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Racial Heritage Mod
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Oct 12, 2015 @ 11:49am
Mar 17, 2017 @ 9:40am
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Racial Heritage Mod

This mod aims to add subfactions to each race, one for good and one for evil alignment (production isn't tied to alignment though). This includes 4 new units (2 per subfaction) which are unlocked in separate and mutual exclusive building chains that give some additional boni for certain units or the city itself.

Building chains generally look like this:
- 1st subfaction building: general city boni, no building needed
- 2nd subfaction building: unlock 1st subfaction unit (tier 2) and boni for one of the baracks units, needs 1st subfaction building and baracks
- 3rd subfaction building: unlock 2nd subfaction unit (tier 3) and general city boni, needs 2nd subfaction building
- 4th subfaction "building": costs only mana, newly produced racial units gain the new subfaction trait, needs 3rd subfaction building

Factions for the different races:
- High Elves: Dark Elf Heritage vs. Wood Elf Heritage
- Humans: Occultists vs. Visionaries
- Frostlings: Wolfkin vs. Children of Artica
- Draconians: Firedrake Heritage vs. Lizardman Heritage
- Goblins: Boglings vs. Hob-Goblins
- Dwarves: Order of Stormy Heights vs. Order of the Deep
- Tigrans: Sun Cult vs. Moon Cult
- Halflings: Shroomer Clan vs. The Vigil
- Orcs: Blackskull Tribe vs. Whitemane Tribe

******Important Information***********
- the mod should now be compatible with any other mod that also adds new city upgrades (this doesn't mean that other side effects can't occur)
- the mod is now compatible with the alignment city spells (they will overwrite the alignment like for any other units, so e.g. you can create dedicated to good dark elves now)

******Known Issues******
- the AI won't use the witch lightning ability of the hag
- units adjacent to the hex where the aether gate is spawned can't use the use aether gate ability until they move one hex away and back next to the aether gate again (I reported this, but devs won't fix it since it's no feature of the core game)
- for players with lower spec PC's that use >= high texture quality it can happen that some of the new unit's models (e.g. high elf spider queen model) are only partially visible

- compatibility mod for the regiments mod by Inviktys :
- there is an extension of this mod for my new archon race:

- Flenoom, for showing me how to vastly improve my spider queen model
- L_M_Glegg, for writing those great unit descriptions
- Franziskus, for translating the unit descriptions into german
- Charlatan for allowing me to use his amazing airship model

*******My other mod projects******
- Hero Development Mod:
- Hero Professions Mod:
- The Old Man and the Sea:
- Beastman Dwelling Mod:
- Archon Race Mod:
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Change Logs
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HjAa Apr 29 @ 4:25pm 
Master Shredders come with Empire Building Mod, so compatibility is not guaranteed, I suppose. :)
guardianru Apr 13 @ 5:05am 
Lunar Academy doesn't give +1 cold damage to shreder and to its evloution - master shreder, as it told. I think it is becsuse glaves - are not base weapon for archer role and has no archery addon?

HjAa Mar 11 @ 4:34am 
That's weird. You should only need a barracks to build marauders. Must be the Spider's Gift Mod causing trouble - that's the only one I'm not using out of those three.
dmcf Mar 7 @ 12:20pm 
I'm playing with your mod, Empire Building Mod and the Spider's Gift Army mod. In goblin cities for a Bards College it says "Marauders recruited in this city gain +2 spirit damage, evil slayer, undead slayer, and the Hob-Goblin trait". But no building lets you recruit marauders. You can recruit Ravagers with a War Hall but they don't show up as getting those traits when looking at recruitment if you build a bard's college.
dmcf Feb 22 @ 6:22pm 
yeah i've been playing with both of them and The Spider's Gift mod and various others and mostly seem to work fine with one another.
HjAa Feb 21 @ 4:02am 
dmcf I run them both together!
dmcf Feb 13 @ 5:25pm 
Is this compatible with Empire Building mod?
Commissar JJ.Maihem Jan 18 @ 8:25am 
- Only Good or Evil, no Neutral option
- All the units are bad except Orc Veterans, those things are broken and OP
dhraiden Jan 6 @ 3:35pm 
Another absolutely must-have mod. Don't hesitate, download and enjoy new content worthy of the developers themselves! Great concept, great implemention - every new unit addition makes sense lore wise and is balanced and fun to use!
HjAa Jan 4 @ 3:34pm 
While I'm here, would it be possible to make the wyvern riders sound less like worgs and more like... Well, wyverns? :D Thanks a lot!