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Nov 15, 2015 @ 10:43am
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Invisible Inc. Community Modpack
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This mod is an expansion to hacking component of Invisible Inc, providing new programs, daemons and algorithms, changes few hacking-related things and
provides an option for harder alarm levels. Mod is modular, and each component can be enabled/disabled at will to customize player experience.

Current version: V4.24
For detailed information, look here:

Module 1 - New Programs:
Adds considerable amount of new Programs.

Module 2 - New Daemons:
Adds more than a dozen new, dangerous Daemons.

Module 3 - New Algorithms (reverse Daemons):
Adds several new algorithms.

Module 4 - Extended alarms:
Changes alarm stages.
DISABLED - normal vanilla behaviour.
NORMAL - Maximum alarm level is extended to 8, new guards arrive quicker, new Daemons make guards stronger.
HARD - Same as NORMAL, but alarm levels have 4 increments instead of 5.

Module 5 - Base Game Changes:
Root program reworked: Gain 2 PWR per turn, programs cost 1 PWR more. Passive. Rework idea by SteelCrow.
Fortune increases CR in safes by 50% instead of CR gain.
Pulse V2.0 and Modulate V2.0 are permanent instead of 20 turn duration.
Abacus programs increase max PWR capacity by 5 and 10 respectively.
Adds Auxiliary Server Terminals to Server Farm missions. Contains 4 programs.
Primary Server terminal in Server Farm missions now holds 6 programs.

Module 6 - Program Rarity Rebalance:
All programs are available at shops.
Primary Server Terminals hold offensive programs.
Secondary and Auxiliary Server Terminals hold PWR and utility programs.
Common - Lockpick, Lockpick V2.0, Dagger, Dagger V2.0, Parasite, Parasite V2.0, Rapier, Datablast, Hunter, Ping, Wisp, Taurus, Lightning
Uncommon - Wrenches, Hammer, Brimstone, Mercenary, Power Drip, Fusion, Seed, Daemon Sniffer, Oracle, Abacus, Overdrive, Charge, Root, Rogue
Rare - Flare, Feast, Faust, Wildfire, Wings, Shade, Leash, Abacus V2.0, Halt, Fool

Module 7 - Alarm Tracker GFX Replacement
Changes Alarm Tracker graphic to fit with 'Extended Alarms' "HARD" setting, but can be used on it's own.

Module 8 - Counterintelligence AI
Adds a special Daemon, that acts similarily to Incognita: uses PWR, has cooldowns, and uses its own programs. Module aslo adds programs and a Databanks log with detailed information.

Module 9 - Endless Daemons
Point where 2.0 daemons start appearing in endless can be configured.

Discord Link:

Link for non-Steam users:

Sim Constructor mod required!
Finish all in-progress missions before updating!
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cyberboy2000 Jun 13 @ 10:16am 
Clock's duration is random between 4 and 8, so it's possible to get a 6 turn duration even with Bless.
HealthBar Jun 13 @ 10:01am 
Bless doesn't affect certain Daemons' duration, like Clock. Even though I had bless, the Clock's duration remained the same (6 turns). Could you check it out?
Zorlock Darksoul Jun 12 @ 1:39pm 
Glad to hear it! I'll look forward to that update. Many thanks.
wodzu_93  [author] Jun 12 @ 1:05pm 
The way Confusion works, I have to manually increment alarm tracker (otherwise it woudn't do that during enemy turn skip), and that removes Shroud effect. I'll add a check for Shroud in next update.
Zorlock Darksoul Jun 12 @ 8:10am 
Is there something in the Confusion algorithm that advances the alarm? When using the Teleportation Shroud mod, the alarm isn't supposed to advance, but it always does if Confusion is activated. I'm not sure if that's because of this mod or the Shroud mod, so I thought I'd ask.
v​i​r​i Feb 10 @ 9:03pm 
[Bug Report] Daemon "Skip the player's next turn" seems to break Seed. With that daemon, programs cost -4 for the entirety of your next turn
wodzu_93  [author] Feb 7 @ 4:28am 
Both fixed in latest version. Glad you're enjoying it.
Zorlock Darksoul Feb 6 @ 12:50pm 
More A.I. questions: Their proactive Echo ability description states that it reboots one device, but when I've seen it activated, it reboots ALL devices. Is that supposed to happen? If so, it seems way too strong for the small amount of power it consumes.

There's also an ability (I forget what it's called) with a description that states it halves an agent's AP and notifies a guard of their location. But I've seen it ping some device I captured, which does indeed send a guard to investigate, but doesn't seem to do anything to anyone's AP. Is that also intentional?

In general, I'm really enjoying this new addition. It forces my strategy to vary depending on what A.I. I'm up against, and it makes consoles way more valuable. Excellent job on this!
wodzu_93  [author] Feb 2 @ 2:01pm 
Nope, disable action removes it permanently, but only Enhancement ones. All others can be interrupted in other ways, be it at a Console, or using programs.
Zorlock Darksoul Feb 2 @ 12:53pm 
Question about enemy A.I.: With the Disable Subroutine console command, is it possible to disable all the different types? So far I've only seen the option to disable Enhancement subroutines, but I'm wondering if it's possible to disable Proactive and Reactive subroutines, as well.