Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

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May 4, 2015 @ 10:21am
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A challenging bunnyhop map for the intermediate jumper.

A slightly modified port of my CS:S map - bhop_lego2

To server owners - if you want to enable particles for this map on your server (such as the boosters), you will have to install this sourcemod plugin (recommended) due to CS:GO being unable to precache particles by itself.

Original map/submission[]

Want more quality bhop maps?

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Aug 11, 2017 @ 2:52am
Pawersonik xD
Aug 11, 2017 @ 2:53am
how to win this map in 3 attempts
great warrior L9 Sep 10, 2023 @ 10:42pm 
-rep garbage can
darthwhy Feb 21, 2023 @ 1:53pm 
Quick Fix And Chill Jul 18, 2022 @ 10:12am 
-rep awful map, sure its hard but it's way too long and the bhop progression is so horrible, you are left wondering where to go half the time, it's a great concept but horribly executed, it's just not a good map unless you are an ultra tryhard bhopper. Seeing this on bhop servers that are normally chill just ruins the experience tbh.
Шкипер Mar 16, 2022 @ 3:35am 
ya tvoi rot e6al, clown
mrfreakydeaky2012 May 8, 2021 @ 9:10pm 
-rep awful fucking map
чурка хач Mar 9, 2021 @ 10:10pm 
-rep bad map
Mongolian Warlord Nov 24, 2020 @ 9:06pm 
-rep the section with the ladder makes me want to vomit its so bad please map maker fix that fucking god awful part its so FUCKING HORRIBLE i just wanted to casually bhop but you fucking hate to make satans asshole of a section
Intria_ray Nov 22, 2020 @ 3:09am 
so long this map i hate it :(
goslingsen Oct 26, 2019 @ 1:26am 
too long...
Feb 4, 2019 @ 1:30pm 
wow, these nignogs retarded

nice map m8