Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

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Aug 31, 2015 @ 4:15pm
Sep 3, 2015 @ 4:17pm
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You may know this map in css that was released years ago so check out new version for csgo.

Huge Nonkilling Challenge with !100! different traproomz. Some levels are easy, some harder.

- Many different traps (still #1)
- Nodamage\Hpregen in water
- Teleports on each traproom(nokill)
- 64 slots
- Abstract\Party Hall at the end
- Big soccer\football place with scoreboard (resets after 5 goals)\(unlocks after some time after roundstart)
- 6 Bonus Traps at the end (+10 points to the score every time)
- Leveling System (+1 point on each trap and reset at start)(+100 at the end so you know who's on trap100 and who's already finished)
- Relaxin Music at all traps [long mix][+6songs at the end]\[at the end you can change back to mix or to bonus songs]
- HelpButton at the end (you can help ur teammates to finish that map)[it will disable all teleports\some pushzones\timers and enable lowgravity at all traps(and partyhall) for 10s [cooldown 105s +5 announcement]]
- Fast teleports to 20\40\60\80\100 levels (at the start - use noclip\teleport to get under the spawn - there will be a teleport to the room with 5 fast teleports)
- Livefix for all important teleports (cuz there's a bug with servers\plugins\game? that sometimes removing some random entities \ that bug was even in css..) \\ livefix was added back in 2015 , i dunno if it was fixed later ingame or not

Many variations of Jumps\Strafes\Invis\Flash\MovingPlatforms\BadCamera\LongJumps\Fans\Timers\ButtonPlatforms\Slide\Climb\WaterClimb\Gravity\HardJumps\Spikes\SpinningPlatforms\Elevators\Fall\Physics\Bhop\Walls\Ladders\Teleports\Buttons\Surf\Cannon\Logic\Combined\Other

For server owners:
if you dont see messages after pressing helpbutton or when someone finishes the map etc
add these lines in bspconvar_whitelist.txt
say 1
sm_say 1
sm_cvar 1

"team is full" fix - type "bot_kick" in console (singleplayer)
if you are dead - type "mp_restartgame 1" in console (singleplayer)
for infinite time - type "mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 1" in console
how to play with more than 2 players? - type "mp_limitteams 0;mp_autoteambalance 0" in console

to play football without hosting a server with sourcemod you need to copy the following into CS:GO launch options:
+phys_pushscale 900 +cs_enable_player_physics_box 1

If you wanna stop map music on your server
PLUGIN LINK[](almost all mg servers already have it)
You can disable it in any game with "snd_restart" or "stopsound" but you need sv_cheats 1

-Fixed livefix teleports on traps 4-15 (bottom teleports could teleport you back to trap 1)
-Slightly reduced sliding speed on trap100

*15 Mar 2017 - func_rotating is fixed now
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