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Cities: Skylines

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Jun 10, 2015 @ 1:23am
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Unlock All + Wonders & Landmarks


This mod unlocks all from beginning, including all Wonders (a.k.a. Monuments ), Unique Buildings Levels I-VI, European biome Landmarks, (if you have Deluxe Edition) Deluxe Edition Landmarks + DLC specific unique buildings and monuments. It also unlocks all Progression Milestones.

It unlocks all Landmarks, Unique Buildings and Wonders in addition to what built-in Unlock All mod does.
Want to see all Landmarks and Wonders in your city here and now? Use this mod!

You may also want to check out my Winter Buildings Unlocker mod if you want to see Winter landmarks and service buildings in your Boreal, Temperate, European or Tropical city (or vice versa).

Note #1: Choose what buildings you need to unlock in the options panel before using the mod the first time. After Dark, Snowfall buildings, Natural Disasters and Mass Transit buildings aren't unlocked by default. All other buildings types will be unlocked by default.

Note #2: Please note, that unique buildings unlocks are permanent in Cities: Skylines, i.e. they persist across save games. To reset unlocks go to game's options Misc section and click 'Reset Unique Building Unlocking' button

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Feel free to comment.

Important - read before commenting! In case of errors:
if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don't paste them into comments. Error reports without attached outpult log file won't be reviewed or answered. Some of them will even be deleted. Use pastebin, dropbox or whatever to upload the file and share the link with me. Please make sure that this mod is activated and is updated to the most recent version before submitting your reports.

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mengelken May 25 @ 1:28pm 
Very nice! Thanks for the mod.
LogiiKul May 8 @ 10:57pm 
Is this mod compatible with After Dark?
firemike55 May 7 @ 9:15am 
where should I put the files?
asterisk11231 May 4 @ 4:20am 
For those of you having issues with Intercity Buses - note your city attractiveness, and I believe you technically need to unlock tourism through the milestone regardless. It's a "city function" independent of buildings, like districts or policies.

For the aviation club, it's possible the mod is updated, but hasn't updated for *you*. Due to exceptionally high concurrent users during the global pandemic, steam servers are limiting auto-downloads and this has presented itself in (already buggy) workshop downloads, as in, verify game cache may fix your issue. Also check other requirements, I think it also requires an airport?
asterisk11231 May 4 @ 4:17am 
I really like this mod - some of the wonder requirements I found, well, in bad taste . Is it possible however to have separate options for milestone unlocking (the default "Unlock All"), unlocking the unique buildings tab (but not removing population requirements to each subsection & unlocking the "wonders" tab? Specifically, I want to essentially make the requirements population-only, as it flows with growing the city (i.e., no need to rush services for a city for 100 people), and buildings (typically) stay unlocked through the user configuration file. (I unlocked the "reasonably achievable" ones legit)

Essentially, I don't like having this unlock all milestones at the start, as the game uses that for both "whats new" tips, advisor messages, AND what kind of "events" (fire, crime, disaster) can happen in your city.

Alternatively, for all three options, I wonder if those, plus the existing ones, may function more logically as buttons.
LogicMage3 Apr 11 @ 12:01pm 
Aviation Club should be unlocked. If the Intercity bus terminal is not working, check that it has highway access to the outside.
t-knorn Apr 10 @ 6:27am 
Aviation Club isn't unlocked.

The Intercity Bus Terminal is there, but no Buses comes to my town.
icedi Apr 4 @ 6:01am 
The mod does not open an air club
Zurg Apr 4 @ 5:05am 
@BloodyPenguin Thanks a lot!
BloodyPenguin  [author] Apr 4 @ 3:38am 
The mod is updated. Sunset Harbor fish industry & aviation landmark added (unlocked by default - no option is provided)