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Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
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Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim

Ordinator overhauls the perk trees of Skyrim with over 400 perks to improve the depth and fun of building and playing your character. It accomplishes this in a lightweight, compatible and clean fashion.

Over 20,000 endorsements on the Skyrim Nexus!


· All perk trees overhauled: over 400 new perks.
· Enables many new viable character builds.
· Compatible with almost everything.
· Lightweight scripts, no save bloat.

Perk trees

Due to Workshop limits, all perks can be found here:
Skyrim Nexus[]

· 30 Advanced Lab - You may choose to upgrade one alchemy lab to an Advanced version for 2500 gold. Potions you mix are 25% stronger at an Advanced Lab.
· 80 Witchmaster - When you use a beneficial potion or ingredient, 40% chance to receive a powerful side effect, randomly chosen from a range of 40 side effects.

· 40 Vancian Magic - You have no Magicka. Your first 50 spells cost no Magicka. Sleep to recharge half of your spell slots. Sleep at an inn or in a bed you own to recharge all of your spell slots.
· 60 Welloc's Dormant Arcana - Choose a spell type (Armor, Cloak, Conjure Daedra, Conjure Undead, Invisibility) and 3 magic effects (Fortify, Regenerate, Waterwalking, ...). The chosen magic effects will activate when you are affected by the chosen spell type.

· 70 Ambush Predator - After standing still for 6 seconds with a bow or crossbow out, it does 25% more damage until you move.
· 80 Hailstorm - Attack 8% faster with bows and crossbows for 10 seconds after shooting a fully drawn bow or crossbow in combat. This effect stacks.

· 20 Timed Block (2) - Within 1 second after raising your shield or weapon, block 30% more damage and briefly stagger an attacker within 8 feet.
· 60 Dragon Tail - After a successful Timed Block, bashing the attacker within 5 seconds deals 100% more damage.

· 20 Bone Collector - Find 11 types of bones on humanoid corpses. 4 Bone Altars are marked on the map. At a Bone Altar, convert 1 of each bone into a Skeleton Warrior.
· 80 Feed the Monster - Able to feed Human Flesh to conjured or reanimated creatures, healing them and increasing Health, Magicka and Stamina by 200 points for 600 seconds. This effect stacks.

· 50 Magnetize - Shock spells have 15% chance to lift the target into the air for 2 seconds, preventing movement.
· 70 Burn the Past - Fire spells burn corpses to cinders, creating a pyre that burns for 30 seconds. The burning ground deals 50 points of damage per second for 5 seconds on contact.

· 40 Gem Dust - You may choose to destroy a Flawless Gem when you begin the enchanting process and sprinkle its dust on the Arcane Enchanter. New enchantments are 20% stronger when placed upon an item of the type corresponding to the gem.
· 40 Spellscribe - Store a spell. Power attacks in combat cast the stored spell for free, with a cooldown based on your Enchanting skill.

Heavy Armor
· 40 Rallying Standard - Once a day, place a banner that grants 100 armor rating and 25% melee damage to allies within 15 feet wearing all Heavy Armor and prevents them from fleeing.
· 90 Sovereign - When struck by an attack, subsequent attacks are deflected if wearing all Heavy Armor. You take 50% reduced damage from attacks for 1 second.

· 70 The Reaper Comes - Activate any humanoid under the effect of a Calm spell to send a wraith to slay the target. 300 second cooldown.
· 90 Dream Geas - Activate sleeping victims to send a dream that compels them to fight at your side until released. You can only have one Dream Thrall at a time.

Light Armor
· 60 One Step Ahead - If wearing all Light Armor, jump to become ethereal for 1 second, causing all incoming attacks and spells to miss. 5 second cooldown.
· 70 Hissing Dragon - Choose a damage type (fire, frost, shock, poison, disease or sun). Unarmed attacks unleash a shockwave that deals the chosen damage type to all targets in front of you.

· 20 Bear Traps - Able to pick up Bear Traps or create them at a Forge or Anvil, and drop them from your inventory to place them. The teeth of placed Bear Traps deal 2 points of damage per level of Lockpicking
· 50 Hotwire - Activate an automaton under Lockdown to lockpick its brain. Succeed within 15 seconds to hack the automaton, forcing it to follow you and fight for you.

· 50 Cross Cut - Forwards power attacks with a sword cause your other power attacks to deal 40% more damage to the target for 4 seconds.
· 60 Toll the Bell - Sideways power attacks with a mace deplete all of your Stamina on impact, dealing 1.5% more damage per point of Stamina depleted and doing a critical strike.

· 30 Thief's Eye - When you enter a major city, illuminates a random citizen on the streets for 300 seconds. If you interact with the target during this time, they will carry valuable items (based on your Pickpocket skill).
· 40 Death's Emperor (2) - A cursed septim appears in your inventory. When someone else is in possession of the coin, you deal 100/200% more attack damage to them.

· 40 False Light - While in combat, you may cast targeted healing spells and effects on enemies to inflict damage equal to 80% of the heal amount.
· 50 Warrior's Flame - While in combat, the Warrior's Flame periodically touches a random target within 100 feet, including you. Friendly targets are blessed, restoring 20 points of Magicka and Stamina for 5 seconds. Hostile targets are cursed, draining the same amount instead.

· 60 Sandstone Sheath - When you draw a weapon, it is automatically sharpened, granting 25% extra attack damage for 10 seconds.
· 90 Fuel the Inferno - When activating an Advanced Grindstone or Advanced Workbench, you may choose to sacrifice a Dragon Soul to improve items by a further one tier during that session.

· 20 Tripwire - Grants the "Tripwire" power. At will, places a tripwire in front of you for 120 seconds. It snaps when tripped, knocking all targets hit by it to the floor.
· 80 Partystarter - When you gain invisibility, places a barrel of flammable booze at your location. When you lose invisibility, it explodes, dealing fire damage equal to 150% of your Sneak skill level and staggering targets.

· 40 Windborne - Shouting summons up a divine wind, granting 30% extra attack damage and 15% increased movement speed for 15 seconds. This effect stacks.
· 50 Irresistible Dance - Can Perform in combat to force the two nearest enemy people within 50 feet to dance spellbound, preventing them from acting.

· 60 The Pendulum - Whenever a target is hit by two sideways power attacks with a warhammer within 10 seconds, the second hit knocks the target off their feet, dealing 75% more damage and a critical strike that does double critical damage.
· 80 Ram's Head - Bashing with a battle axe to interrupt an attack before it hits allows you to follow up with a power attack within 2 seconds to knock them to the ground.

Perk refunds

If your character is level 2 or up, installing the mod will start a perk refund process. This can take a while, so sit back until the game tells you it is complete.

You can refund perks manually by bringing 5 Daedra Hearts to a cooking pot and crafting a Scroll of Legends.

Before you uninstall, perform a manual perk refund.

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim compatibility

Get the compatibility patch.

I can't learn some perks!

You have another mod that modifies perks/skills loaded after Ordinator, overwriting its changes.
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Honey da Pizzainator Jul 15 @ 3:50pm 
my current rating (eventually could change):



11/10 because, with the illusion skill tree, i can trade with chickens

3/10 because it does not work with trade prince, wich is actually pretty sad since i' ve wasted an entire day leveling up both speech and illusion just for this

if you could fix this bug to make trade prince compatible with that perk in the illusion skill tree i would be grateful!
oOTeaGunOo Jul 8 @ 8:57pm 
Does shouting give you xp in the speech tree? It seems like it should, but it doesn't seem to.
Enai Siaion  [author] Jun 23 @ 5:48pm 
As in vanilla, it does not belong to an element but benefits from generic perks.
Corvo Jun 23 @ 1:35pm 
about the destruction playing as vampire and dont know as what the absorb spell it fire,ice or lightning?.or does it even have a place to skill it somewhere?
--> fnoogie Jun 22 @ 12:52pm 
thats what i thought, thanks though
Enai Siaion  [author] Jun 22 @ 11:08am 
It doesn't.
--> fnoogie Jun 21 @ 10:06pm 
does this mod affect the vampire lord skill tree from dawnguard? i dont think it does, but im having issues with the skill tree and wonder if this is why.
Enai Siaion  [author] Jun 20 @ 7:54am 
@Enai Siaion: i stopped playing for a while and now i "lost" my advanced workbench - cant find it anymore - is there a way to get its position or disassemble it from afar?
Enai Siaion  [author] Jun 19 @ 12:32pm 
They're free to make a patch.

If you rely on perks, your mod will be incompatible with perk overhauls. Such is the way of things.