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Convert Images <-> ARK .pnt files with ARKpnt Editor
By DRAGNET and 1 collaborators
Guide on how to convert ARK or Atlas pnt files to images and vice versa
New! Version 1.30 with Atlas support!
Note: switch the color palette in the ARKpnt Editor to "Palette(Atlas)" in case you want to use this tool for Atlas!

NOTE: Dye calculation was removed in version 1.11 since it can't be calculated accurately anymore because the pixels per dye amount is not the same for all objects
Download ARKpnt Editor
ARKpnt Editor works with Windows XP/Vista and 7-10, you need .net Framework 3.5

Download ARKpnt Editor Version 1.30 here (updated Jan 15, 2019):


Please read the Guide!

Extract the ZIP file to a folder (e.g. make a folder "ARKpnt Editor" on your Desktop)

The ZIP file contains the executable program "ARKpntEditor.exe" and 4 folders "Samples", "Templates" and "Palettes" and "Translations"

In the Samples folder you have some sample .pnt files and the ARK logo image used in the Screenshot

In the Templates folder you will find many templates some provided by myself and many more by contributors (you can easily access them via the Dropdown list ("Select a template..."), you can add your own templates by copying the .pnt files to this directory and restart the app)

The Palettes folder contains palettes files containing the 25 ARK / 50 Atlas colors ready to use or import in your favorite Imaging Software

The Translations folder contains Translations files, you can add your own translations! Please submit them to me so I can publish them here!
Video Tutorials
Tutorial by Mennace
Loading and displaying a .pnt file
Click on "Load ARKpnt file" to load your saved image

Your saved files from ARK are located in this structure (your "SteamLibrary" folder location may vary):

Note: The "MyPaintings" folder itself is only existing either if you create it manually, or saved a .pnt file in ARK beforehand!

If you don't manually added extra space for your Steam files, your save files should be here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\MyPaintings\

If you are using additional space to store your ARK Game files, look here:

You can adjust the Aspect Ratio by double-clicking in the image or clicking on the "Aspect: ..." Button and change Zoom with the + / - Buttons (only for display, will not change image)
Creating a template file
In ARK you can paint on many Objects (Players, Dinos, Signs, Structures...), every Object has it's own size properties and shapes

When you paint in ARK (not matter how it looks inGame) the resulting image is squeezed and warped into a 128x128, 256x256 or 512x512 pixel square image, along with the name of the Object you paint on (e.g. "MySign_Sign_Large_Metal_C.pnt" for a Metal Billboard you named "MySign" while saving), there is also a 20 byte identification code at the beginning of the file, each different for every Object

Note: Player avatars have the highest resolution with 512x512 pixels

Because of that you are required to either select one of the provided templates by clicking on "Select a template...", or create and save a new "template" .pnt file within ARK of the Object you want to work with (you only need to paint 1 pixel to unlock the "Save Paint" button)

Before you save the template file in ARK, you might also want to paint some guide lines around the area you want to have the image in, otherwise your Object can get painted in areas you don't want

Now you can import the ARK paint file in ARKpnt Editor, or to have it show up in the Templates Menu, you can copy it to the Templates folder (for objects) or to the Templates/Dinos subfolder (for dinos).

This is what a Sabertooth template looks like (thanks to dyonisth):

Save your template file as .PNG Image ("Save as Image") for Editing in your favorite Imaging Software
Convert image to .pnt file
For basic sketchy images with only 2-5 colors ARKpnt Editor can import and automatically convert your images (they only need to be 128x128, 256x256 or 512x512 pixel in size, matching the template you have selected or loaded)

To get the best results with more complex images (pictures), read the next chapters

Click on "Load Image" to import a image, if you want to reduce and match the colors to the 25 color palette of ARK, select "Yes"
Install custom ARK palette in your Imaging Software
Install ARK pnt palette in Gimp:

Copy the file "ARK.gpl" from the "Palettes" folder (included in the ARKpnt Editor ZIP file) to your Gimp palettes folder C:/Users/YourName/.gimp-2.8/palettes/

Install ARK pnt palette in Photoshop:
(Note, you're only required to do this if you plan to draw your own custom images from scratch, this isn't required to change an existing image to the Ark dye palette. That process is explained later in this guide.)
1) Copy the file "" from the "Palettes" folder (included in the ARKpnt Editor Zip file to your desktop.
2) Open Photoshop, and ensure your swatch window is visible

3)Click the menu arrow in the top right of the swatch window and select "Replace Swatches..."

4) Locate the file (folder "Palettes/Photoshop/") and select it

You should now have the color palette for the Ark dyes in your swatch window.
(Note, you can also save the swatches to the Photoshop swatch folder, and they will show up in default swatch list)
Prepare a new Image with Gimp/PS and convert it to ARK .pnt file
Note: If you haven't already created the template file and installed the palette, please read this section first before you continue here...

Step 1: Load your image
Load your Image

Step 2: Reduce Image size
Adjust size to exactly 128x128, 256x256 or 512x512 pixel - depending on the template size you created from the Object, mask areas you want to have transparent (no color applied) and clear them

Important: e.g. on a Metal Billboard, the aspect Ratio is 2:1, that means your image is going to be double width ingame, you might want to resize your image accordingly

Step 3: Reduce image colors to 25 custom ARK colors

In Gimp, use menu "Image" -> "Mode" -> "Indexed..."

Now choose your custom palette "ARK" and apply your favorite dither method (experiment!)

In Photoshop use menu "Image" -> "Mode" -> "Indexed Color..."
Choose "Custom" from the "Palette" drop down menu then click the "Load" button, locate your file and select it. Again, you will need to experiment with the dither method (none usally works well).

Setp 4: Save the image and load it in ARKpnt Editor
Now save your Image (save as PNG to prevent altering of colors!) and go to ARKpnt Editor

Note: before you can load your Image in ARKpnt Editor you have to load a ARK .pnt file (call it a "template" file) of the Object you want to paint in order to get the correct parameters for the object!

Click on "Load Image" and select "no" if you are asked about reducing the colors (no need since you already reduced the colors and have the correct palette)

Step 5: Save your new image as ARK pnt file

Click on "Save as ARK .pnt file"

ARK .pnt files are in the "MyPaintings" directory:
(your "SteamLibrary" folder location may vary)

Note: The "MyPaintings" folder itself is only existing either if you create it manually, or saved a .pnt file in ARK beforehand!

If you don't manually added extra space for your Steam files, your save files should be here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\MyPaintings\

If you are using additional space to store your ARK Game files, look here:

Hint: Reload the .pnt file to preview it and make sure there is everything ok with it, as ARKpnt Editor is encoding the colors again while saving, if you have done everything right the Image should look as you expected, otherwise you have to make sure the image has the correct palette, and is saved in a format that is not changing colors

Important Note: you have to use the correct names relating to the various Objects in order to be able to load the files in ARK e.g. for a "Metall Billboard" the name of your file has to look like this: "NameYouCanChoose_Sign_Large_Metal_C.pnt" (NameYouCanChoose has a limit of 15 chars when saving ingame!)
Translate ARKpnt Editor
Translating ARKpnt Editor to your language is very easy.

Make a copy from a file in the "Translations" folder, rename it to the language you are translating, open it with a text editor and start translating!

The Translation file format is like this:

1st line: Original english text 1 (do not touch this!)
2nd line: Translation of above text
3rd line (empty)
4th line: Original english text 2 (do not touch this!)
5th line: Translation of above text
6th line (empty)


Make sure to keep the placeholders like {0}, {1} etc.!

In lines that have a & in then, note that you can place the & characer anywhere, it's a placeholder for the shortcut key.

You have to restart ARKpnt Editor to see the new translation show up in the "Language" menu.

Please share them with me so I can publish them here! (you can add a comment with a link to the file, use or other free of signup cloud storage services)

Translations already included:
- Deutsch (included in version 1.21)
- Chinese (included in version 1.30)
- French (included in version 1.30)
Limitations, known issues
ARKpnt Editor related
  • Copy/Paste from clipboard from other applications and back will destroy transparency, save and load the image instead

ARK related
  • Resolutions of the paints are not variable, they have limited fixed size (512x512, 256x256 or 128x128) depending on the object - unless the devs decide to change that we can do nothing about it.
  • Colors appear more or less transparent in-Game, flags/sails are especially undistinctive, unfortunately ARK does not give us any control about this (yet)
  • Depending what source picture you have it usually requires some work in your imaging software to get the best results with the 25 colors available
    Try adjusting the colors/brightness/contrast etc., or replace colors before or after conversion
ARK pnt editors from other Authors:
(Leave me a comment if you find more!)

Online converters:

Standalone Applications (Windows):
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innocent Bystander Feb 27 @ 5:21pm 
whenever i make a sail the end product always appears wrinkled. i thought it was because the sail wasn't down, but it still looks distorted.
Robthedude Feb 5 @ 2:33pm 
this entire post is full of info on how to get it to work, it even has a youtube video..
Robthedude Jan 26 @ 11:47pm 
you gotta convert to png before editing
innocent Bystander Jan 26 @ 7:53pm 
I am trying to drag my pnt. into photoshop but it says "Cannot open file because it is not the right kind of document".
Robthedude Jan 2 @ 5:16am 
yes i used the atlas palette, but i had to make the black gray ish to make it work.
pure black will result in it becoming white.
DRAGNET  [author] Jan 1 @ 1:43pm 
Just to clarify, the ARK palette only works for ARK, the Atlas only for Atlas, you can not mix them. You have to set the correct palette in the tool,- ARK and Atlas pnt files have different number of colors and different color coding.
Robthedude Jan 1 @ 1:16pm 
hmmm it seems black and a few others don't work, painted it ingame but noticed colors are missing mainly noticable black
Robthedude Jan 1 @ 12:50pm 
ahh i see, and yes i was talking about the atlas palette.
i havent actually seen my atlas palette version ingame yet, just the ark palette one so i'm gonna check if it looks better ingame haha.
thanks for your time.
DRAGNET  [author] Jan 1 @ 11:29am 
Assuming you are talking about the Atlas palette - I don't think it's a bug. If you carefully examine the 1st screenshot from this guide, you can see the dark pink and pink color look different on the ship's flag.
It is known that how a color looks on the image and ingame differs a lot and also depends on the suface of the painted object.
Robthedude Jan 1 @ 7:59am 
so i snipped the color palette and then used the eye dropper tool to use that color, then selected the pink area and literally replaced that color with the palette it's color but it still uses dark pink rather than pink, are you sure it's not a bug where it doesn't use some color palettes?