Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III

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Alliance-Union Universe

The Alliance-Union universe[] is a fictional universe created by science fiction and fantasy author C. J. Cherryh. It is the setting for a future history series extending from the 21st century out into the far future.

All factions are custom tailored by me for fun and personal use, are non-profit and do use several icons and graphics found free on the internet. They may vary a bit from readers picture of them, as I had to adopt them to fit into the game. The factions are not packed together in same time-line, but readers might know.

The methan-breathing factions will get reworked as soon those gas planets are availible to choose InGame. Currently they are using synthetic setup as placeholder. As tribute to author's creation I'd recommand to use those factions in one team, interact only with T'ca while avoiding communications with chaotic Knnn or crazy Chi.

Just in case you like to breath the atmoshpere of the novels, you may team up:

- Regul (Lord) + Mri (Mercenarys)
- Iduve (Master) + Amaut (Servant) + Kallia (Servant)
- T'ca (Voice) + Knnn (Silent) + Chi (Silent)

while human factions (Earth Company / Cyteen Union / Merchanter's Alliance) do heavily compete with each other about ressources and trade routes.

Have Fun!
Items (17)
Earth Company
Created by Kepos
As humanity reaches out to the stars, space stations are financed by the private Sol Corporation, eventually also known as Earth Company....
Amaut Combine
Created by Kepos
Industrious, stocky humanoids; little regards for other races that are in the way of valuable ressources....
MahendoSat Delegation
Created by Kepos
Highly political mammalians and therefore not especially trustworthy....
Kif Hunters
Created by Kepos
Long-snouted bipedal carnivores; extremely competetive...
Knnn Pack Rats
Created by Kepos
Multi-legged methane-breathers; packrats; chaotic;...
T'ca Entity
Created by Kepos
Serpentine methane-breathers; multipartite brains;...
Hani Council
Created by Kepos
Hani are a feline-like species, maned, bearded, usually of red or tawn fur. They live in autonomous clans governed by a council of clans called 'han'....
Stsho Society
Created by Kepos
Hermaphroditic; physically and emotional fragile...
Merchanters Alliance
Created by Kepos
After devasting war between Earth Company and Cyteen Union, the independent trader ships founded an alliance and now call Downbelow Station in orbit of planet Pell their new homebase....
Cyteen Union
Created by Kepos
Cyteen declared it's independency from Earth and is now serving as capital of Union....
Majat Hive
Created by Kepos
Hive-mind insectoids...
Kallia Assembly
Created by Kepos
Thin, holow-boned humanoids; vehement pacifists; empaths....
Chi Entourage
Created by Kepos
Sticklike, yellow methane-breathers; frenetic;...
The Iduve
Created by Kepos
Dangerous, psychic, predatory humanoids who travel in lone, huge, immensely powerful spaceships and terrorize other species with their sometimes incomprehensible behavior....
Mri Tribe
Created by Kepos
The Mri are a humanoid nomadic species divided into a rigid structure of three castes....
Regul Association
Created by Kepos
Xenophobic trader race with eidetic memory; juvenile and adult forms are highly differentiated; averse to direct violence, prefer to employ other species for such to remain out of harm's way....
Caliban Unification
Created by Kepos
Large, semi-reptilians of uncertain intelligence....