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Nov 15, 2015 @ 10:43am
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Programs Extended

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Invisible Inc. Community Modpack
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This mod is an expansion to hacking component of Invisible Inc, providing new programs, daemons and algorithms, changes few hacking-related things and
provides an option for harder alarm levels. Mod is modular, and each component can be enabled/disabled at will to customize player experience.

Current version: V4.47
For detailed information, look here:

Module 1 - New Programs:
Adds 29 new programs, of which 11 are also starting programs.

Module 2 - New Daemons:
Adds 16 new daemons and 5 new endless (2.0) daemons.

Module 3 - New Algorithms (reverse Daemons):
Adds 8 new algorithms.

Module 4 - Extended alarms:
Changes alarm stages.
DISABLED - normal vanilla behaviour.
EASY - Maximum alarm level is extended to 8, new guards arrive quicker, new Daemons make guards stronger.
NORMAL - Same as EASY, but new alarm Daemons have more severe effects.
HARD - Same as NORMAL, but alarm levels have 4 increments instead of 5.

Module 5 and 6 - Counterintelligence AI
Adds a special Daemon, that acts similarily to Incognita: uses PWR, has cooldowns, and uses its own programs. Module aslo adds programs and a Databanks log with detailed information. Player can change a day where AI starts appearing, and maximum abilities AI can have.

When AI is enabled, Agents can use Consoles to deter hostile AI. Additionally 4 new Programs are added.

Module 7 - Endless Daemons
Point where 2.0 daemons start appearing in endless can be configured.

Module 8 - Base Game Changes:
Root program reworked: Gain 2 PWR per turn, programs cost 1 PWR more. Passive. Rework idea by SteelCrow.
Fortune increases CR in safes by 50% instead of CR gain.
Pulse V2.0 and Modulate V2.0 are permanent instead of 20 turn duration.
Abacus programs increase max PWR capacity by 5 and 10 respectively.
Fool program ignores Magnetic Reinforcements.
Emergency Reserve program is guaranteed to trigger after Cycle and before all other programs.
Burst program is improved, and is net neutral on agent AP instead of net loss.
Adds Auxiliary Server Terminals to Server Farm missions. Contains 4 programs.
Primary Server terminal in Server Farm missions now holds 6 programs.

Module 9 - Program Rarity Rebalance:
All programs are available at shops.
Primary Server Terminals hold offensive programs.
Secondary and Auxiliary Server Terminals hold PWR and utility programs.
Common - Lockpick, Lockpick V2.0, Dagger, Dagger V2.0, Parasite, Parasite V2.0, Rapier, Datablast, Hunter, Ping, Wisp, Taurus, Lightning
Uncommon - Wrenches, Hammer, Brimstone, Mercenary, Power Drip, Fusion, Seed, Daemon Sniffer, Oracle, Abacus, Overdrive, Charge, Root, Rogue
Rare - Flare, Feast, Faust, Wildfire, Wings, Shade, Leash, Abacus V2.0, Halt, Fool

Module 10 - Alarm Tracker GFX Replacement
Changes Alarm Tracker graphic to fit with 'Extended Alarms' "HARD" setting, but can be used on it's own.

Discord Link:

Link for non-Steam users:

Sim Constructor mod required!
Finish all in-progress missions before updating!
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Zorlock Darksoul Mar 5 @ 12:10pm 
Good to hear! Many thanks.
wodzu_93  [author] Mar 5 @ 10:14am 
@Zorlock - Fixed, finish current mission (if any) and redownload.
Zorlock Darksoul Mar 5 @ 9:24am 
To clarify: If I click to disable the subroutine on a console, the animation plays and stops as normal, but nothing actually happens. I don't lose any power, the console doesn't shut down, the subroutine remains active, and the option to disable is still present.
Zorlock Darksoul Mar 5 @ 7:57am 
It seems the Accumulator A.I. subroutine (+10 power storage) can't be disabled via consoles. It's labeled as [ENH], and the option to disable shows up when in front of a console, so it should be possible, yes? I'm assuming this is a bug.
NoobSlayer5000 Feb 19 @ 8:09am 
I think the he means that the problem is not math but constantly remembering to check pwr at the end of the turn which is easy to forget when a lot is going on, like with fusion needing 5 per to startup. And if the player forgets to do that (which can easely happen) the consequences can screw you over.
wodzu_93  [author] Feb 19 @ 3:55am 
Maybe moving the PWR check to the end of your turn will help? That way there is no need to do math, you just look at the PWR value and do something about it if it's gonna trigger a daemon.
HealthBar Feb 18 @ 6:20pm 
This is drawing parallel lines so I am going to stop it from here.
Nobody? Feb 18 @ 4:45pm 
I don't really understand fausts problem? You just count the pwr gained and subtract power lost, and find it to make it a multiple of 5.
not really that hard
HealthBar Feb 18 @ 1:49pm 
Doesn't mean that Faust is extremely flawed and it must be changed as soon as possible. It's fine in most cases, and as I said I like the concept; I like mini-games in a game.

However, as it is calculations become a must, and they appear every turn. The very fact that its presence must be reminded every turn in a stealth game, cannot be disputed by saying "it is easy". And I've seen some cases when calculations can be excessive.

I am simply suggesting that reducing its freqency can essentially eliminate the potential problems I mentioned. I'll still be enjoying Programs Extended no matter what, but I don't think I'll be touching it again anytime soon.
HealthBar Feb 18 @ 1:29pm 
I think this is the part where a line is drawn because complexity and frequency are subjective terms.
You think the calculations the new Faust encourage are simple enough, and once per turn is acceptable.
I think the calculations the new Faust encourage can grow to the point where they are overwhelming. And the fact that they must be done every turn, changes the "main challenge" that a typical stealth game provides, which is questionable from a design perspective.

As you progress through the game, both factions get more resources to work with, and here is where more variety and depth in tactics start to lengthen the time you spend on doing math (if you have new Faust).

This, combined with the fact that limited Rewinds don't allow you to be experimental, can create a senario where a player is overwhelmed with multiple variables and may need to go through lengthy procedure. This does not include the fact that they have to repeat this if they find out the plan has critical error.