendor. It could move fast on any track, and it showed great handling, which is still kept in the final version.

European 3 II: - now Boomer

This banger version came after the normal European 3. Shaped to be more like the cars used in Finnish Folk Racing, with the other banger variants soon to follow. Its light weight and oversteering nature still made it fun to drive.

American 4 II: - now RoadSlayer

Like the American 4, this version featured more simple paintjobs than in the final version of the game. Even without its full body, this heavy machine was still no joke, resulting in unfortunate drivers getting totalled!

American 2 II: - now Rammer

The banger version of the American originally only had the one paintjob, and had as much oversteer as the European 3. Its livery bears the name "Rammer", which is how the car got its proper name.

European 1 II: - now KillerBee

The banger version of the European 1 after it was split into two. The front wheels were slightly further apart than in the final version, and it also gained a more battered bodywork, but still kept its nippy, buzzing behaviour.
Performance Index
This section is the Performance Index. This shows the ranges of PP points that each car available can be equipped with.

NOTE: As it is possible to change PP by equipping/removing armor and parts for different ranges, this list will follow a set criteria:

(1) All cars will use Full Roll Cages unless stated otherwise
(2) Any front/rear bumpers originally equipped on car will be used unless stated otherwise
(3) No side/window armor will be used
(4) Range from Low (Low-Tier Engine + Stock Parts) to High (High-Tier Engine + Race Parts)

(Stock rear bumper equipped on Outlaw)
(Half-Cage equipped on RebelRat)
(Stock bumpers equipped on Grand Duke)
(Stock bumpers equipped on Little Thrasher)
(Racing bumpers equipped on Super-Venom)
(Stock front-bumper equipped on Bullet)
(Stock front-bumper equipped on Cardinal)
Final word
With a variety of cars and parts available in the full game, there is no limit to how you want to customise your machines. Some will be more suited to being fast on the track, while others may be best suited to crashing hard in demolition derbies. And maybe some even in between. Experiment with each car, customise it how you want and test them out. And don't be afraid to get a little dirty with the competition.

Happy Wrecking!!!

User Car Showcase
If you're interested in showing off your modified wheels, you can showcase it here! All you need to do is create a screenshot of your car, forward it to me, and I'll deal with the rest!:

[previewimg=21769481;sizeFull,floatLeft;DarkFalz - Roadslayer GT.png][/previewim
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Exorcist Feb 18 @ 7:23am 
Yes, I was wrong. I did not immediately consider it due to the fact that the inscription on the parts is not displayed correctly. The name is displayed correctly on the coloring page, and it is really exclusive.
24RailwayCuttings  [author] Feb 18 @ 4:09am 
@Exorcist - I can't seem to find the "Explosive" part you mention. All I can see is the "Exclusive", as is highlighted for tournament parts.
Exorcist Feb 18 @ 1:46am 
The game has a new type of "explosive" parts. This style can be seen on the new season parts for the Rammer RS ​​and Bulldog.
24RailwayCuttings  [author] Feb 10 @ 4:03am 
I agree! :)
Tenshi eats a corndog Feb 10 @ 3:59am 
Beautiful Tristar!
24RailwayCuttings  [author] Feb 7 @ 10:42am 
That is a good idea. Trouble is, I don't really have any screen/game recording software to be able to do that.
TopGearDan Feb 7 @ 10:15am 
Wow nice, thanks for sharing.

I found a small improvement how to avoid the luck of print screening the right moment. If you have a good screen recorder and record the leaving paint shop, you can then find wanted frame in media player, pause, full-screen and PrintScreen first try.
24RailwayCuttings  [author] Feb 7 @ 8:52am 
Ah, this was a trick I worked out some time ago. I could zoom out the vehicle far enough to get the full shot in the garage. Then I go into the paint menu, and when I hit ESC to exit, there was a brief pause with the vehicle in the garage without the HUD.

However, with recent updates, that long pause is gone. But, I've learned to hit the PrintScreen button a split second after hitting ESC. It doesn't work straight away, but with persistence, I can get the shot I want.
TopGearDan Feb 7 @ 8:00am 
Hi, may I ask how did you manage to zoom out so far so the big vehicles (Bus, Big Rig, Doom Rig…) are fully visible in garage?
Flonno Jan 12 @ 5:12pm 
The wingman is also similiar to 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix