Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Kerrigan, The Queen of Blades

Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades from Starcraft

The Void has ripped her from her world and thrown her into this bizarre new place, hoping to render her helpless and alone.
But the Queen of Blades is never alone. She IS the swarm.

Creating zerg units will cost biomass(hunger) and your psychic abilities(max sanity).
Create Overlords to help u control the swarm(restore max sanity).
Create Zerglings to help u fight. U can order them to attack with "R" and to stop with "C"(hotkeys can be changed in the config in the mod menu).
Create drones to help boost your economy!(behaviour adjustable in the config in the mod menu)

Strong unarmed attacks, higher movementspeed, higher hungerrate.

Hydras have arrived!

If u like the mod, pls rate it up with the thumbs-up button above!

Pls give me some feedback on balancing, bugs and how u like my mod in the comments or the Klei-forums!

Dont Starve Version:


Starcraft 2 by by Blizzard Entertainment.

Starcrafts animations by Carbot Animations:
my favorite episode of Starcrafts:
also, Carbot Animations is trying to create a big mod for SC2 themself:


Q: Shes too OP!
A: Theres a difficultysetting in the modconfig.
Details on Difficulties:

Q: I cant attack unarmed with her!
A: Every character can force an unarmed attack with ctrl+leftclick or ctrl+F. If u are already in combat, it works as normal.

Q: I cant spawn units!
A: Usually u are low on one of the resources and she will make a related quote from starcraft.
"Spawn more Overlords!"-Spawn more overlords :P
"We require more minerals!"-eat more
"Not enough energy!"-raise your sanity

Q: I cant raise my sanity anymore!
A: "Spawn more Overlords!"

Q: I died and cant control my units anymore!
A: As leader of the swarm, u cant show weakness like that!

Q: My units attack me!
A: Probably cause u attacked them or lost control of them, treat your swarm better!

Q: My hydras dont attack!
A: They do, but only after a delay. They aren't meant to be used to farm bunnies and birds or smaller enemies that u can easily take out with your swarm or yourself, no, they are meant to be used against bosses and other really strong enemies, and they are really good for that. And just like in Starcraft, u will have to protect them, or they will get killed easily.
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Didn't mean to say that twice.
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@skittles10191 I'm with ya'.
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For the Swarm!
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germnbarb Jun 22, 2019 @ 6:11pm 
i im fairly certain everyone is having the same problem.
missbiancabee Jun 22, 2019 @ 8:18am 
every time i try choosing her it keeps glitching and i end up having to click her very fast when i scroll over her otherwise it won't let me play her
germnbarb Jun 2, 2019 @ 10:51am 
@Seiai, are you still supporting this mod? if you are, do you thing you can make ultralisks be a thing? but make them very expensive, we cant have cheap boss-level minions taking the place of zerglings.
舞铲阶级工农兵 Apr 17, 2019 @ 3:22pm 
can you use carbot's kerrigan model for kerrigan herself? or there is any copy right issues?
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